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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Visit to Seattle

While over visiting our granddaughter recently before the birth of our great granddaughter in May, we of course had to go to Paneras. I don't think they are all over the country but are definitely in the northwest. Anyway, we had soup and salad and then one of these beauties: cinnamon crunch bagel. Talk about gooooood!!! These huge bagels are fantastic. Of course, we had to have cream cheese with chives on it also. If you ever have a chance to eat one I'm warning you: they can be habit forming so be sure and buy some to take home. They are the best things to pass my lips in quite a long time. Yuuuuummmmm...

It was rainy and foggy, which is pretty much the norm in that part of the country, but it is still beautiful. I absolutely love Washington in the western part of the state. The eastern part is simply desert, but that is beautiful, too; I just prefer the coastal areas. This is outside her breakfast area.

This is the pond to the left of the patio dining area. They have grass in winter but not summer. The people let it die out in the summer. Weird. Just the opposite of us here in Idaho.


  1. we have to meet one day when you are here visiting..:) and that bagel does look yummy..:)

  2. aw, I was born in Seattle and lived there until I was 6. Was the mountain out when you went? ♥

  3. Bagels are unknown in France! But I've had some very good ones in Canada.

  4. I'll take one of them there bagels,to go with my coffee this morning...Hope you had a nice visit...her place looks beautiful.
    take care,

  5. We have Paneras here too. It is one of my favorite place to eat.

  6. I love Seattle and miss it but I don't miss the rain.

    Enjoy your time there.

    big hugs,

  7. I love Panera's, too, Connie, and that bagle looks fabulous. I'm thankful we have them here in Florida because I frequent them regularly. I love their chicken salad, their black bean soup, their cheddar and broccoli soup, and their salads. I used to love their breads and goodies, but I'm on restriction. :-/

    How odd that they let the grass die in the summer... does it have something to do with watering restrictions? I thought it rained a lot in the Pacifici Northwest. That's very interesting, Connie, and your grand's yard is lovely. I've never been, but I would love to go some day. I have been as far north on as San Francisco, and I understand the prettiest part of California is the northern section... maybe some day. But Oregon and Washington have always been on my radar! :-)



  8. Oh Good Morning Sweetie...
    Looks like you had a wonderful time, and things are so green and plus. I love the pond area, so beautiful. A place you could relax for sure. Thank you for sharing.

    Oh my you had me at cinnamon. Girl, I would so love to try one of those darn things. I love bagels and anything cinnamon. You just had to show it too. I bet you took a bag of them home with you, didn't you? Knowing you, there was probably a carry on full of them. Oh I am laughing at you. I am getting to know you so well sweetie.

    Have a beautiful day. Lots of love and Happy Valentine's Day sweetie. Love, Sherry

  9. No time to write anything ~ I'm off to Panera for one of those bagels - YUMMY!! P.S. Seriously - your husband let you paint some of your rooms Pink - really????!!!!

  10. funny....I don't imagine Washington state with desert.

    Her backyard is gorgeous! And talking about grass, would you believe I planted grass seed today on top of the snow. It was an experiment. Will let everyone know is it works later on in the Spring (if we ever see the Spring for the snow :)

  11. I've seen Bagels, but that one is Gorgeous, a little too far to drive . Sounds like Seattle is a fun place. Looks Beautiful.
    I just have seen some grass the big snow missed us in Maine.
    Thank you Lord!


  12. That looks yummy, Connie. We have a Panera here and I will have to try one of those bagels. I love Panera's soup, too.


  13. What a charming spot Connie! Butter up a bagel for me girl...Have fun!, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

    Fun catching up with you this evening!

  14. That bagel looks soooo goooood.....

  15. Hi Connie,
    That does look yummy! I love Seattle we were there last May.
    I wish I would have know about that bagel when I was there. I just have to go back for a visit and to eat a cinnamon crunch bagel with cream cheese.
    Take care and enjoy your valentine weekend.

  16. Hi Connie,
    Well I'm visiting just at bedtime and I sure wish somewhere in your title you would have stated that you were posting food, because now I have to go to the kitchen and settle this craving...thank you very much! lol The bagel looks delish!
    I love that part of Washington state too. So lush and green and full of trees.

  17. I grew up in the Seattle area -- and I don't recall the grass getting very dry.
    we didn't water. I'm sure some people do now??

  18. Hi Connie, yes, we do have a Paneras in Orlando, but not here in Franklin. No surprise here, we live in a small town. I love going there when we visit our daughter. Great food and salads.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  19. Such a pretty patio area! So glad you are home safe and so glad you all had such a good time visiting!

    Now, I'm hungry!!

    Angelic Accents

  20. hi Connie~thrilled to have you visit :) a train? really? well that is pretty cool, actually! (i would even like that~lol) does he have a model train or collect them?

    congrats on your new grand-daughter addition. i am sure you are just the best Nana!

  21. Never been to Seattle but we do have Panera bread. Yum!

  22. Hello sweet friend!

    Ya know..I have wanted to go to Panera for awhile..but noone ever wants to go with me. I am just too chicken to go in by That bagel looks like it might be worth it though..oh my goodness. I have been feeling alright..not 100%..but hey..I am still I won't complain. Beats the alternative. I have way too many other things to focus on than the yucky stuff, ya know? I have been thinking about you and was so happy to see your comment. Have a good weekend!

    Hugs ~ Angie

  23. Thanks for coming by, congratulations on your new Great Granddaughter. That bagel looks yummy! We have Paneras here in New England, I love their food, but I haven't tried the bagels. I need to do that. I've been to Seattle and Oregon and they have some of the most beautiful scenery of anywhere.

  24. Oh no! it is their quiches that are the best..and the fresh mozzarella salad..and the sundried tomato panini...and the..oh heck!
    Our Panera is 2 blocks away..can you tell?


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