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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Going to the Movies

We've all had those days. You know the kind I mean—when things just keep going downhill from the moment your feet hit the floor. I had one of those the other day. It turned out just fine by the end of the day, but I was running around like the proverbial chicken.

Then I wanted to go see a movie, The Grey. I love action movies—and in particular, Liam Neeson—and love going to them but when hubs saw it was R rated, he asked that we not go. I abided by his wishes and we stayed home. (After all, it was one of the few times he was right. Smirking!) Since our Church has asked us to not attend R rated movies because of sexual content, language or violence, we try to find ones that we can go to but truthfully, I don't like animated movies. Why can't Hollywood make ones that are good without gratuitous sex, language (we don't use bad language), or things that give it an R rating? It severely limits us from movie going.

And now, a few pix of Miss Caroline in the snow in the Seattle area last week. She loves snow!! Notice she doesn't remove the Binky for anything! It's her BFF at this moment in time, even though they are trying to break her of it. Out of 29 photos taken that day 20 had her with the Binky in her mouth. Now, you knew I was going to brag about her sometimes, right? This is one of those times. :-)


So today let's look at more eye candy.

What a cute idea for a breakfast room or a studio or craft room.

Isn't it fantastic what this homeowner did with the patio?

Do NOT kid yourself; it was the food that drew me to this photo even before the color.

Yeah, yeah, I know—we all want a shot at one of these rooms for our home.

It's hard for me to even view all the lusciousness of this porch since I don't have anything like it on my porch. I struggle to even have faux flowers out there.

I thought this little bedroom was particularly sweet.

This is a small laundry room but the owner has given it tremendous, pizzazz-y style.

Who would ever have thought that a rumpled table could look so gorgeous and inviting?

And who would have thought metal could be so cozy and feminine in a bathroom?

This looks like a quick and easy thing to do but the results are magnificent.

Yep, love these colors together.

Some candles in just plain old bottles for a great and easy statement.

Okay, so I'm lusting after this bathroom. Squeeeeeeal! Isn't it fantastic?

I also love putting things under glass. It helps to not have to dust them. Dust??!! Everyone knows I don't do dust.

Go have a cupcake or a sweet bagel and just be glad you're alive today.
Photos courtesy of tumblr and pinterest.


  1. Oh Connie, that Caroline is adorable, even with the binky :D

    I love all the pictures you post of luscious rooms...keep up the good work!!!

    Sunday is finally the the dress and I'm going to church with Joyce...I am so excited!


  2. Caroline just keeps getting more adorable! Sorry you missed Liam - we are big fans of him here, too.

    I received the book and thank you again, my friend! Can't wait to dig into them!


  3. Hi Connie! I love Liam Neeson also! There's a new Marie-Antoinette movie coming out soon. I think it's called Farewell, My Queen. It's based on a book. I won't be attending for the same reason that you're not seeing The Grey. Too bad! I adore historical movies.

    Miss Caroline is so pretty and happy looking! As far as I'm concerned, you can talk about her as much as you want.

    Some photos are special to me in that they arrest my attention and I find myself wishing that I could just step into them!

    Your 1st photo with the chandelier and decorated shelves is so lovely. I love the variety of white shades in it.

    The room with the daybed and green shades, I'm crazy about! I want to step into this picture and lounge on that daybed. It totally fits one of the "me in me". Strange, I know. But, that's how I look at it. I'm a woman of many decorating tastes. That's one of the reasons I'm having so much trouble deciding what to do with my dollhouse.

    The porch is beautiful and lush. But, I could not see myself maintaining all the plants. I would need a gardener. Haha!

    How I wish I had that laundry room!

    The daybed before the photo with all the candles. I just come alive when I see this mixture of colours.

    The bathroom with the pink tub? Oh, wow! (Insert a very happy face!)

    I like the silver tub but it's not me. Too industrial!

    Thanks for all those fantastic photos. It must be a lot of work for you to find all those photos on the web.

  4. I love the pictures of that lovely Miss Caroline! What a doll!

    I don't go see rated R movies either. I don't understand why they have to add the extreme stuff either. It certainly doesn't add to the movie. So like you, I often miss movies that could be good, but they are rated R.



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