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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something You Need to Know

Sorry, I don't know why it wouldn't post. I did it all correctly, but no matter. Here it is for you to view. Some days!!! :-)

Yes, this is a brazen attempt to highlight my little great granddaughter in her Halloween costume as a ladybug, but you need to watch this video. Several friends of mine have seen it and thought it was worth showing. I agree, but I don't like to embed it on my blog. So clicking it will take you to its original video. Please just click on Caroline's photo and view it. This is truly essential at this particular time for our country. This is not a political blog but you need to know the truth.


  1. Caroline is precious! I love this picture of her.
    I clicked on her picture but it would not take me to the video. Will try it again

  2. she is a cutie patootie..I tried clicking..but it didn't take me anywhere.;)

  3. What a gorgeous ladybug! I wouldnt mind finding it on my rose bush!

  4. Hi Connie, I tried to watch the video but it did not take me to the video page. She is CUTE CUTE CUTE! Bebe went as a ladybug too!


  5. What a doll she is!!!!

    But clicking on her pic, does not take me to any video. Just saying.

    Perhaps you can just type a click-able link, to the video? Then it's not embedded in your post, but people can access it, easily... From the click-able link.

  6. Connie, didn't see any picture of your sweet lady bug, only the video about Obama Care, which if it happens, I will probably be one who gets kicked out of the system, because they probably won't treat me for constant pain. This really scares me and hope and pray that we get Mitt Romney for Presidtent next term. These are my views only, so please anyone reading this, I am not saying anything bad about the present President, but we need someone to destroy Obama Care. I know my doctor will also leave his practice. big hugs, Pat

  7. My Mom was the one who first told me about this program. It is indeed frightening. It appears that government will be the one who decides who lives or dies. Not a very compassionate system is it?

    Keep the faith,
    Susan and Bentley


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