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Monday, March 21, 2011

Chatter 3/21/2011

Let's just chat today.

I woke up this morning and had a blueberry muffin with strawberries and I must say these gigantic berries from Costco at $6.99 for 4 lbs. are a treat. Hence, you have them for eye candy today as it's gloomy and rainy here in Idaho.

Then, of course, there's always Miss Caroline to look at for giggles. I thought the title of this one should be: "Mom, can we please use conditioner next time?" or "I knew I shouldn't have stuck my finger in that little hole in the wall." Zap!!

And this one: "I wonder if this new toy they got me tastes good." Everything goes in th' mouth! :-)

My granddaughter and Caroline at Christmas when they were in California at her hubby's sister's house. She—the sister-in-law—is expecting later in the Fall.

Random Thoughts:

The other day I was at a function and must have had this look that must have screamed confusion to the speaker but they would have had to assume I was listening to be confused. I was simply disgusted at having to be there is all. Know what I mean?

Did you know that curtain calls are to thank the audience, not the performer?

A few years ago I was shopping in a classy store and saw this woman who looked like she was going for Boho art major but ended up as a nearsighted coke whore. You've seen the type. They work the cosmetics counter of upscale department stores. I make more money than they do so why do they treat us buyers so disdainfully? And besides, I'm prettier than they are! ;-)

Hubby and I were driving along the road the other day to Costco and I had a question I wanted to ask him. Now, there are certain questions we always ask our hubbies, but then there are the questions we ask when we want a definite answer. This was one of those times when I wanted to show him how smart I was. If you are going to ask a question, you'd better be sure of the answer. I didn't ask! Know what I mean? Yeah, right.

Till next time, chicks.


  1. boy, those strawberries look awfully yummy!!! Love the pictures of Caroline! What a cutie! Love the hair! It is gloomy here in Michigan today too!

  2. Your little Caroline gets lovelier every time!

  3. we had some beautiful strawberries yesterday. I refused to buy the tasteless winter fare we see. But when I saw these and smelled them, I was salivating. yum.

    laughing at the make-up counter coke whore. I think her sister works at a store I occasionally enter.

  4. HI Connie,
    Oh my goodness, you just made my mouth water! Just last night when Gary and I were driving home from work and passed a strawberry stand. We said to each other,that we have been drooling for fresh strawberries and there you go posting the most delish photo of my favorite red fruit..LOL
    Baby Caroline is just a her hair!
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  5. WIsh I had some of those yummy strawberries!

    Someday Miss C is gonna kill you for those pics!

    She and her mommy are both sooo beautiful!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  6. Connie, Miss Caroline is so cute in the pictures.. I have hair days like that myself sometimes---lol.
    Those strawberries look yummy and I'm so happy my diet includes fresh fruits and veggies. I have been eating a lot of baby carrots these days and steamed broccoli. No sauce, though. thanks for stopping by and making me feel better about hubby. He is a keeper. Love and hugs, Pat


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