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Monday, June 21, 2010

Roses from the Garden

Look what hubs brought in from our rose garden a few days ago. I put them in the little metal pitcher I got at Ikea a few weeks ago.

Today they started dropping their petals, but their smell is still wonderful.

Random Thought:

I got out of Costco today for under a hundred dollars! I went in for blueberries and olives. I came out with $98.39 worth of stuff in my cart. Hubs was with me; need I say more?! Hmmmmm?


  1. Hey, sweetness! Hope you are feeling a bit better today. I'm still saying prayers and know you are, too.

    Hey ~ you are showing "my" sweet dressform with your pretty flowers!!!!! I lust after that!! :0)

    Angelic Accents

  2. Gorgeous roses. I dry the petals and use them in pot pourri, it is surprising how long the scent lasts.

  3. STUNNING!!!!! We have three roses in our garden! Sad but true! So nice to see yours hopefully mine is start blooming more. It's a new bush..go figure haha!

  4. Beautiful roses Connie. Always special when it is our own roses inside.

  5. Connie that rose , with pink center looks just like a peony. Do you know the Name of it. Gorgeous
    I have to blant subzero roses..


  6. the roses look gorgeous! i could almsot smell them from here.
    well done on getting out of costco in under $100~ we have one here in Melbourne now, the only costco in Australia... and i go every 3-4 weeks. it's so easy to spend there.... on average, we're $100-$200.... last time i only bought a hoodie so got out of it with $23. i think that must be a record? oh, i won't mention i went the week before and did my 'proper' shop already... hee hee!

  7. Hi Connie :) Your roses look beautiful! My hubs usually complaind about how much I spend at the grocery store, yet when, on occasion, he goes with me, he ALWAYS puts things in the cart that ARE NOT ON THE LIST!! Me, I almost always stick to the list! Men! Can't shop with or without them , lol :)

    Have a great week!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  8. I can almost smell the roses from here. Roses are a flower in a category all their own.

  9. Beautiful, Connie. Can't wait to get home and see mine!


  10. Connie, those are just gorgeous! You know I prefer roses when they are full blown and dropping their petals. I'm funny that way. But that is my favorite rose. :-)



  11. Hi Connie
    Those flowers are so beautiful. They don't even look real!

  12. What gorgeous flowers, and photography!

    I'm praying for the sweet little boy and his family. Just breaks my heart to hear the story and see the precious little one.


  13. Hi Connie, I've been seeing your comments on my favorite blogs and decided to visit you. Lovely roses!!! Gorgeous photos! I'll be back!


  14. I can smell the roses!
    I took out all my roses because every year they would get ravaged by Japanese beetles-yuck!
    They would never quite recover. It was so sad.
    So, I get to enjoy yours and get some from the store, occasionally.
    I always spend more when hubs is with me, too...and he aways spends more when I am with him!

  15. The roses are lovely... God is an amazing creator!

    Your last post was heart wrenching, Connie. The family is in my prayers tonight for sure.

  16. Well at least you can blame your husband! It usually happens to me when I go with a girlfriend....I have to have everything she gets and vice versa. Your roses are just gorgeous. I have a lot of knockout roses and just love them except they don't have any scent....
    Oh I am having a give away!
    Come and check it out.

  17. Connie, Your roses are beautiful. Thank you for your sweet comments on my post. Funny about COSTO, about your hubby coming along. Kathi

  18. Too funny about is the opposite with my hubs and me...

    I got blueberried, three big boexes because I eat them by the handful, strawberries, bananas and a few other necessities....Hubby goes to eat his way thru the store....he can afford to as he kept his figure!

    Love the roses, especially those creamy white ones...

  19. Ooh how your Rose are so pretty! They just lighten up a room!

    Sending Prayers your way!

    Renee ♥


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