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Thursday, November 12, 2009

White and Semi-White Bedrooms

Okay, I've started the process. I want more room for my photos to show larger and not have to be clickable. I'll be messing around with it throughout the day. I don't change the graphics on my blog for one reason only: I want instant recognition. A lot of bloggers change and that confuses me. (Okay, so I'm not as smart as some of you. I'll adjust to that!) We all do what we want and this is what I want so keeping the "recognizabililty" of it this will be better I believe. Of course, any comments are very welcome. Just don't open your front door if ya hear a knock, chicks!!! LOL Seriously, please let me know if something is amiss but give me a whole day to change things up and down on my sidebar.

Just so you know and won't be concerned or have to wonder about it. I'll be trying to change my blog template today. It might look a bit strange for a while but never fear as I'll have it up and running properly some time during the day. I hope!

Ummmmm, you really want to see my Pink Saturday post, chick! ;-)

White bedrooms are glamorous I believe. While I favor the color pink and a lot of colors actually, the whites still have a special place in my heart for their serenity.

White pillows with a buttery colored one for a bit of dramatic effect along with a white tea set, yellow roses and lots of lace. Yummmm!

Want a little "toile" with your wall? You have it here along with white bed linens and black iron headboard.

Although this is a sitting room off the master bedroom, I would love it for my living room. Elegant.

A very plain yet elegant bedroom in different shades of white.

White for the most part, this bedroom looks almost bright yellow from the sun dappling its rays through the window across from the bed. A beautiful high pale wood headboard—very oriental in its simplicity—on which to place one of those beautiful new victorian lamps. Lots of scrumptuous linens with vintage fringe on them. Antique stool and bedside table.

Absolutely stunning lace adorns this bed covering but with the whimsical chair rail wallpaper border it looks like what it is—a child's room. Isn't this darling with the soft canopy in shades of white and blue and the needlepoint pillow of a favorite puppy? And the chair holding flowers and a cup of tea acts as a side table. Beautiful.

Dramatic twig bed furnished with soft white Battenburg lace linens for the owner to snuggle into each night with a book, a soft feather comforter and a lacy shawl for the least of coverings on her body. Rustic but very dreamy and fashionable.

A pale golden yellow sleigh bed with a roses painting on its headboard and scrolling on the footboard. Lace curtains on the windows allowing just the right amount of light to filter through for a very romantic effect. Huge monogrammed pillows adorn this magnificent bed. Antique pictures on the wall and in the room acting as bedside tables. Pure luxury!

I'm grateful for computers which make our lives so much simpler. I truly believe they were an inspiration from God to help us discover ways to link up the countries with each other and help us to find our ancestors and to spread the Gospel. They were founded for good even though some people have certainly found a way to use them for evil.


  1. Good Morning Sweetie,
    You had me at the sled bed. I have always wanted one, and this one is just exquisite. It took my heart for sure. Loving the buttercup colors. So devine.

    I could also crawl right up into the toile overstuffed chair. It is oversized where you can draw your legs up, read a good book and dream for the afternoon.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. Loved it. Can't wait to see what you are changing. I so love being able to change the look each month or so. It is so much fun.

    Stop by and read my story today. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. Hi Connie,
    You changed your font! I'm so glad you finally did it. It looks wonderful on your blog. I wish I could get my photos bigger but I like my template, so I probably will leave well enough alone.

    I so enjoyed seeing all the bedroom photos. That sleigh bed is beautiful. Each room is serene and cozy - just like a bedroom should be.

    Have a wonderful day, Connie.


  3. Hi Connie, I am not one to change things and my blog no matter how boring will remain the same. First of all I like it and second of all I would have to ask Beverly to help me. She is my tech rep!!!

    I think your blog looks great but have fun with it and make yourself happy. I have to admit to loving the fall, spring, summer and winter look some of our blogging friends are able to achieve. I don't even know how to change my header. LOL. Most important, I don't care to chang my header. It is my mountain view and the rainbow is real. What more could I ask for.

    Your white and creamy whites are fun to see. I admire them but for me, I must have color.

    I visited your veterans post today in case you don;t check your previous posts. I have a darn cold and all I want to do is sleep. Kind of hard with a puppy in the house huh?

    Love and hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  4. hi connie!

    this post is so cozy and inviting! everything is beautiful and pretty.


  5. Hi Connie, we must be on the same wave-length.I've been wanting to change my blog some, but I'm scared to mess with it. I have also wanted to change my font to this. I see this font on a lot of the nordic blogs and love it. Do you care if I go for it too? BTW I love the changes so far.

  6. Mess'n with the blog layout? You must be crazy. lol Looks good, though, the same but better.

    I have white bedding, does that count for something?


    (no fun)

  7. I like the way all the pictures look and would love a sitting room like that one close by to curl up with a good book! Whites are so pretty, but with my hubby, well, dirt just seems to follow that fella!!
    Bye for now!

  8. Your new blog is great! OK I'm one of those who change my blog way~~~~ to often. You are blessed with so many talents with sewing and crafts, and little ole me I don't have any crafts that I do. So I like to spend my time making different background. I would rather be doing crafts or sewing, maybe someday. All of your beds are beautiful.I have to say I love the buttercup colers also.
    Have a great day,

  9. "Aaaahhhh!" Everything has been moved over to the right side of your blog. It's not supposed to be that way. LOL. I'm with you, Honey, I do better when the header or certain things stay the same. I get confused too. I too, would like my pictures to be bigg. Let me know how it goes. Love these gorgeous bedrooms and all the pretty things. Kathi

  10. Hi Connie....I love the soft comfy chair and the bed that was plainer than most....peaceful and cozy!

    I know your blog will just be scrumptious....did I spell that right? I have been trying to figure how I put pictures on the side, but with Add A Gadget I can't figure it out...I will keep playing with it as I have your tutorial printed and by my side. Wonderful that you took the time to do that. It is such a big help for a novice like me!!
    Cozy Hugs,

  11. Grinning from ear to ear over this post! Although I'm currently not being thankful in thinking computers make our lives my dear is it just ME...the clueless blogger behind the blog! If indeed you change your bloggie (lol...sos...please send a detailed how to...giggle)U wull always track you down...Your wit and humor make me smile! See you pink saturday....

  12. Such gorgeous bedrooms! I see many things in each room setting that I LOVE!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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