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Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretty Offices and Randomness Thrown In

Randomness today.

Hubby and I have a Secret Santa. Whoever they are, they've gone to a lot of trouble to get us these gifts as the bags are adorable. I'll show you more as they come along, but this was the first bag along with a tree. Each night we've received an ornament and a candy bar (squeeeeeal, but I'm becoming so sick of candy I can barely look at it at the moment!). This little bag had to take quite a bit of effort.


This shiny ornament I received as a surprise gift from Pat at The Urban Chic. She's just a sweet hearted gal!

This is a calendar our granddaughter gave us this Christmas of Miss Caroline, her daughter. I've made just a few scans of it to show you. What is more beautiful than a newborn's baby fuzz...

or the tiny little eyelashes on her when she's so fresh from Heaven?

Her darling big blue eyes that just fascinate her Nana (me)!

Her mummy put her in one of my baby dresses so we can see the difference of almost 70 years.

My favorite sandwich is chicken salad. I'm pretty fussy about my food but especially my chicken salad. My recipe is my favorite, and it's so very simple: chopped up chicken breasts sprinkled with Mrs. Dash roasted for about a half hour in the oven, pecans (they are sweeter than any other nut), mayonnaise, sour cream and celery. Then put on bread with cream cheese and a leaf of lettuce. Best sandwich in the world according to me and hubby. Ham salad is my 2nd favorite and then just plain ham sandwich is my 3rd favorite. Here is a lunch hubs and I had recently: chicken salad sandwiches and red potato salad. Yuuummm!

Can you see the layer of cream cheese? Ooooooooo!!!!

I saw these boots on a website advertisement and though you'd like seeing them. Idahoans take their boots quite seriously, ya know!


Leopard skin with roses! My favorite. And they come in Wellies also.

And they come in psychedelic for you aging hippies.

Just some offices I like. Now, they may not be your style, but you can certainly adept these offices to your own style and budget. Get ideas from the accessories and the styles.

Curiously enough, this one is my favorite. Ooh, I'd change some things but I just love this one and it doesn't look like a huge space either. The light is another thing I love about it.


  1. A Secret Santa, how sweet! I wonder who it is!

    What a darling idea - a calendar of your darling grand-daughter!

    And...chicken salad!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. You always give us lovely things to look at, Connie....and also interesting thoughts to consider.

  3. How wonderful to have a secret Santa, what sweet surprises you received!
    I do love the photos of the baby....awww...all that baby fur.....nothing like it!!! She is adorable!!!
    I agree the sun shining in is the best part of a room!
    Marry Christmas and wishing you a blessed holiday. Now I need to go make a sandwich...I am hungry for some reason!!!
    Margaret B

  4. Ohhh what a sandwich! I had to read about it, out loud.

    Hubby will make one, with some substitutions. I don't eat cow dairy, but have soft goat cheese. Wheeeeeeeeeee! Thank you!!

    'Tis Yule Eve, and I wish you joy...

    Gentle Yule hugs...

  5. I wish I had a Secret Santa!

    And I LOVE chicken salad. A couple of ladies in my office have been on a quest for the perfect chicken salad. Arby's used to have a delicious version, but they got rid of it. Sob.

  6. okay that calendar is just to die for..she is just too precious and love her peach fuzz..and those sandwiches look sooooo yummy..last night I tried a new recipe it was oxtail stew..oh my gosh was it rich!!! and delicious!!! hubby and I loved it...served over butter chive egg you like oxtails? my mom used to make a green bean stew with was good but nothing like this one..I think she would be impressed.;)

  7. Thank you for visiting me Miss Connie. Your newest grandbaby is just precious! BEAUTIFUL!

    I know you are a praying Momma. That is what saved your son during his attack. I'll never forget that.

    Love to you and Merry Christmas~

    xoRebecca and her AGPMan >~~<3

  8. Your sandwich made me very very hungry so I'm headed out to my kitchen to find some chicken!

    Little Miss Caroline Isabella is a dollie!

    Deanna :D

  9. Connie that was sweet of you to share my gift I sent. I would love to have a secret Santa, but I get enough during the year so Christmas is about the Birth of Jesus for me. Caroline is just adorable and I love those angel eyelashes of hers. Wishing you and yours a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Donnie arrives today, so I am a nervous wreak, anxiously waiting on his arrival. Hope you are feeling better. Love and hugs, pat

  10. wonder if Santa will leave me those boots.
    The sandwich looks so good I am making chicken salad. With that- MERRY CHRISTMAS BEAUTIFUL LADY


  11. Well some lovely secret Santa knows how special you are. Those gifts are very special and it sounds like so much fun.

    I've never ate cream cheese on a sandwich. I need to try this is looks delicious!

    And that precious baby, what can I say? She is just gorgeous and I would have a hard time ever letting her go.

    Wishing you wonderful Christmas blessings.
    Hugs...Tracy :)

  12. A secret santa? How fun!
    Oh Miss Connie sweet Caroline is sooooo precious!
    I bet you spend as much time as you can cuddling and loving all that baby sweetness!

    Merry CHRISTmas dear friend,

  13. P.S. cream cheese makes everything wonderful!


  14. Oh my what a beautiful baby!! Everything here is a feast for the eyes!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas


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