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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Polka Dots Are Back for Pink Saturday 9/12/09

Welcome to Pink Saturday. To view all the participants, go visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and surf around. I promise you'll see lots of pink!

I've been asked to teach a class to a few women in my church ward on apron making on a "homemaking" saturday soon. I wondered why. I'm not especially into this activity but I figure it's "service" to teach them, but it's not so much "how" to sew—I'm assuming if they attend the class they should already know pretty much how to sew—but the "design" of aprons. Many you see can be boring. I don't do "boring" much; I like pizzazz much, much better!

So I've spent the last several days cutting out fabrics to form aprons. So far I've cut out 8 different aprons. I use several different kinds of fabric but they are usually (okay, always!) girly and froufrou-y and in colors I like because if I don't sell them, I keep them or give them away as presents or on my blog as "giveaways."

As you can see polka dot make up a few of them. I'm partial to polka dots, checks, stripes and roses fabric in them. For a couple of years now I've not been able to find much in the way of polka dots but this year there are a lot of them. I was so excited I bought yards and yards of red, black and pink polka dots. (I think I'm starting to sound like Lawrence Welk here. Polka?!) Anyway, here are a sampling of the ones I've cut out so far.

I absolutely love cutting them out; it's just relaxing to me to figure out which fabric goes with which other fabric.

Trims are another thing I do a lot of. I like "fluff and foof" in them. Ribbon roses, lace, little trims, buttons.

I do NOT use colors I don't like. Orange is my least favorite color. (Maybe that's why I'm not into fall colors much.) If I don't sell it then I get to keep them and I don't have orange in my house. Okay, okay, there might be a pumpkin or a blouse with a fragment of orange but that's it. And on some people it looks fabulous—NOT ME. Orange affects me negatively. Don't know why—just do not feel good around it.

The straps haven't been cut out yet and I usually use scraps for these so there may be 4 or 5 different kinds of fabric in one apron. One I made had 11 different kinds of fabric. I'll never part with that apron. I love it. Of course, when I die, my daughter will probably sell it on eBay for 1¢ with free shipping!

See that one in the middle? That top fabric is Paris Bebe and the bottom is an expensive "embroidered" silky type fabric. I think it'll be the most gorgeous one when they are all finished.

Some of these have the french look about them. Only one in the pile has the same fabric on top and bottom but the pockets will be different. I like to visualize as I go along after selecting the fabric.

But every single one of them, while pretty, is also functional. "Form follows function" in my book. They need to do the duty for which they were made and an apron by definition protects our clothing from spills and with that in mind, every single one of them is washable.

Oh, and there will be a giveaway with one of these being the prize. It'll happen soon. I'm almost at my 700th post and that will be the "giveaway post" so stay tuned to win one of them.


  1. L♥ve your pink goodies this week. Just when I think I have enough pink in my life I participate in Pink Saturday and see even more sweet things I'd enjoy having in my home.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Hoping your weekend is filled with sunshine and the comfort of those you love and who love you.

  2. Wow, those are going to be lovely aprons!! The fabrics are gorgeous, Connie!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Hi, Connie,
    I like the way your coordinated the fabrics. These are going to be really cute aprons. I am sure your church ladies will have a lot of fun making their aprons with you as their instructor. I am anxious to see a completed apron. Happy Pink Saturday! Vicki

  4. Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. Thanks for stopping by. I think Hugh is older than dirt too, but he sure added interest to my post today. I had such a fun time. I love these aprons so much. I am going to start going back to wearing one when I cook, or prep a meal, as I am always getting something on me. It never fails, and sometimes it doesn't want to come out. Thanks for sharing the aprons. I love the reds, yep definitely the reds. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  5. Almost 700 posts! I have a LONG way to go before I reach that figure...
    The aprons looks gorgeous
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  6. I adore the one with the lacy bottom, the one with the roses top?? Romantic and frou frou just like me, lol.

    I like them all to be honest but THAT one, OH LALA!!

  7. Hi Connie I love your apron fabrics. So you cut out the aprons for the ladies to sew together? Or those the the pieces they will cut from? That is a wonderful ministry. Thanks for the previous tutorial on the other post. I checked it over to see if I have it right. I did To tell the truth today. Hop over and see if you can guess what I DIDN'T do.

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!

    These aprons look already fabulous, I can't wait to see them finished!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Lucky me to be the first poster today. Love all those fabrics for your apron. I used to wear aprons all the time but have not in the past. I have a wonderful apron book has many vintage aprons in it. Our little stitch group loved the book we all had to have one. I love Polka Dots too. Hope I win your giveaway LOL. no pressure. Have a happy day.

