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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Alright, Really It is...

First of all, to the woman, Melody, who asked me a question about that poem Their Last Touch, you didn't have a return address OR a blog so I could answer you privately, but the answer is: No, I have no clue who wrote the poem. I didn't even know it was a song. Sorry. So, gals, please remember if you want me to answer something for you, I'll need an email address or at least a blog so I can answer. I prefer an email.

Okay, more confessions here and trust me, it is NOT pretty. The older I get the less I feel like housekeeping. Yep, trust me on this one because it is definitely true. To prove my words true I'm going to show you some pix of the house lately with, of course, explanations. Bear with me on this.

These old magazines have been in this corner behind hubby's chair for months and months, maybe even a couple of years. I just can't find a place for them now and thought of selling some on eBay since there are some very, very old ones.

This coffee table between our chairs in the family room??? I have been neglecting it for several months. Why? I've been lazy and just didn't want to touch it. I'd rather sit and read a book while recuperating since I can't sit on any chair in the craft room and chairs I can sit on wouldn't be conducive to working in the craft room. See that blue binder? That has a lot of material on PhotoShop from a class I took very early this year. Been sittin' there that long. Maybe I could just dust its cover? Nah, too much trouble.

Dictionary, fingernail files, phone and scriptures are always near. Then of course, hubs has to keep his periodicals near him, cluttering the table up even more.

The corner opposite hubby's corner is filled with pictures I have no place to hang. I might give them to Goodwill, just don't know yet.

Okay, so what's behind my chair? Two rolls of batting to make quilts for my church ward, a small folding/slanted table to put my laptop on when using it in here, some frames I got a heck of a deal on and haven't decided what to do with them, the bag for my laptop when traveling and my refurbished umbrella that I've yet to put up somewhere.

Told ya so...

And then there's the craft table. I don't even know where to begin on this table. Truly, I don't.

I truly lost a pair of up-close glasses somewhere in this mess and haven't found them yet after just flicking a quick glance every once in a while and hoping they gravitate to the top of the pile.

The chandelier hubs brought down from the garage attic weeks ago so I could prime and paint it is still sitting on the floor in here. I haven't a clue when I'll get to it, but since it requires standing up, it might be sooner than later. Can you picture this in the small entry way? I can; Love Bunny can't. You know who's going to win this battle, right?! Plus that desk I put on Craigslist and no takers so far. I sure wish one of you shabby romantic bloggers lived near here because I only want $75.00 for that vintage school desk.

Do you see that cardboard tube under there? It's full of posters Love Bunny doesn't know I've taken out of the garage. After next summer if he doesn't mention them, I'm throwing them out. He's a hoarder!!!! I doubt he'll miss them.

Recently, I was changing this wall around a bit—taking down a little dark brown shelf I got from Bombay & Co. years ago and painted it white and have yet to find a place for it—and added these little pictures instead to fill a void on this wall.

While in that corner I dusted. Yep, actually dusted. BUT I haven't put the dust rag away yet or rearranged that end table. Ooooh, I've been going to do it, just haven't got around to it yet. Can we say lazy again? Maybe recuperate is a more appropriate word, hmmmmm?

As I've said, I had to give my office chair to Love Bunny because I could NOT sit on it. So I took his, but my beautiful chair cover won't fit this one, plus he doesn't particularly want to sit on roses chair covers so I'm going to have to get rid of it, but it's been hanging there for a couple of weeks.

See these curtains and the duvet cover? They've also been waiting for me to ask hubby to find a box to pack them in so I can put them in the garage attic until I decide what to do with them. I just may keep them and change things out somewhere along the line. Never sorry I keep something, always sorry I toss them out or get rid of them

Notice my exercise pad sitting there for about a week and I've had no incentive to put it away. Also just to the right of it sitting on the top of some boxes is a little box full of hanging lanterns I was going to take over to my neighbor in July. Yep, still sitting there. That's how pathetic I've been. Sigh......


  1. Me fascina visitar tu blog y tus increibles creaciones... Pero, me daba siempre un poco de envidia que todo estuviese exactamente en su lugar... Ahora, después de ver tus fotos te admiro más...

  2. Connie...I sincerely don't think you're LAZY!! With all the pain you've been in, the PT and pain pills...things are left til later. I've done the same thing...after a terrible fall in 1988 that left me on Worker's Comp and disabled, for 5 years, with some recurring pain and 9 surgeries on my knee. No matter how hard I tried, there were things I couldn't do..then didn't want to do..then was a bit depressed about not being able to do them. Things eventually turned around and even though I still have some "problems"...I'm able to do most things.

    With our prayers and the prayers of your friends and'll be back to your old self in no time.


  3. Connie ~
    You are cracking me up !! Your work table looks
    just like mine but I always use the excuse that
    creative minds need them like that ~ hahaha !!


  4. Love this post... I could show you pic's of my house and you would truly feel better about yours. LOL Oh, and by the way, I think I see your glasses peeking out from under the pink ribbon near the edge of the table... not really. ha ha!

