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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's a Tough Life Babysitting

Miss Caroline is a handful, let me tell you! Hubs and I watched her yesterday and were pooped by night. LOL She can run circles around us. Let me update you on what we've been doing so far. This video was made several days ago with her mom's stepmother from California. You can play this if you wish. It's only 33 seconds long.

Just before we came my granddaughter asked if we'd like to go visit my aunt in Bremerton that I haven't seen in over 50 years. She's 94 and I figured as long as we were over near there we should go. But you must understand that we're not familiar with the Seattle area or the ferries to the islands or peninsulas across the bay. So we set it up with my aunt, who lives with her daughter, my cousin, who I haven't seen in at least 45 years. We've changed. She's old; I'm NOT! How did she age and I not age? One of those mysteries of life. ;-)

But I'm here to tell you we got lost on the way she told us to come. We had our GPS get totally confused since it didn't know that the way it wanted us to go had a road closed. We other words, we—hubs, me, granddaughter and great granddaughter—got on the cell phone and called grandson-in-law, who was probably the only smart one among us, and asked him to get on Google maps and find out how to get to the ferry. To his wife he said, "But you're calling from an iPhone, google it!" Mandy said to him, "We've got you on the phone now and I'm not familiar enough with it to do that." My 2 computer geniuses here. Sigh. He guided us into the Edmonds-Seattle ferry and we got there just in time to miss one ferry so we waited about 45 minutes for the other. It went downhill from there.

We tried to find a place to get lunch because by this time it was 1:30 and hubs was getting a tad testy. We found a Subway near the ferry, grabbed the sandwiches and barely made it back to the queue to board the ferry. It was a pleasant crossing. But it made us about 1 1/2 hours late from when we said we'd be there. Arrived about 3:15, spent a couple of hours reminiscing of the past 45-50 years. Headed back to the ferry.

Granddaughter is still feeding her little munchkin breast milk and was pumping. We got in line for the ferry, realized we had left her computer at my cousin's house and had to get out of line while people were honking at us, drive back to the toll booth with granddaughter still pumping milk with a "drape" over her front and getting some very strange looks from the passenger cars in line because she got out to tell the toll booth lady what the problem was...well, you get the picture. We laughed ourselves silly thinking about what the other cars coming through the toll booth were thinking as we were going in the opposite direction. Hubby ran in, got the computer and raced back to the queue at the ferry. The ferry we wanted was gone by that time so we had to wait another 45 minutes. So by this time it was getting late and if we had waited until we got back to granddaughter's house we would have been eating about 9:30 pm. So we went to another Subway and got sandwiches again. We made it home in time to put Caroline to bed with kisses all around. I don't think I want to spend another day like that again.

Here she is making her Poppop a pot of cocoa.


  1. Oh dear Connie! Days like that are so tiring and one thing seems to go wrong after another. You must have been exhausted.
    Caroline is growing up so much!!

  2. She is precious and I loved the video.... it made me giggle. Your day was a mess, wasn't it? maybe God was making you all stop to smell the roses! ha ha

  3. Hi Connie, Your little grand daughter is precious. I loved hearing her giggles. I wanted to let you know that your apron gift arrived yesterday and we all love it. By we, I mean my daughter and grandddaughter both tried to claim it. I guess I'll let them wear it at my house when they work in the kitchen. lol Thank you! Hugs, Linda

  4. Oh, Connie I also wanted to say your sewing skills are perfect! Thanks again, XO, Linda

  5. I loved the video!! What a wonderful laugh she has! She is growing so fast!

    I would be exhausted from that day too.

    I hope you are having a better day today!!


  6. What a day you had! I am glad you got to your destination and had a visit! 45 years is a long time to catch up!

  7. Goodness, I've been missing you, girly!!!

    Get me some of Precious' happy pills, STAT!!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents


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