  10. Good morning Connie. I am soooo impressed with your sewing project. The aprons are all so pretty. Girly is what I love too. The ladies in your church should be thrilled with your clever designs. I sure am!

    Thanks for your visit on 9/11. The saddest day in America for a long time. I guess Pearl Harbor would be before this. That is a declaration of War in both cases in my way of thinking. I hate war though. On to happier subjects.

    I am having a giveaway, so come over. I am so delighted you will have one too. 700 posts. WOW!

    Hugs, Jeanne

  11. I know that one blogger (BJ) would like that black, red, and white apron. Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. Good morning Connie!
    How wonderful to be teaching apron making to church ladies. I would love to be in the class. And you would have a give-away. And it would be the Paris Bebe apron...AND I would be the winner!!!
    I appreciate the very nice comment you left at Blue Creek Home.
    I've got to go now, I have some reading to do at Living Beautifully!

  13. Connie they are just beautiful! I love the one with the red and top and the fluffies on the bottom.
    Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  14. Happy PINK Saturday Connie
    Your aprons are going to be gorgous. You are so very good at putting all those colours together...I'm not so good at that. It looks and sounds effortless to you.

    AND you are going to teach it...that sounds like fun. I can't wait to read about that.

    AND you are coming up to 700th post....and a giveaway.
    So much going on your way...
    have a wonderful weekend!

  15. What beautiful fabrics. They'll make terrific aprons. I wish I could sit through your class to see how you fashion them. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  16. Mornin' my sweet friend,

    Just wanted to stop in a say hello.
    Connie you are such a sweet lady and good friend. Thank you always being such an encouragement and a blessing to me.
    Just wanted to let you know things are gong well. I'm over my rant from the other day...LOL, and now on to a fabulous time with my hubby and the fish...hehe.

    I'll be taking pics and I will post them in a few days.

    I hope your weekend is equally wonderful.

    Love & Prayers,

  17. beautiful fabrics happy pink saturday

  18. Great fabrics! Are you going to take a picture of the finished aprons on their owners for us to admire?
    I don't like orange either and while I love the Fall colors of nature, I don't like Fall. I know what will soon be coming.....SNOW! Then I go into a waiting for Spring mode!

  19. Hi Sweet Connie!

    I'm right there with you...roses, checks, stripes and POLKA DOTS!...I think they're HAPPY...and all wrapped into one? Could it possibly get any better? :-) Yours are darling...please show them to us when you've got them all whipped up. I can't wait to see. Aren't you thrilled aprons are "happenin'" again?

    Big hugs!

  20. That sounds like fun going to a class where you are teaching how to make aprons! Too bad I live so far away that I can't attend! Sigh..... Those ladies are going to go crazy over your fabric choices for the aprons they are going to make. I hope they don't get into a fight over them! lol

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. Oooh, LOVE these! You and I do think along the same lines becasue I love all your fabrics and combinations:>) Can we see them when they're done?

  22. The aprons look just lovely! I have to say my favorite is the black with pink roses on top and black polka dots on bottom! And the one with the lacey bottom! And the one with the....
    Oh!! I love all of them!
    happy Pink Saturday!
    Mary :)

  23. Happy Saturday Pinkie!!
    It is funny how color can affect us, isn't it? I love your fabrics. Looks like we have similar taste.
    ♥ Rebecca

  24. I LOVE polka dots. I'm always drawn to clothing with polka dots.

  25. I love all your fabric! I have always wanted to learn how to sew but sadly I havne't yet. Have a wonderful day!

  26. Oh Connie, you hit the nail on the head with these babies!! I LOVE polka dots..they are my favorite and my favorite apron is the last photo with the black and white gingham..little red rickrack and the rooster print on bottom...oh but I love them all...have a wonderful weekend..our ward at church is being split so going to conference to find out..there are about 8 familys in my area that are going to a new ward..not looking forward to it ..but trying to be positive..;)

  27. Happy PInk Saturday Miss Connie.
    Wow, you have been busy! The fabrics and combinations are wonderful! Can't wait to see them finished.

  28. WOW...that's a lot of apron love. The fabrics are awesome!! I have to make my first apron for a Spooky swap and yours gave me a lot of inspiration!! Thank you!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!! xOxO Nerina :)

  29. Wow, these are lovely!!!! You are so talented!

  30. you've got a good "eye" for patterns that give interest. sweet!

