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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Tote Bag

First, here's a photo from my granddaughter's hubby's cell phone of our great granddaughter, Miss Caroline, 16 months old, taking her swimming lessons. When they were here visiting us and she was put on a playground swing, I noticed she had no fear—the higher they pushed her the more she laughed and liked it. So I suggested they give her swimming lessons just in case. After seeing her in a small child's pool in her backyard, they agreed. She is now loving the lessons and will put her face underwater. Ooooh, and the binky? Love Bunny says it's her flotation device. Her mummy said she loves that binky!

I decided to do another bag with a bit more room in it. This is what I've been working on for a few days. Remember, there is no pattern so I'm making it up as I go along. Not quite finished in this photo.

The back of it. Still have a scrap of that vintage pillowcase lace if I want to do another one.

Here it is finished. If I give this one away, the flower stays with me! LOL

I made this little ribbon rose many, many years ago when just learning how to do them well. This is one of only a few that are my favorites. I doubt I'll ever part with them since it was my first try. I've gotten a bit better though. I love crafting these flowers.


  1. Miss C is adorable ALWAYS!!! She & my Mr. K would make quite a pair with their matching binkies!

    SO sooooo happy to hear from you. I think of you and pray for you often.I miss my sistah. Mum is doing well. Sis seems a bit better, but it is getting very hard for her.

    Love you Loads!
    Angelic Accents

  2. what a cute picture of Miss Caroline! What a cutie!


  3. Yes granny I believe in swim lessons for our little ones. I have a grandson like that he could swim at 2 yeras old and was going off the big diving board the. scared me to death LOL

    haven't seen you for a while


  4. I think it is great to teach the little ones how to swim. It's just I cannot watch. If their little head went under, I would flip out. You are doing an outstanding job making the bags just off the top of your head. Job well done.

  5. Connie your little Miss C is adorable and I can't wait for our Elizabeth to arrive.
    I love the purses and hope I can win one. Just my type. Hope you are having a great day. I guess the cold weather has arrived for y'll, we are having some beautiful weather here in the south and I am loving it. Love and hugs, Pat

  6. What a cutie-pootie with her binky learning to swim!! I think teaching young children to swim is such a great idea...they are not afraid of much yet and knowing how is very important if they are around pools much...have heard of too many children drowning in family pool....
    I like that purse!! You are the clever one to make it "off the top of your head"!!
    I am still waiting for my name to be drawn for the pink/green apron, too!!!!!!!
    Always enjoy your posts!

  7. Hi Connie
    Sweet foral pillow shams. I just love pillow shams and pillowcases...very cute. I do adore the flower too. You should do a tutorial on how to make the flowers.

    Thank you for sharing and hope you have a great evening

  8. Hi Connie, I am so glad to see a comment from you. I enjoyed doing the laundry post.

    Your little bag is so cute. You are darned good at winging it. I have made my own patterns before too. My mom taught me how. I hardly ever sew anymore and when I see you create such cute things I think about sewing again. Smile. Love that ribbon rose too.

    See you on PS. For a change I will be HOME. We are always busy on Saturdays or out of town.

    XO, Jeanne

  9. Little Miss C is totally beautiful!! and I love your creation--it's gorgeous!!

  10. Don't you just LOVE grandbabies?! Yours is just ADORABLE :)


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