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Friday, October 1, 2010

Romantic Country Rooms #4

Aren't these rooms lovely also? Girls, look at some of the ideas in these room, adapt them to your homes and run with it.

Pair a red and white check chair/sofa or cloth with a kilim rug and some old pottery found at a garage sale. Do NOT be afraid to mix several patterns in a room. I think it's dramatic when done.

Or look around your house or your mother's or grandmother's house for some old furbelows (trims) and bibelots to showcase in your homes. Showcase them magnificently!

Add drama with a bold color somewhere in a room.

Or find what you might consider an ugly oddity and showcase it. I'll bet you it will grow on you. That has truly happened to me.

While I absolutely love pink and most colors associated with reds, I'm not averse to other colors, especially yellow. Yellow is a cheery color when you have a dark house. Nuuuuu, I'm not changing my walls from pink to yellow, but I truly LOVE pink and bright yellow together. I guess the owner of this room does too because she pairs those bright yellow walls with a red/pinkish sofa on the left.


  1. Oh, sista, I soooo could NOT live in that home in the first pic ~ did you know I can't "do" stairs that I can see thru? I'd be down on them in a second, crouching with fear!!!

    What language are you speaking here: old furbelows (trims) and bibelots ? I need translation please!

    Angelic Accents

  2. Lots of romance there for sure Connie. I love French Country decor. What a cutie that little great-granddaughter of yours is!

  3. Oh, I just love the romantic dash of color here and there! Thank you for this sweet bit of inspiration and eye candy.

  4. YOu always find the most gorgeous rooms and houses.

  5. I am loving that red and white chair! Thanks for visiting my blog. ( I know 84 seems young, but I didn't want to be greedy!....LOL) Have a great weekend! Kit

  6. hi connie!

    great inspiration pics. every room needs a little PoP of some color, doesn't it?

    happy weekend



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