  31. Ummm...I love all these, Connie. You are going to have so much fun teaching this class...the ladies are gonna love it, too!!

  32. Hi Connie
    I love polka dots too!! The combinations you chose for the aprons are great. Whoever wins oyur giveaway will be one lucky person.
    ((hugs)) Rhondo

  33. Hi Connie! my oh my! the aprons are going to be so gorgeous!are these the aprons for your ward to make? what lucky ladies you have in your ward. maybe they signed up for the class because you are so generous?!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  34. those are beuatiful fabrics! And the aprons look so pretty.

  35. Hey Connie; Happy Pink Saturday;;;;
    Wow congrats on your up coming 700th post,, that is really alot of typing...and since I have been blogging and a follower of yours I have enjoyed every one... And your Aprons are going to be gorgeous,, love all the different fabrics you are using... Now I know you will be taking photos of each step.... right???? lol have a great weekend..


  36. Awesome aprons! Have a wonderful pink Saturday!
    Please stop by for a visit.

  37. I love polka dots too. I really like all your combinations. I hope you post photos of the finished aprons - good luck with your project and Happy Pink Saturday.

  38. 700th post!!!!! WOW! That's amazing. And so are the aprons. I DO want to come back and try and win one. They are darling. I'll really wear it, too! :0)

    Stop by...I'm having a giveaway for PS on Bella Rosa!

  39. hi connie!

    look at these adorable fabrics and combos! they will make fabulous aprons for sure.

    not a fan of orange, eh? try pairing it with aqua. ooh la la!

    happy pink polka dot saturday!

  40. Hello Connie, Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your pretty pinks this week! What a beautiful collection of fabrics! I also enjoyed your previous posts on lace.
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  41. Hi Connie,I can see that I would love them all...LOL.You do have good eye. Can't wait to see them put together.
    In the mean time,I am having a givaway myself.So please stop by.XXOO Marie Antionette

  42. Well Connie, I would say that the women you will be teaching will be lucky to learn from you. Everyone will b cooking in style for sure.
    I love all the cominations here. I'm with you on the dots, girl.

  43. Happy Pink Saturday! I have always wanted to learn how to make aprons. I am a very beginner sewer though. Thank you so much for your support for my soldier Son, it means alot!

  44. Hey sweet thing!
    I had to pop over here this evening and post a quick comment. I noticed that you found your way over to my DIL Karrie@ Stay@homemommy. That handsome husband of hers is my younger son. (Not the one that had the pink party in August). My youngest child. His birthday will be coming in January. He watches what he says, as he doesn't want a pink shirt. I just had to share with you, as that is my #6 and #7th grandchildren. Destyne and Kain. You will enjoy her blogging too. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

  45. Connie, I love love your fabric co-ordination, your aprons are going to look fabulous, I also noticed polka dots went out of vogue there for a few years, glad to see ther're reappearing, I must say I have a bit of a fetish for them myself - always have

    looking forward to seeing some photos of your class

  46. If I were in your ward I'd certainly be taking your class! I love aprons and these look fun!
    I'm teaching my jean skirt tutorial next week in our ward. Have fun and I know they'll love it!

    Cathy ♥

  47. The fabrics are gorgeous and I love polka dots !!

    Love from the Netherlands , RINI

  48. Oh how much do I love those gorgeous fabrics. I can just see you mixing and matching to put together the perfect pairings. You are going to have some beautiful aprons when you are finished. Hope you enjoyed your pink Saturday.
    ♥, Susan

  49. Hey Connie

    Wow, the fabric is wonderful. What a girl wouldn't give to own one of them!!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Talk Soon

  50. Happy Pink Sat Connie,I love the aprons.I like the one with red and the roses and the bottom is a solid ivory.That one will be so pretty.I love the one you made for Mom too.Hugs,Jen

  51. Connie,

    Love all the fabulous fabrics you have put together. You sure do put a lot of thought into it and I am sure that makes for a wonderful creation! I AM going to learn to sew. I think I am young enough and ready ;-). Yeah right!! On both counts!

    You inspire me!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!


  52. Happy Pink Saturday late, Connie. What gorgeous fabrics. Oh they will make the most perfect aprons. I love them all.


  53. Hi Connie, I just stopped in to thank you for sharing your thoughts on prayer. With the 9/11 anniversary, prayer has been on my heart and mind. I decided to post about it.

    Blessings to you and your family...Jeanne

  54. Isn't it the best fun to put different fabrics together to make something pretty? These are going to be so gorgeous, I can't wait to see them finished!


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