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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Laundry Rooms 3

Just look at the different things you can add to a laundry room to jazz it up a bit.

Starting with laundry area storage. I like the way this homeowner has displayed her lovely items and the wallpaper on the inside of this cabinet and lace trim along with it, much like I do in my laundry room.

Bright and sunny, small and compact and perfect!

A little froufrou never hurts either. ;-) Love the ruffled laundry bag, which is available at Urban Outfitters if you're intereted.

Elegant laundry in a basement-type area.

I think I've shown this one before months ago on my blog but it definitely deserves a second look.

Pop of red color helps out this tiny area.

Darling and nostalgic. Lots of cute momentos and lace.

An unusual color but very pretty.

Another unusual color done cute.

An easily done vignette for a laundry room. Cheap also is my guess.

This has to be in a basement because of the high window and the drain on the floor for flooding. But look how cute they made it and not dreary for the lady of the house to work in.

This has to be a favorite of mine because of the bright red color. Well done!

This has most of the elements of a room I'd like to work in.

Lots of storage here.

Stainless steel appliances with old rustic metal wash bins. Lots of ambiance in this room.
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  1. Such neat and pretty laundry rooms. Don't know if I can make mine that pretty. Too small. I love the one with lots of windows and a door to the outside. I have seen that one one Pinterest before. Love it!


  2. Fun to look at all of these even though I'll never have anything close. But I'm not complaining. My laundry room is just fine : )
    But it is fun to see these creative examples. Thanks, Gail

  3. Oh my, Connie, these are all gorgeous. I'd take a different one for each week, or the way my peeps keep my hampers full, I'd say one every day. ;) There are a lot of my favorite color combinations here, but I think I'm going to go with that pretty nostalgic one (seventh from top down). Although that bright colorful one you chose can sure make the job a livelier one.
    Thanks for stopping by the shop.

    Happy pink!

  4. Oh i just love cute laundry rooms!
    Happy Pink Saturday my darling friend!

  5. Oh I SO need to fix up my laundry room. That requires cleaning it out first though :)
    thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Hi Connie, just visiting your Blog from mine. Love the nostalgic laundry room myself. To answer your question about my sofas-they are very, very comfortable. Old but neat. Purchased at Dillards several years ago...Go for it!!! These type sofas are really cumfy.....Tiina

  7. sighhhhhhh Inspired again! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. would like to have one of them
    Need to paint mine
    Happy PS

  9. LOVE The laundry today or naked tomorrow - been there! Bought new clothes instead. So glad my laundry room has a door to shut. It looks nothing like these.

  10. Beautiful laundry room.. So organize and that's what I need in my laundry room..

    Visiting from Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..

  11. All take any of these sweet laundry rooms! They are precious!


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