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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pink Saturday 4/16/2011 French Cottage

Happy Pink Saturday, sweet bloggers. Once again visit with Beverly for more pink in your life and beautiful things to see.

Since I'm confined to home pretty much for the next 5 weeks and can't even get into my yard easily I thought I'd look around and try to capture some photos in my books and on the internet for Pink Saturday.

I came across this darling little cottage for rent in France and wanted to share its charm with you. I'm not particularly one of those people who are dying to go to France but this would be an ideal vacation spot for some of you. ;-)

My dream living room. Well, one of my dream living rooms anyway.

It's in the northwest part of France and looks to be near the ocean, just how far I'm not sure, but very close.

This is not part of the house but I thought I'd share the lovely living room with you anyway. Another dream room of mine.

I also came across these little storage buckets and just thought I'd need to buy them but I don't need anymore storage bins or boxes with what I have now. But aren't they just gorgeous?! And I love pink stripes.

I've seen this house on the blogs before but maybe you haven't. I could live there quite easily. It's just gorgeous to me, plus it takes a brave person to paint their home pink.

I'll be doing another post on blogging in a few days. I'm trying to keep as active as I can without being able to bear any weight on my right foot so maybe I'll post more often for a while. I just don't want to bore anyone.


  1. uuummm, yes, I think I will take one or two of those please.....
    Awesome post!
    How perfect!

  2. That cottage is so pretty...I would certainly love waking up in that every morning.
    Thanx for sharing these beautiful piccy's.

  3. 6 years of French in high school and college and can't find the words to describe how fantsique that cottage is (might have something to do with those classes were tres, tres, tres years ago). Am happy to follow you, esp if you are goingto that cottage! Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. what an adorable cottage! One can dream...take care of your little foot and Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Connie Sweetie...
    Oh what a gorgeous pink share today. That cottage is just beautiful. I can see myself there for a couple of months. What fun that would be. I love the shutters and the way the windows open to the fresh air. How divine is that?

    I have not seen that pink house, so thanks for sharing. Not only do they have a pink house, but they have pink light house as well. Can you believe that? Some folks have all the luck. Oh I think we could have fun with your scooter there. How soon can you be ready? I love it.

    Oh what a fun share today. Love those 2 living rooms as well. Great reading chairs, in fact I spied several with my little eyes. You have such wonderful taste my dear.

    Hope you are having a fantastic Friday. Happy Pink Saturday early sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  6. love the cottage and the pink house!!!! I will finally (soon) have a pink living room again. I am going to switch the family room and living furniture again. There is pink roses in the living room furniture that I am going to use to paint the living room. It will be beautiful! Ah, spring!

    I do hope you are doing better and you are in less pain. I do hope this next five weeks will go fast for you!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! It's fun to dream!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  8. Hi Connie...hope you're healing well...and will be fine sooooon!! I love the "other" room!! HPS!! ;)

  9. I have visited your blog before and loved it and I have enjoyed this one too, very much....For myself personally - I cannot see many men enjoying living in an all pink house. It is lovely, and a man would have to really cater to his wife to live there. All pink inside is one thing, but to extend it to the outside is a little much I think - but it is very pretty and very different and certainly does stand out. I love the French homes and the beautiful living rooms. Hope you get better real soon.

  10. Happy Pink Saturday~~oh I love that cottage!
    I could move in today!

    Kay Ellen

  11. I hope you will be feeling better soon.
    What an adorable cottage! I'll would love to live there!
    Happy Pink Saturday

  12. I love that French cottage! Looks like something out of a fairytale - absolutely darling!!! Thanks for sharing! Linda Lan

  13. Love the pictures. Hope you're moving around better soon.
    I'll be back. I'm your newest follower.
    Ladybug Creek
    (If you like to escape to other countries, check out my Mexico posting today.)

  14. Very pretty..Thank you for sharing...HPS!

  15. I do hope you feel better soon! I sure would love to stay in that sweet little cottage in France! Heaven!

    Happy PS,

  16. Happy Pink Saturday Connie,
    I read your last 10 posts I have have been through it...the same thing is happening to my lower teeth....I just wouldn't want to go through all that.
    I love the lovely cottage in France...I wonder how close it is to Paris...
    I'll say a prayer for you.
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  17. Actually, I would be happy living in that sweet French house! Thanks for sharing, Connie. Feel better, my friend.


  18. "Hi Connie",
    That is an adorable cottage in France! I bet the PINK HOUSE is in Florida. It's not brave to paint it pink down there "It's PRACTICALLY Tradition, hehe! I love the reflection in the water... I hope you are "Up and Dancing soon"...
    Big Hugs to you,

  19. Thanks for sharing the pic of the pink house, I have never seen that one. So please keep posting, I love to visit and see beautiful things. Get better!!!

    Have a wonderful PS and an awesome week.
    Warm Wishes, CindyLew

  20. wow!!! I love that huge pink house!

  21. Oh my goooooodness! I LOVE that little cottage in France.... How perfectly perfect. Over the top charming. I loved those darling little bins too. And, that mansion? Ahhhhhhhhhh............perfection.

    I hope your foot is mended ASAP... We chickies have things to do. :-)


  22. Hello sweet friend! I am sorry you are confined to your bed. NO FUN! Anyhoo, I love the Frenchy house you shared oh my ADORABLE! Hope you are at least enjoying cruising around and visiting folks for Pink Saturday! Big Squishy hugs and prayers to you.

  23. Hi Sweet Lady!
    Ouch and Ouch...I didn't realize you were doing your teeth, but did remember your foot surgery! OUCH, and did I say ouch!

    Just wanted to stop in a say hi. I have been sick again only this time with a kidney infection which pretty much exhausted me this week. I am so ready to be well and warm again!

    Not much new going on so... come on over and say I...once I decide to blog again. Not sure when...will see!

    Hugs and Love,

  24. What lovely pics. I love the French cottage. I would be quite happy sitting in that living room. I do hope you will be feeling better soon. I know you may feel alittle bored, but take the time to rest and relax. You'll be up & running in no time. We women can master almost anything except relaxing when there is stuff to be done! So enjoy it!!



  25. I would like to go to all them Happy PS. Laura

  26. Hello Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! Love your pink post this week. This cottage is beautiful and I can see why this is you love this living room, it's so cozy, I could spend some time there. So sorry to read that you are not doing to well these days, prayers and hugs to you! Your last several posts were enjoyable! I heard about that baby holding the Dr.s finger, our Right to Life group in WV uses that picture. Love it! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Jen is posting again so stop by and see you if you get a chance.
    Love ya! Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  27. Isn't it fun to dream. With internet and blogs there are just so many ways one can dream. Since I don't like to fly and there are no roads to France, lol, I will stick with road trips around the good ole USA, lol. However, the cottage in France is lovely. Thinking of you as you recover. Take care.

  28. Bore anyone Connie? No, I don't think so. I look forward to seeing what you are up to. I love the home in France and can just see myself living there. Couldn't we all? Happy Pink Saturday sweetness, Char

  29. You never bore anyone!

    I love all of the houses... i wish I could find the perfect collage and just cuddle up and live forever!

    Hope you feel well soon!

  30. I think one of each...especially the first living room and the last from TrulySimplyPink

  31. Connie what a beautiful blog, I have just started blogging. My blog is "A Loblolly Life". I really loved your pillows. I'm also passionate about sewing. You used what looks like a red check or gingham on your rose pillow. Would you mind my asking where you picked it up. I've been looking for a yard or more of that EXACT material for over a year......I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thank you for your time....blessings Karena


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