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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cakes, Gummy Bears and Romantic Rooms

I promised more cakes for you to drool over and here they are, but first a story. Of course!

I was visiting with a younger woman friend recently and we got to talking about taking care of ourselves physically. She always has a huge container of water with her, and I usually sit here with a bottle of water and try to remember to drink it.

Anyway, I told her my doctor recommended prenatal vitamins and more calcium as my nails are just splitting badly at the tips. I told my friend I'm taking Gummy Bear Prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins at my age? Yep. So now I'm taking a GB vitamin, GB fiber (as is my friend) and Calcium caramels. I feel like I'm on a sugar high in the morning! Who would have thought we could just eat candy for our daily requirements of all this?

Then yesterday I went for a massage. My regular masseuse is taking a leave of absence for a while and I had another woman give me the massage. She mentioned that my shoulders are coming forward a bit from spending so much time on the computer and then gave me some "doorway" exercises to strengthen my arms, pectorals, neck and back. I really needed those. I sit on this computer way too much but it has to be done. I shall be diligent about exercising though.

And how do I say 'Welcome to Family Search' with a mouthful of candy?

This is a blueberry rainbow cake. You could probably do the same thing with strawberries and red food coloring.

A room for a princess. I've always found it strange that people put beds up against the wall. How do they make them without moving the bed? I'm too lazy to drag a bed around to change the sheets.

This one reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, one of the most gorgeous and elegant ladies in the history of the world. I understand her personality was beautiful also.

A room Miss Hepburn might have liked to live in.

This one reminds me of New Mexico and its state gem—turquoise.

Romantic bedroom.

These are actually sugar ice cream cones with sugar crystals on them. You could use them on a dessert and they would be edible also.

More eye candy for you. ;-)

Fanciful ribbons under a dome.

Can we say "cute"?

I have a pink clock like this blue one.

Beautiful bowls.

Yes, this is a cake; can you believe it?!

A lovely vignette in a lovely bedroom. Yes, you can lust after the mirrors if you must.

Sighing again...

I think this makes a wonderful garden room or sun room.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.


  1. Hi Connie! I cannot tolerate too much sugar anymore. There was a time when I ate candies galore! I craved and craved them and it took a lot for my body to be satiated. No more, though. I have one candy and that's it. I have switched to eye candy, like your beautiful photos!

    Your photos always blow my mind, so to speak! So many of them inspire me for dollhouse decor! I love that beautiful white bed and the dishes are so pretty. I just want to look at them and look at them!

    I once had a bed against the wall and you have to climb on it to fit the sheets in under the mattress. The room I had the bed in was so small that there was no other place to position the bed but against the wall.

    Once again, thanks for the photos. I love to revisit your site to look at them! You're a real little doll!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. I love Audrey Hepburn too, she was so elegant and classy. I so could picture her in that one room.


  3. Love love love these rooms....and cakes...and Audrey Hepburn.

  4. I sure enjoyed seeing all the beautiful eye candy! No calories!



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