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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pink Saturday 11/20/2010

Happy Pink Saturday. Go visit the participants and be delighted with all the pinkness your heart can bear!


I'm healing nicely from the fall/flip I took at the end of August and am through with the physical therapy. Well, not really through exercising, but insurance would only pay for 8 weeks so hubby and I spent the afternoon shopping at the local sports store, and I picked up a couple of things to help me PT here at home.

And speaking of home, I want to show you some of my absolute favorite rooms. These are rooms I love and will love until the day I die.

I love French and English elements in decorating, but I love shabby romantic roses mostly. Throw in a bit of French and I'm in heaven. I like this living room.

I was into country about 25 years ago, but not so much now. But this living room is one I could live it. It's very romantic with the roses sofa and y'all know my favorite color combination is red/pink and yellow. That sofa is my sofa, just with different fabric.

This bedroom just appeals to me also even though it has elements of country. It's still very much romantic and kind of shabby.

Another one of my favorites. Any shade of red appeals to my senses like no other color.

Oh, squeal, squeal, squeeeeeeeeal!!! I love this bedroom also.

But THIS is my all time favorite living room. When I saw this in the Ethan Allen magazine about 17 years ago, my heart did flip flops. If I could achieve this look, I know I'd be in heaven. I cannot tell you how much I love and adore this room. To me it is just warm, snugly, homey and comfortable.

This is the dining room that goes with the above living room. Do you see what I mean? Is it not gorgeous? Oooh, how I love to look at these pictures and dream about being in that living room and dining room

Lastly, I've had this fabric for several years and have never used it. I've given up making pillows to sell so if anyone is interested in it, it's on eBay and it's 2 full yards at a very good price. I love it but I know I'll never use it or make anything with it. So with the Christmas season coming up, I thought I'd let you know in case you're interested. Here is the URL for it:

Be of good cheer, my chicks. I think I'll be trying to post more very soon. I've missed not surfing the blogs and I haven't because I know once I get started, I'll not be able to move my backside from this chair and that is NOT a GOOD thing!


  1. I so sympathise with the hip etc, you must be so miserable. So it's great to be living vicariously with you, drooling over these gorgeous rooms. I do see a theme here - it's what we in the UK call Country House, ie: comfortable, elegant, chic with a country touch in the squashy sofas etc - but for a grand house (more a small mansion). With that touch of elegance, a million miles away from cutesy country. Country with a Harrods attitude, is the best way I can explain it. I love the mix of French fabrics, faded William Morris prints...

    Have a very Happy Pink Saturday, Connie dear, and thank you for a peek into your lovely designing style.

  2. Connie,
    What beautiful rooms you have showed us all today. The red in some of them really appeals to me! Gorgeous fabric, wish I had time to sew...I hope you are felling better soon!

    HPS and Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

    Debbie A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie. I'm glad you're healing and taking care of yourself.

    Gorgeous rooms, my friend. I love the warmth and coziness of your favorite room


  4. What a Dreamy Set of Home Decor! I hope all your dreams come true and from what I've seen of your home, some of them already have. Good to hear you are recovering....look forward to hearing from you again, soon. Happy Pink Saturday...Sue

  5. Good morning Connie, I am glad to see you posted today. I too love all of the rooms here today. Ethan Allen is my favorite place to but furniture but I am not in the market to change my decor at this stage of my life. I am drooling over the last photo. Also the gorgeous fabric. I want that fabric. Smile. I am going to your site now.
    Thank goodness you are on the mend. Keep exercising Connie. It is the secret of feeling good.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Warm hugs and love,

  6. These are all just lovely!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  7. So glad to hear you are healing well. Stay safe and enjoy turkey day.

  8. Great pinks today, and very nicely coordinated. Happy PS.

  9. Oh, how I've missed you, sweet Connie! So glad you are healing well. I could love any one of those rooms ... but that bouquet of flowers in the first pic on the coffee table, WOWZERS!

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  10. Hi Connie! LOVE all the pretty rooms you've shown. What is really doin' it for me is that awesome coffee table in the pic of your very fav living room! Of course, I might shabby the table up a bit with creamy white paint, but isn't it just awesome?!?!

    Love you!
    Angelic Accents

  11. Connie, happy to hear you are healing and only have to do therapy at home. I for one hated therapy because I left hurting more than when I got there and one time ended up with a hernia.
    All the rooms are lovely, and I could find myself in a couple of them, especially the last one. Hope you continue to heal and get back to frufruing. I miss that. Love and hugs, Pat

  12. Hi Connie,

    I hope you are continuing to heal and are feeling much better. I haven't done a Pink Saturday in a while, but think of you often.

    Life is slowly getting better, but very slowly. I'm off to a friend's house for Thanksgiving which will be so much better than eating alone.

    I love your blog post today as always. Big love and hugs to you my friend.

    Keep healing. xo


  13. Hi Connie and happy PS.
    Wow, those rooms are divine and i could really see myself in a couple of them - pics # 4 and 5.
    The red and white armachair is stunning beyond words and I love that bedroom all in red. Never thought of red in my bedroom but I guess I'll give it some thought now that I've seen how homey and comfy it all can look.
    happy PS

  14. I am glad you are feeling better. Love the rooms you have posted. Good luck with the PT at home exercises. Keep up the good work with the exercising!

  15. Rooms anyone would drool over. I enjoyed seeing them and wish I had some like that. Sorry to learn of your fall. Guess I let that slip by me. Glad you are better and trust you will soon be fully recovered.

  16. Those pinks are really pretty and I'll keep praying for your healing . Happy Pink Saturday and also Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Wow I won't be spending much outside if I have rooms like that. All so lovely.

  18. Oh yeah, that living room is in my head too. Happy Pink Saturday. Hey I'm having a giveaway!

  19. I can imagine being very happy in your favourite rooms Connie....such good taste you have!

  20. Connie, first of all, Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday!

    I am so sorry you have been under the weather after your fall. I know how bad you can feel from a fall so I truly sympathize with you. I hope you are feeling much, much better very soon.

    I adore the rooms you shared with us here. I am a huge rose lover, too, and I loved the Eighties with all the floral chintz. I like simple things, too, but my heart adores checks and stripes and flowers all rolled into one. I really could live in any of these rooms you shared and live there happily!

    Speaking of happy, you were so very sweet to comment on my roast post today at Eddie's, and I appreciate that more than you know. I was scared to do it, so seeing your cute "sugar" on there made me smile! My husband just loves you! He always comments, "Oh, there's your funny friend" when he sees you posting. And I do love my funny friend.

    I'm up to my eyeballs in alligators, and I hope that when December 5th gets here I can finally sleep. My blogging has been so sporadic with lots of craziness beginning this summer and continuing through the fall. But I'm hoping to be back at it more when things shake out after the 5th. In the mean time, in between time, I'm sending huge get well hugs your way.

    Love you, girl...


    Sheila :-)

  21. Look after yourself lovely lady! I can see why you are drawn to those rooms in particular...very Connie like fabrics! Rich and warm! Rachaelxo

  22. Look after yourself lovely lady! I can see why you are drawn to those rooms in particular...very Connie like fabrics! Rich and warm! Rachaelxo

  23. Hi Connie.

    So glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Great photos of the just gets the decorating juice flowing!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

  24. Well clearly it has been ages since I have been able to catch up with my blog friends. I love these rooms (I snatched some of the photos for my favorites files!) I was so sorry to hear aboutyour fall! I hope you are mending well and I will add you to my prayers. Sending hugs to you Connie. Feel better soon!


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