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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Friend Katie

I want to talk about my friend, Katie. Are you listening, Kates??? She made this for me when she heard I was going to be a great-grandmother. Can you believe it? Yes, she is one of the most giving chicks I know. She will always surprise me with something in the mail for no other reason than she is just giving. She became a grandmother for the first time 2 years ago this summer to a darling little munchkin. Katie also picks the Magic Cart at WM. The Magic Cart just seems to attract little girl dresses that just seem to magically appear on the cart! I think I'm beginning to understand the Magic Cart business. ;-)



  1. How sweet is that! Love it!


  2. That's so cute and sweet..It's nice to have good friends like that....

  3. Absolutely adorable! What a wonderful friend.


  4. What a lovely present and a lovely friend.


  5. Connie that is so sweet. I had one when country was in style that had grandma's treats and loved it. What a sweet friend you have. Is it a boy or girl grandchild you are having? My mind is slow these days, so you may have posted and I just forgot. Love your paper roses and you are just teasing me with alll those beautiful purses. I love the White Dahlia, but they are all gorgeous. Stop by and check out my giveaway. Included will be something the winner collects, but I didn't post that. Love and hugs, Pat

  6. Hey Connie. What a sweet friend you have in Katie. And that's just darn cute! I'd never heard of the magic cart before. Do you think Neil would believe I got it next time I go to WM? Ha-ha.

    Thanks love for ALL your sweet comments. The mean Mucho Grande to me! Is that correct Spanish? You get the idea.

    I love you...Tracy :)

  7. Hi Connie, What a darling gift from Katie. I love all the sayings on the hearts. Truly a special keepsake for sure.

    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Big Texas hugs,
    Celestina Marie

  8. I adore this birdhouse! I am dying to try mosiacs and I just have not found time yet! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am in Missouri. Thank you for the compliment about my name! It is one thing I have always loved about myself. My middle name is Autumn! Please check back for I will be posting more Shabby rose treasures once the kids are in bed!


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