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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Musings 4/13/2011

Are you tired of the teeth and the foot by now? I am! So on to better things.

I've been reading a lot the past few days and since I can't get out of the house easily it's just about the only thing I can do. So tonight I thought I'd share a few more thoughts.

Several years ago on eBay the shabby chic decor was a hot item. I'd never sold before but when I saw some of the going prices I jumped on the band wagon with pillows, sachets, birdhouses and other fanciful things. I sold a few things but not much. I thought they were on par with the other sellers and at much better prices, but, alas, many others didn't I suppose and I had many things left over. The little sachet below is one of them.

There were a few sellers who were commanding high prices—such as $500—for those little sachets! Yes. I couldn't believe it but mine went for $10 if they sold at all. Well, there were a few buyers who paid such ridiculous prices but one buyer was scamming the sellers. It then got ugly.

This particular buyer was paying astronomical prices for items from just a handful of sellers and then didn't pay or was paying with her boss' credit card. A scam. We're talking thousands and thousands of dollars here. It was a bidding war to see who could buy a tiny sachet or pillow and command the highest price. Honestly, I couldn't begrudge any creator their high price but that was ridiculous in my estimate. Hundreds of dollars? The sellers fought to get their money back and even created a group on eBay for the sellers who were scammed by her. And it got uglier!

For some of the sellers it got downright nasty. I've never seen such vehemence in my life. I helped in that group with the technicality part because I was proficient in eBay groups and computers in general, but I left after a while because I just couldn't deal with the vehemence. Yes, I believe those women should have definitely gotten their money or merchandise back and all the associated fees, but dwelling on it wasn't solving the issue.

Hence, I gave up selling on eBay, at least my homemade items. I was a flop as a seller. :-( I'll sell a few items now but they're usually things I'm trying to get rid of. It was a devastating thing to know I wasn't much of a seller. :-) But such is life.

The other day I saw this story and just couldn't believe it. I'm a pro-life lady, converted about 20 years ago. Seeing my beautiful grandchildren and great granddaughter, Miss Caroline, I just couldn't imagine something like them being aborted for the sake of convenience. This baby is 21 weeks old in his mummy's womb and a very talented doctor opened her up via a c-section, opened the womb and operated so this less than 5 month old baby boy wouldn't be born with spina bifida. And it worked! He was healthy. The story said that the moment the baby grasped the surgeon's finger he froze, was totally immobile and stated that it was the most emotional moment in his life. I can see why. He gave that little guy the gift of a normal life and his parents are beyond thrilled. I must say, however, that the doctor was tucking his little hand back inside as it flopped out. That does not take away from the fact that it's a baby. I think the little boy is now about 11 years old but this story didn't get much coverage at all in the papers or television. I thank God for the talent of the surgeons who save these tiny angels.

I think I've said enough for today. Maybe I'll participate in Pink Saturday this week...if I can get around enough to photograph some pink stuff.


  1. Oh, that picture turns my stomach! I too, support the life of those tiny little ones!

    I think Etsy seems a good place to buy, or even on blogs...I love the connections and stories behind the pieces I see.

  2. Your sachet pillow is gorgeous! Guess I missed out on the ebay fiasco!

    How is the mouth feeling now? Foot?

    I spent the day babysitting the two little ones. Baby only took two very short naps so he and I REALLY got acquainted!! :0)

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  3. it is amazing what doctors can do with little ones in the womb these days. I can only imagine what the doctor was feeling. To have the chance to fix Spina bifida (however you spell it) is amazing to me. Wow, what will they be able to next?

  4. Morning Beautiful!

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Hope your mouth and foot are both healing wonderfully.

    Sorry to hear about the ebay stuff. I tried buying things off of ebay for a little while....the stuff looked fab in the pic's but was utter crap or broken when I got it. The sellers WOULD NOT make good on their end so I just quit! For me...ebay is a legal scam website I think. Oh well that is in the past.

    I can't wait to see your pink Saturday Pic's.

    Love & Prayers

  5. That story about the baby was awesome... gave me chill bumps! The ebay story was interesting. I used to dabble on ebay and had a lady trying to get money back from me, saying she never received a book ... I remembered her thanking me for the book. I told her I would contact ebay and see how to handle it and she quickly stopped harrassing me. Her ebay feedback was negative and she had tried that same thing with other people. That was the only bad experience I had, but made me realize there are scammers out there!

  6. The photo of the little hand holding on to the Doctor really brought tears to my eyes. Goodness knows how the doctor felt, not only at the time but afterwards, knowing that he had given that little boy his life in full.

  7. Hi girlfriend, I have been gone, so I don't know what happened with the foot and mouth. I just hope whatever it was or is, you are over it soon and feeling much better.
    As for the ebay thing, yes, that is when I started selling over there as well. I don't anymore and no longer go into the group either. It all became too much for me to take. For some reason, you just end up getting sucked in.
    I want to thank you for your visit, and yes! it was Los Tules smartie pants!! HA
    Too bad you were not there, would loved to have hung out, Char

  8. Hi Connie,
    Mercy, I have really gotten behind. I knew you were going to have surgery, but had no idea you had it! I am glad you are doing well and I know for busy gals, like us, being still is no easy task.
    Good for you taking care of the pearly whites! Never having had braces, I had heard they hurt at first and hope they are slowly not hurting so much......on the other hand, living on shakes and other such yummy treats is not too shabby and it is on doctors orders....
    My hubby sent me an email with that tiny baby. It grabbed my heart strings. Isn't it wonderful how far we have come in medicine. Now if we could just find all the many cures that are needed!
    I well remember that horrible incident on ebay. Things did get out of control and wasn't that a shame that everyone could not work together. Things still do get out of hand from time to time, but it is best to just ignore them if you can. It is easy for some to get obsessive.
    Happy Pink Saturday!


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