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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Redoing Some Old Lamps and Something New Coming!

First of all, let me just tell you that I have a bit of news that I hope you'll enjoy. I've been setting things up the last week or so to do a blog where there is nothing but a list of lifestyle bloggers: romantic, country, shabby, chic, gardening (because what is more romantic than flowers?!) whatever—just so it's more about lifestyle than anything else. It's just links so it's not hard to do or to keep up because I can't keep up much more than I'm doing right now!

When you go over and see the logo, you'll see some absolutely stunning roses on the logo that are by Ronda Juniper Ray, who graciously and enthusiasticly gave me permission to use any rose I wanted in the making of the logo and also sent me the original photos to use in my PhotoShop. She's a dear and another Mac user. ;-) She's also a fantastic artist. When you go to the blog and see the logo, you'll see her roses; these in this little button are MY roses. Pathetic, but I did paint them. Do not get the two mixed up; it wouldn't be fair to Ronda. ;-)

I bought these lamps several years ago when we were thinking of moving here to this house. I think I bought them at Home Depot. They are extremely heavy for lamps and the shades were a kind of "pull up" kind in the box. In other words, they were flat in the box and we had to lift them from the bottom up to the top of the shade and secure it. When we did that we realized that when the lights were on you could see they weren't on properly or evenly. I kept them like that with the intention of fixing them someday. I tried and tried but they wouldn't align properly—the wire showed through and no amount of tugging and pulling would get them in proper alignment. But we absolutely loved the lamps, even Love Bunny. They truly made a dramatic statement and he even agreed, which is no small feat, trust me! I even tried finding new lampshades but these are so big I couldn't find anything as big even in the best lamp stores in Boise. So I kept them and just recently decided what I could do.

I bought some braided gimp trim and put it over the shade where the cloth met the wire of the shade form. I had to put 2 strips about 15 1/2" long down each one, and there were 8 "ribs" on each shade. It took about 13 - 14 yards to do it but I was thrilled that the ribs don't show now when the lamps are lit at night.

I then added some white lace around the top, an organza bow, some faux pearls and some pink paper roses to the top. The roses around the bottom were already on it so I had to work around them, but I love how they look now. What think you, chicks?

Full photo of the lamps and the ambiance they bring into our home at night. It's almost a magical place.

Full photo of lamp during the day. This photo was taken before I added extra pearls to it later in the day.

Closeups of each shade with light off and light on.

And if Mum, my sweet adopted mother in Texas, is reading this then here are some smooches for ya, Southern Belle. I spent a great deal of my childhood in Orange, Texas and I can do a wonderful southern belle impression that would astound you! LOL This is true!!


  1. Ahhh, how sweet! I'll have to get our Mum to read this!! She'll be thrilled that you thought of her ~ and you are SUCH a kiss up! LOL

    I'm thrilled about the Romantic Blogs link up! Can't wait to see who all joins. I'll blog about it soon and try to help spark some interest!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  2. LOVE LOVE the new shade ♥♥ It is SO pretty and so "ME" too. Heading over to your new blog, great idea to do that :)


  3. I love your lampshade! I also am going to visit your etsy shoppe!

  4. Connie ~
    Just beautiful !! You are a talented gal :)

  5. Hi Connie :) You did a FABULOUS job with the makeover's of these lamps! Way to go girl!! Aren't makeover's fun!! I love taking something that is so-so, and turning it into something wonderful & pretty :)

    Oh, and I've signed on for your new fabulous group!!! Yeah!!!

    Have a great day my friend, warm hugs to you! Brenda

  6. Connie, love the roses on the lamp, sweet touch. I made one very similar once. Thanks for stopping by and always saying the sweetest things. Have a great day my friend, T

  7. Love the lamps....I have one that needs some romance added to it....I am going to take my courage and some roses and just DO IT. I love pretty lamp shades and have not done one...yet....

    I am going to pop over to your new blog and join....what a grand idea!
    Thank you,

  8. Hello for the first time from one Mac user to another! Hmmm, guess you could say I am not really a lifestyle blogger, unless you consider an empty nester to be a lifestyle.

    Nice to meet you and I will be sure to check out the new blog.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  9. What a beautiful solution to the lampshade problem, Connie. As we all know, necessity is the mother of invention!


  10. Your lamp is beautiful... so feminine.

  11. Hi Connie! Good idea about the new blog! I love your lamp shade too! The roses on the edge are soooo pretty!

    To answer your question at my blog: Yup,
    Connie, you missed something! LOL! When I first opened up this second blog I explained that I was catching up from posts back in October of 2009. So now I am to my December 2009 posts. I am being neurotic about it because my blog is basically my life's journal, so I want them in chronological order. It is becoming a beast though and I don't know how much longer I want to continue! :0)

    I will anxiously be awaiting your new blog!

    Hugs, Sharon

  12. Ahhhh,Connie...
    that lamp looks good enuf to eat with a spoon...drop dead gorgeous.
    you did a wonderful job...
    thanks for all the help yesterday.
    you're a doll...

  13. You did a stellar job. love it. TTFN

  14. Connie, I just wrote the longest comment and it didn't connect. I adore your makeover on your shades. You are one crafty clever gal.

    I am copying this one, just in case.

    I will check out your blog idea. I will probably love it. smile.

    Happy crafting.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  15. Love the re-worked shade! The roses on the bottom are such a romantic touch! You did a really fabulous job!


  16. Hi Connie!
    Thank you so much for your visit and cute comment! Gotta love those bestest buds :-)
    I love the lamp redo and cant decide whether I like it better on or off! It looks so magical both ways!
    Just joined your new blog and thanks bunches for being so generous with your time and talent!

  17. I love it especially all lit up in the first photo..very romantical..:)

  18. Hi Connie,
    oooh, beautiful lamp both with light on and off!

    The Romantic Blogs link is a great idea, can't wait to see more and I'd certainly like to join up as well.

  19. hi connie!

    how pretty is this! fabulous. :)


  20. OH Connie; I so love your lamp shades.... they are so beautiful... what a wonderful job you did,,, you are so talented.....


  21. OHHH!!!!! Connie you hit paydirt...
    This is such a fabulous job.. I have seen the antique lampshades in wonderful estates like Biltmore Palace, Viscayia, The Flagler Estate in Palm Beach. I always loved the rose covered lamp shades. Did you use a special hot glue??


  22. Oh those lamps look great! I love your idea about a blog just dedicated to links. I so need to do this myself so I am off to check this out.

  23. Hello!
    I love these lamps...the floral border is so romantic!

    i might try this in my bedroom sometime!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  24. Connie I LOVE these shades! You have made them gorgeous. The roses around the edges**sigh** just gorgeous, I say!

  25. The lamps really are beautiful Connie. I can see why you love them:>) I'm just tryiong to catch up a little, I see you have an etsy now, I'm off to take a look:>)

  26. That is a beautiful shade. It looks like it is right at home in your place! Thanks for visiting and telling me to find my ooomph! I will give it a good try!

  27. Connie your lamps are gorgeous. Hope I can jazz mine up when the time comes. I have a lot of vintage lamps with some pretty shades on them and some that I just picked up every now and then, so they might need a mate or just change them out when I feel like it. I just love how you take things and turn them into fabulous. Love and hugs, Pat

  28. Hi Connie, What a sweet lamp shade! Roses and pearls can never be wrong :-) Great Job!


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