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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something I Whipped Up a Few Days Ago!

I was just messing around the other day and thought about how I could do something I saw and how hard it would be. I thought I'd do it on a small scale though. Let's take a peek at what's going on. Hmmmmmm, can you guess what it might be?

And yes, those are roses Love Bunny just snipped from our rose garden this morning. BTW, this post is scheduled ahead of time as most of my posts are. It's rare that I'd do one the same day. I like the freedom of preparing ahead of time and going back and looking at them again and again. [By the way, I checked and found that there isn't a word such as preschedule in my Merriam New World Dictionary or the online dictionary Merrian-Webster or my dictionary widget on my iMac Dashboard, so in following my own advice I'll either use something else or make up a "blogger" word: preschedule. I choose to use it as a new addition to the blogger world. I could say preparing ahead of time as I did above, but it takes a lot more room to say that. Forgive me, but I had to let you know I'm not ignorant of words. ;-)] Also, I composed this post on 6/22/2010.

Stop looking at the rose, chicks, look at the "other stuff" in the photo!

Is it taking shape in your mind yet or did you know from the first photo what it was?

Voilà, it's a froufrou-ed umbrella! Oh, it's a small one but just as cute as a regular size one. I may do a large one but I'll definitely do it differently. First of all, I'll make a pattern. It was definitely a pain in the tush to just guess and then snip the fabric.

I wanted to collapse it but since I wrapped ribbon around the handle I couldn't do it to show you. Hmmph, that ribbon just might come off!

Okay, I couldn't stand not collapsing it and showing you how cute it is, so here is after I removed the ribbon.

Of course, I had to ask Love Bunny to go get me some roses, but no matter; he did it. Aren't they lovely?

The big pale pinkish one on the left has the most delicious scent. Actually, they all smell wonderful but the scent is very different on each one. I love the variety of fragrances on each one though.


  1. your roses are spectacular!! and I love that umbrella.. you did a fantastic job on the colors..where are you putting it.:)

  2. Now that is the cutest umbrella, Connie! I love, love how it turned out. (And the roses are gorgeous.)


  3. Beautiful...just gorgeous...goth the umbrella and your roses! I so wish I had a green thumb when it comes to roses...just can't seem to get them to live past a year!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your umbrella is stunningly beautiful. (I seem to use those same two words often around blogland!!). You are SO VERY talented.

    At my bridal shower, my mother-in-law made a lace umbrella, which was set up over the chair I would sit in. I could easily see your gorgeous umbrella used in a similar fashion at a baby shower for a shabby chic baby girl.

    Have a wonderful day,

  5. MIss Connie!
    GORGEOUS!! Just Gorgeous!
    At the art event in Savannah I attended in April we did a parasol! FUN STUFF!!!!! I love mine and have it up in my studio! Of course, all the men in the house said "You are SOOOOO not putting that thing anywhere but in your room!"
    MEN! They just don't get the "too pretty!" thing.
    HAGD! Karen

  6. The roses are very pretty; but the umbrella is DIVINE! I love it!!! What a cute thing to come up with.... love it!

  7. Hi Connieness! Oh, I love this! Now I thought it was a pillow! It's so cute!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I too thought it may be a pillow. No nothing so easy as a pillow for you dear one. The colors and fabrics are perfect. The roses make me jealous. So good to stop by and pay you a visit. Having fun as usual.

  9. Oh, so beautiful, girlfriend.
    I so love the umbrella...
    It's the prettiest thing I have seen in a long time.

  10. Hi Connie,
    Wow! you did a great job! how fun of an idea! (I want one)
    Have a great day and hugs,

  11. Beautiful job, Connie! That is a girly-girl umbrella if ever I've seen one! Lovely roses, too!

  12. O it's perfect, Connie! The rick rack, chenille and polka dots did it for me! ♥

  13. I love the umbrella. So pretty and feminine. Your roses are spectacular to. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Connie, The umbrella is lovely, and so is your blog. So many pretty things to see! Thanks for sharing. Love, Penny

  15. Connie, your parasol is beautiful!! I want to do one!
    Your roses are really pretty too!

  16. Connie this is precious!! I have a big umbrella and am wondering if I could do the same thing to it. What do you think??

    Love it !

    bee blessed

  17. The unbrella is so cute. I love the fabric in it. I would love to have that in my yard. What a fantistic job.


  18. You just sorta WHIPPED THAT UP???

    Talented talented talented.

    xoRebecca PS: LOVIN my ROSES!

  19. Connie, that is THE most beautiful umbrella i have ever seen...i thought at first it was a pincushion...i was very surprised to see it was indeed an umbrella...what a fun project...all of the fabrics you used are so pretty, and they all work beautifully together...i love it!!! and how very sweet that your honey picked those roses for you:)

    I love parasols and this is just sweet!
    Sweet, too, are the roses your sweetie brought in for you!

  21. Oh it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it Connie.

  22. Nice to meet you too. I am glad you stopped by. Your wedding sounds like mine. Married at home only my husbands siblings and mine and parents. Not many photos and we new after only about four months too that we would get married and we did a year after we started dating.

  23. That bumber-shoot is just adorable (my Grandmother used to call umbrellas that!). Actually I like the smaller size ~ petite is good! ANd the roses are just awesome!

    BTW, I thought pre-schedule was a real word!

    Angelic Accents

  24. Oh my goodness!!!! I loooooovvveee it... it is goreous....Who needs sunscreen when you have that little beauty hangin' around... LOL♥

  25. Oh my goodness, Connie. It is so beautiful I could just die.

  26. What a beautiful umbrella. Too cute. Nice work.


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