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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Night Out for Dinner

I'm joining in with Claudia's A Favorite Thing linky party tonight and will use this post but put in a favorite thing now to join her at 8 pm EST.

It's hard for me to have just one favorite thing as I could keep this party going well into the 22nd century with my favorite things. Actually, I'll probably depart this earth before I could possibly get through my "favorite things." But today my favorite thing will be this little bucket I painted to match the new decor that I'm striving to get: Romantic/French/Traditional/Connie. ;-) It was purchased at Joanns fabrics and kind of a verdigris color and not very good one at that. I painted it pink and yellow stripes. Turned out even better than I thought it would!

Closer to better see it is yellow. Anyway, while it looks lime-color in these photos, I can assure you it's yellow and I truly do love the colors.

This was taken inside with indoor lighting, but I assure you this is truly pink and yellow, not limey green.

At a doctor's office recently I was reading an old Reader's Digest. There was an article in it by a podiatrist. She said unequivocally that the best lotion for feet was Amlactin. My own podiatrist recommended it also. It's a bit pricey at about $15.00 for an 8 oz. bottle but it is so true. Even Love Bunny noticed how soft my feet were. And if that man notices anything, it's worthy of note, trust me!

He and I don't see eye-to-eye on portions. Food portions. He'll ask for peas for dinner and would put a half a bag of frozen peas in the pot to cook. That's ridiculous. He says it's the right amount. I put about a third of the bag in the pot to cook. He just has no sense of portion. We argue about this all the time.

Recently, he took me to Sizzler. Now, I'm not that fond of Sizzler but that night the steak was really good. Hotter than blazes though. No child could have eaten it that hot. I mean the platter was smoking and did so for the entire time it took me to eat the steak and potato. If a parent let a child eat it that hot, it would burn their mouths for sure and then we all know what would happen—they'd sue Sizzler. It took me 6-7 minutes before I could even put a forkful of it in my mouth. Truly! He likes his food HOT—from the skillet to his mouth. Our son is the same way. Me? I have to let it cool before I can put it in my mouth. I don't want my mouth burned and it has been. Once scalded; twice cautious...or something like that.

Anyway, I had a small salad bar, the entree and dessert. He had a bigger steak, salad bar heaping on his plate, then went back for cottage cheese, then went back for a PLATE of fruit and then had an ice cream sundae. We're not talking small portions; we're talking big portions. I was sick just eating what I did, but he said he didn't feel full or think he ate too much and defended it. I said, we have totally different views of "portions." But we both agreed that's our last time at Sizzler.

Is this a cute little cottage or what? No driveway, just a patch of grass with wheel paths leading to the back. But it looks like it's at the end of a road. Charming, no matter where or what it is.

This looks to be in Britain to me. Not many homes in the U.S. are that close together and so charmingly old.

The other day I gathered all my wrapping papers—such as they are—from the hallway coat closet and put them in my office here. They were getting in the way of the coats and vacuum I have in that closet and I didn't want them to get too frayed. So I brought them into this office and am now trying to find a cute bucket, preferably of the tin/metal variety, to put them in and store them "in plain sight" somewhere in the house. Just adding more eye candy for visitors to see. ;-)

Isn't this a gorgeous dreamy coat? I'd love to have it but I'd look like a polar bear in it.

A stunning balcony window with lace curtains. Oooooh, how gorgeous.

A beautiful bathroom, probably done over in rustic vintage decor. The colors are beautiful and serene.

You probably remember when we would have thrown out something that looks this bedraggled. Now we pay dear for such a vintage "ornament."

Just for the gorgeous deep colors have I posted this for you.

I love this little cuff done so fancifully. While I'm more fond of colors, I'd still make a cute little one like this to wear.

While this doesn't look like a particularly popular or sought-after street to live on, I thought the home was worthy of note. It looks huge even before you have the side protuberances. Cute, but too big for this gal.

This is such a place I'd love to have near me to enjoy. Absolutely adorable!

A rustic bench. Very desirable.

