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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Better Things To Do????

One would think I definitely had better things to do, but some days you just want to be mindless. Right? Right! This was one of those days. Love Bunny and I went to WM and to Costco for a few things. By the time we got home out of a rain downpour with SNOW—yes, snow—I just wanted to veg out with mindless things. You know what I mean—the kind of thing you just don't have to put much intent or thought into. This was the result: a little shallow bowl in my guest bath with soaps in it. Now, these are not ordinary soaps; they are gift soaps with the most awesome scents you've ever smelled plus 2 gift soaps from my friend, Jenn. They are over a year old but still fragrance up that bath. Also, I thought the little bowl needed to be elevated to its regal position on a pedestal on the countertop. What think you, chicks?



  1. Just been catching up on a few of your posts.
    Love the way you have preesented these pretty soaps.
    Oh how I long for some 'mindless' play time. Somehow life keeps getting in the way

  2. It looks delightful. There is something so reviving about beautiful soap.

  3. Looking good Connie, smelling good Connie!!! Rachaelxo

  4. Just as pretty as can be Connie but you don't do anything that isn't pretty.

    Hugs and love, Tracy :)

  5. Very pretty--how did you do that? Is it a glass stem glued to the bowl?

  6. Very pretty Connie...
    Looks like you've been piddling again...
    I expect your lovely home is a dellight to the senses in every way, visual and scents.
    hugs, glenda

  7. Ya Did It Again! Great idea with the glass candle stick! Perfect way to show off that pretty bowl full of soaps! I wish I could veg-out with that much produce! LOL! Nice photos, too....Sue

  8. LOVE that bowl! So sweet!

  9. Yummy soaps and just the BEST....It's one of my favorite treats. I buy them at Marshalls or TJ's.......Love your dish...and yep, I agree...elevate 'em!


  10. I love that little bowl on the pedestal..I think that was the icing on the cake.;)

  11. Instant gratification projects don't get better than this! Very pretty.


  12. Wow, that sure is perdy!
    Connie, you are so talented!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  13. Oh my gosh...are those round soaps HAND PAINTED? Too pretty to use girl, I love the way you displayed them.

    I wanted to pop in thank you from the bottom of my heart for leaving an encouraging comment on my post for newbie bloggers. Even though I tried my best to help, I still think you are the Queen of tutorials!!! :)

  14. Hi Connie

    It's been awhile since I've visited, so I had a lot to catch-up on. I would love to have guest soaps, but my men always end up using them (we only have 1 bathroom). I love the dish you used to hold them - so pretty!


  15. Connie, for being mindless, it looks like you put a lot of thought into it! Sweet bowl!

  16. Hi Connie, that's what I did today. My cousin left this morning and I just did a bit of laundry and did nothing else. I needed to veg after the road trip to FL and then company. Twenty days of busy in a row. Whew, I deserved a break.

    I love the dish on the pedestal. That craft has been the most fun thing I have done in a long time. Quick and instant beautiful. I too love pretty soaps. My mom loved lemon soap to put in her underwear drawer. Funny, I would pick rose.

    It is way past bedtime.
    Goodnight my friend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  17. I love your pretty plate! Snow where are you? I am in flip flops! Well here is a warm hug. If you have time stop by
    I am giving away a free pretty teapot for the month of April! Hugs,

  18. What a sweet bowl! You certainly have an eye for making eye-pleasing arrangements.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  19. Connie, love the way you used old candlesticks to raise something to royality and romantic feeling. Thou shalt not steal, but I guess it's okay to borrow ideas. Really, I have some small saucers done with similar candlesticks and I make Hershey cakes with them. I lost my picture when my computer crashed and I am finding that the more I search for old pictures, I know where they went and you can't retrieve them from a digital camera after deleting them and our MSN group is gone, so I can't get them back from there either. Keep on crafting your beautiful items. Big Hugs, Pat

  20. What a beautiful compote you have there, sis!! Love all the pretty soaps, especially Jenn's hp ones! It is just heaven coming here and seeing your pretty roses and wonderful photography skills!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  21. I think pretty soaps are one of life's needs, don't you? I love that bowl and how you elevated it to one pretty compote!
    If your hyacinth is in a pot, it has finished it's cycle. Those bulbs have been forced to sell in stores. You need to continue to water lightly and let the leaves yellow.I plant mine outside in a space that I will remember where it is so I don't accidently dig it up. The leaves need to turn yellow (or to a light green) before you cut it back, so that the energy goes back into the bulb for next year. Leave it out over the Winter and it will bloom for many years to come. I hope this helps.

  22. Hi Connieness! Oh, I love your pretty bowl filled with soaps. Love how you've raised 'er up too! Is that a hand painted round bar of soap? It's so lovely.
    Oh, I'm thrilled for you about your baby coming! I know that little bundle will be spoiled rotten!
    Connie, I'm having my first blog party on May 7the and I hope you'll come. You can click on the button on my sidebar to find out about it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Hello,

    Happy Pink Saturday!! Lovely items. I just love the beautiful soaps. Thanks so much for sharing them with us and for hosting this delightful event. I am a new follower!!! Hope you have a chance to come say hello.


  24. I love that bowl. It is so beautiful. You almost don't want to put anything in it because it is so lovely.Hapyy Pink Saturday.


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