  5. Even when messy, your house still looks gorgeous!

  6. Girl I don't think you have a lazy bone in your body...Now Connie I would not want to show anyone what Len's end table looks like...He's got so many books stacked on the floor that you could use them as a table...ha ha!! Girl I do feel for you with your back..I have had 2 back surgeries and still can't sit without pain...Hugs and smiles my Dear friend...Gl♥ria

  7. Connie, I would not dare show mine right now because we are packing things to make way for Christmas decorations and things are really a mess. Your house looks fine as far as I can see. I believe we all have things behind our sofas because we don't know where to put them right now. Funny thing is I have a bookcase headboard behind mine and it peaks out, so I just use the shelf for things to try and make people believe it is supposed to look like that-lol. Hope your pain goes away soon, because I know how much you love to frufru things up, just take it easy when the time comes. I for one know what it is like to live with pain day in and day out. It's not fun, can be depressing, and I miss crafting 16 hours a day. Love and prayers for a speedy recovery. We are all behind you and I love your post. Makes me feel like I am human afterall. I thought I was the only person in the world who had a messy end table, but the Bible does not make a mess---I think everyone should have one on their end table. Love Ya, Pat

  8. when you feel better you will get to it. No need to rush. I am going to begin sorting through stuff too and I know how hard that is. I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Well, Connie're in good company as far as I can tell, and much braver than most of us to fess up to the mess. A mess which I must say looks like somebody lives in your much better than the ones you see that looks like you don't dare sit or touch anything. Here's how I know when to dust....when my grandkids write me messages on the table...last one said.."Love U Nana"...wouldn't touch that with a duster for nothin'.

  10. well dear look at it like this , you always have something to do. I can remember when I didn't have a hobby,or a blog, or anything to do and was depressed. But I am a new creature now and my studio looks a lot worst than yours but I know where everything is. I love yard sales junk sales, auctions on and on. Love magazines I have lots also.

    I found your glasses, they are on top of the bowl on your desk LOL


  11. Girly....I think your glasses are in the glass bowl on the right edge of the craftying table....
    Sometimes, I just have to get rid of the me, you will have just as much again in about 6 months!!

  12. Sweet lady, you are not lazy! We all have that lived in look. You should see the left side of my husbands don't. You won't like it because I don't like it and yet there it is..the mess. Golf mags, Brach's carmel wrappers, cords and wires for his gadget doo-dads, bills, bills an dmore bills, shoes, a back scratcher and taking a quick peeksie...his left over Halloween candy. Let's not talk about laundry room.....and let's not look in their either!! hahaha!


  13. Oh it is so nice to see someone else has a house like mine! I see so many pictures out here in Blogland and they show perfect looking houses. I'm thrilled to see that when you pull back the camera someone else has some hidden things that are no so perfect! Just like me!

  14. This is simply a sign of creative genius! I was laughing out loud because I can SO relate!! I am so glad you visited me because it brought me right over here to your blog! I am a follower and I WILL leave comments! lol

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda :)

  15. Oh, we truly ARE sisters!!! You should see my table by my chair in the family room ~ I call it Command Central! :0)

    Angelic Accents

  16. Hi Connie, This post was life as it really is. You gave me some real chuckles with your photos and explanations. Forgive yourself girl, you have all the excuses in the world. When you feel better and when you can't stand it anymore it will all get done. Invite company for dinner. That gets me motivated. In the meantime, rest and relax and get better. Smile.

    I laughed at your comment today. I had a big lunch and ate all of it except the pitiful piece of fruit on a lettuce leaf. What a silly thing to photograph. It made me laugh too.

    Warm hugs and prayers for healing my friend.

  17. Oh, I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one neglecting housekeeping duties. I try to keep mine picked up and semi-orderly, but the dust and dog hair is building to gigantic proportions!!
    My studio is another story entirely. It's one huge mess I just can't seem to get control of! lol

    Take care of yourself and get better. The housework will always keep! HUGS

  18. It looks like a place to create and have fun to me!

  19. You know what they say...messy = genius ...I am glad I am not alone with the same craft table...I wish I was a good organizer but then I cant find anything?! HPS!

  20. I too have had it with housekeeping. Have been doing it since I was 12(now 67). Same goes for cooking. It is just not fun anymore. I have too many books and magazines to read. That(plus reading blogs) is my joy now. Hope you feel better soon.

  21. Hi Connie!!I had to come over and congratulate you on your win from Fleur De Bee!! How fun for you!!

    Thanks so much for posting these pictures. You are not lazy by a long shot and I can see that it it just things you use on a daily basis like me around your chair. I have tons of books around my chair along with my computer and of course an afghan as it's gettin chilly!

    You home looks like you live there which is wonderful. It took me awhile for me to get to that point of thinking of it that way but after years of hubby's saying it I really do realize he's right. It is not dirty and when I get a call that someone wants to come over I can clean most of it up pretty quick!

    Bee blessed


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