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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For My Heroes

One of the sweetest bloggers in Blogland is having a giveaway. You really do NOT want to miss this one. Not only is she a sweetheart but she is a fantastic artist! Yesssss, can you believe all those qualities in one fantastic chick??? Well, I'm here to tell you to hop on over to ShabbyArtBoutique and meet Kerry. Go on now, really fast. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

Much has been said and sung about our heroes fighting for us but on this special day I give tribute to my hubby, my father, my son, my brother-in-law and sisters-in-law for the service they have rendered to my country. God bless this country and he does bless this family. Thank all of you who have a loved one serving or has served in our great military. Give them a hug from this ol' lady. Freedom isn't free; they fight for our freedom!

I don't usually include video or music since it will usually mess up the blog but in this world today I felt this was somewhat important to recognize "my heroes" outside of Christ.


  1. Hi Connie. Your so sweet to share the giveaways you find. Thank you.

    You've been on my mind the last few days. Just wanted you to know. I've been really busy here but want you to know how much I love hearing from you. Hugs & More Hugs...Tracy

    P.S. Thank you and your family for sharing your loved ones to protect our beloved country.

  2. This song struck home Connie. Thanks for showing it to us again on one of my special days.
    My dad was in the war and lost both legs. I miss him so.
    Thanks for the 2 minutes of silence at 11:11. I will be silent... and that's a tough one for me lol
    For your heroes and mine.
    Love Claudie

  3. Oh, Connie, what a lovely post. TY for sharing. Please THANK your DH for his service for us, our protection & our country.

    Have a lovely day, my friend.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  4. I have two words -- just beautiful!

  5. Hi Connie,

    Yes, today is a day to be greatful for the men and women who have and are serving to keep this great country safe. I pray for them everyday. They are all heroes. If you see a soldier today - thank him/her.
    ~Debra The Capers of the Vintage Vixens

  6. Thank you for sharing this, Connie!

  7. Hi Connie..
    What a powerful and wonderful tribute to all of our heroes. Thank you so much for posting this.
    Thank you and your brave family for protecting our country and our freedoms.

    It is 11:10 as I type this...

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  8. What a wonderful post! How I wish my husband and other servicemen had been treated better when they were sent to war! I even wish my husband had lived to see how much better our servicemen are treated this time around! Mine was spit on when he arrived in San Francisco..and our family was treated terrible by was a nightmare that still haunts me!
    Thank GOD our attitude has changed toward our fighting men!
    Had just ONE person called them "hero's" back heart would have burst with it was...
    Thank you for this lovely post!!!

  9. P.S. I will understand if you don't print my comment! It was a long time ago and most have forgotten Viet Nam..and people don't like to be reminded of bad times.

  10. Oh, Connie, this was just wonderful! How sad that we can't stop for 2 minutes...people are too busy to think about what is important.

    I am so grateful to men like your many courageous men and women still believe in our country enough to sacrifice their time and sometimes their lives...that is true courage for a cause they believe in...freedom!

    Thanks for posting this greate's powerful!

    God bless,

  11. Beautiful post Connie. I am so grateful this day. Grateful for the brave.

  12. Hello Connie; Thank you for sharing that awsome video,,, My husband served during the last of Viet Nam war,,, My Dad served in WWII and Korea,, my brother, my nephew has done two tours in Iraq, and now next year will go to Afghanistan, I pray for his and all of our troops safety..


  13. Oh Connie....great video...Thank you for posting it.....Thank you to all of your family members who have served.

    Bless you sweet chickie...




  15. Wonderful tribute to our Heroes Connie! Thank you!
    God Bless all who have and are presently serving our country.

  16. Hi, Connie,
    Thank you for sharing about this giveaway. I am going over to visit in just a few minutes. Yes, thank you to your family and all of our wonderful veterans. I am the proud mom of two veterans. Did you go and get your free meal at Applebees? Love, Vicki

  17. Awww Connie... you make me blush. Thank you sweetie for sharing the news of my Giveaway and good luck to you too.

    I was at my local shopping centre yesterday (in Australia)when they announced at 11 am that we would be observing a minutes silence in remembrance. I couldn't believe it when people continued to walk around and talk. I was disgusted!!! I stood still with my head bowed in the middle of the walkway and I didn't care if this was inconvenient to those who didn't choose to respect our heroes. Thank you for your great post.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  18. Thank you Connie for sharing this post on this special day. For all those brave men and women, I am so thankful. Please give your Dear Hubby our thanks for his service.

    Love to you dear friend.
    Celestina Marie

  19. Connie, I didn't get to your post yesterday and today listening to that wonderful song I just had a good cry. So many heroes have fought for our country and never had a chance to be old. It just got to me my friend. Thank you to your loved ones who have fought for this country and to all the others who fought with them.

    Thank you for the giveaway heads up too.

    hugs, xoxo, Jeanne

  20. What a beautiful video and song~thank you so much for sharing it and for your family's service to our country.

  21. Beautiful song and video Connie. Kathi


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