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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Porches #4

Fall in the woods with the leaves changing color and the American flag add a touch of nostalgia to this lovely porch.

A beautiful farmhouse like this could be anywhere in the midwest. Starched curtains hanging in the windows. White with touches of black and red just grip my heart here.

There's a trend toward this sort of home in the southeast vacation places. While I can surely appreciate its beauty, it isn't a style with which I'm particularly fond. Very stark and clean looking.

The typical farmhouse found in just about any area, state or county in America. I know many women who would absolutely give up anything they could for a place like this.

I could spend summer mornings and evenings on this cute porch. I like the circular shape and the woodland view. But the wicker really captures my heart.

Mid America? Western America? Northern America? With the basement window barely visible I'm guessing it definitely isn't California!


  1. All of these porches are absolutely gorgeous!! There is a big, old white house in my area that looks just like the one you have pictured. I can't take my eyes off of it every time we drove by it!!

    I absolutely love how you post the big pictures. You had once offered your help if I had any problems with figuring things out on my computer. If you get a chance, could you let me know how you are able to post such large pictures? I would be forever indebted to you!!! : ) Have a wonderful Sunday!!

    ~ Wendy

    P.S. Your great-granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous!! You must be so proud!! XOXOXO

  2. love the porches! We have screened in one off our family room downstairs. We used to use it alot, not so much anymore. With fall coming I am planning to use it more often.

  3. I could live on any one of these porches Connie. I am such a porch person. I have missed many of your posts here of late and have been reading the last post you wrote before this. What an ordeal you had to go through to bring your dear son into the world. I think childbirth is the hardest labor we will ever perform, but WOW, is it worth it and it's a good thing too. I want to thank you for the lovely message you left for me at my place. What a blessing it is to be a mom, huh????

  4. I love all the porches you pictured. I live in the very Southwestern part of California. Very few house in my area have porches as it is very hot in the summer to enjoy them. Many years ago they had screened in porches on top of garages so that you could sleep there in the summer before air conditioning. Now we all have airconditioned houses and cars and most of the high screened porches are gone and mostly forgotten......Blessings....Pauline

  5. Hi Connie
    I really enjoyed your porch pictures...I love porches. We don't have them here as they are in the states. I so enjoy sitting on them on a nice wooden rockers...just love it.

    Soooo I'm very fortunate to be in the states as often as I enjoy...

    thank you for sharing

  6. I loved seeing the American architecture Connie - so different to ours here in Australia. Either way, who doesn't love a porch in any shape or form!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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