This looks like a bunch of fabric before it is ruffled just put together to make a curtain of sorts. Clever.

An Italian doorway looking like a jewel. Notice the mailbox is the same color as the door and the archway.

Darling picnic table cover. Now, this is my next project! LOL


  1. You could be me. Don always makes larger portions. And he eats really hot food - or drinks really hot liquids. I always have to wait for things to cool down.

    I'm going to have to try that lotion because me feet get really dry nowadays.


  2. You have excellent taste. I like your pink striped bucket. There are many uses for it. I travel in a dream world everytime I visit your blog.

  3. Hi Connie...I enjoyed seeing your Favorite Thing for's pretty and useful for holding your other Favorite Thingys. My Favorite Thing you showed is the Fancy Cuff. I'm in a Stitchin' Stuff Mode right now, so that caught my eye. Happy Pink Saturday, my friend. Have missed ya...stop by sometime...Sue

  4. Such eye candy!

    Popped in from HSTS Pink Saturday.

  5. Pretty!!! That window box would never work on my house, but oh, do I wish.

  6. Oh Connie, your photos never disappoint ! Love your painted bucket. (())

  7. Hi Connie, I'm here from Claudia's Favorite Things Saturday. Your blog is beautiful and the pictures are gorgeous. That little striped bucket is so cute and I love your floral buckets.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

    Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  8. I loved this post, Connie. The Sizzler story was too cute. I'm not a fan of Sizzler (or Golden Corral) but go, occasionally, to make The Man happy.

    I love the idea of painting a bucket in stripes. Yours turned out just charming.

    Visiting from Claudia's today.

  9. Hi Connie, I like to visit your blog because I know I will always find pics of things I love too, such as pink, ruffles, and lace. Good thing eye candy doesn't put on weight or your blog would have to be off limits! debbie

  10. Loved all your favorites. My hubby likes thing hot too. I always tell him it's going to burn his insides. He's almost finished by the time I start eating...Balisha

  11. Connie perhaps we could all get together and rent that charming house! LOL! That is a HUGE place! I woulkd hate to clean it!
    Your shares are always delightful! I am way behind visiting but always admire your choices. You share some great treasures. Love the painting you did on that vase! So simple an dyet so elegant! Loved it bunches! Hugs to you and your man who knows no portion bounds!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    Blessings abounding, Anne

  12. So many pretty things!Happy P.S.!

  13. Cute redo on the bucket!
    Enjoyed see the pics - lots of eye candy.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Oh my my my the amount of beautiful things!!! :D


  15. I enjoyed seeing all of your pretty things. I like having the papers displayed in the pretty buckets. I'm surprised the steak was so hot - usually things aren't hot enough.

  16. Beautiful and interesting photos. The coat looks like have wings:)

    Visiting from PS- hope you can stop by..

  17. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie. I am so glad you joined us today, and I appreciate you always making Pink Saturday special.

    You always have "eye candy" to share with us, and I always love it all.

  18. This is a nice collection of favourites. I like the British houses, the Italian door and your paper collection in a basket. I wouldn't pay a dime for the old lamp though. :-)

  19. We love many of the same things Connie. Love that British village pic! Thanks for the tip about Amlactin. After a long hot summer, my feet are dry no matter how much moisturizer I use. I am going to give this a try!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. I love your idea to use decorative buckets or cans for rolls of wrapping paper....what a neat trick.. wonder if I can paint my plastic buckets....hmmm...they are clear like .smiles, Maria from Seattle

  21. I love the cuff, I need to go back and study it more closely - would love to copy it! My favorite cottage is the first one with the grassy driveway!

  22. What a beautiful post! Each picture was like a dreamscape. I love the bucket you painted. And your idea for stowing the wrapping paper is so pretty! (I have a waste basket just like the one on the left. It was my grandmother's and I think it was a paint by numbers project.) Thank you so much for this evocative post, Connie!

  23. I'm here from Pink Saturday ... I am so in love wit the garden party! Everything is absolutely beautiful!


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