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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I'm Working On

I can't find any picture mats at a reasonable price so I've decided to use some old ones I had in colors I don't use any more and paint them. Soooooo this is what I'm doing today.

The "artist's" work desk. ;-)

The mats that used to be dark brown and beige are now a caribbean blue and a leaf green. Shopped my house and no money spent! My kinda deal, chicks.

Random Thought:

Do not go lightly into the night; tromp on its b*tt!


  1. That's a good idea Connie..and no money spent either!

  2. Great idea Connie.
    They will look wonderful in their frames, are you changing your frame colors too

  3. I would love to have the dress form in your other post too. I have been looking for one. Checked on ebay and they are outta sight. Neat idea with the mats. I agree I can't find the colors I wanted either. You are idea queen. Blessings

  4. SPLENDID money saving idea...Connie....gotta remember that one..

  5. Love the color choices. Much more cheery than the brown and the beige. Although it depends on the photo and the frame as well. A fun little craft to do. And like you said, it was free. And that is a plus.

  6. I love it when you can create new stuff out of things you already have!

  7. A really good idea, especially since you know the mats will already fit your pictures!

  8. Hey Connie;;;; Oh you are my most fun blogger..... I love your random thought,,, made me giggle... And what a great idea for repainting your old matt's .. I love the colors, what are you going to use them for.. please don't forget to show us...


  9. Neat idea! I'm going to try it.

  10. Hi, Connie,
    That is a great idea! I would never have thought of it. Hope you are having a good week. Vicki

  11. Hi Connie, great idea and I love, love that lil comment you put at the end...I think I will use that too :) Rose

  12. Wow, first of all I have been gone to work on my home redecorate but feel like I can jump back into the bloggy pool now because I have so missed it.

    Second, how brilliant to paint the mats and I can apply this immediately to a stitchery I have, thanks so much.

    Third, I love that sink at Ardmore, that is so neat.

    The Raggedy Girl

  13. That shade of blue is so pretty. I love your idea of painting the mats. I also recovered one once with some old wrapping paper. I could see some pretty rose paper fitting in perfectly in your home!

    Hugs ~ Angie

  14. Great idea. Such pretty colors. I think we all have a lot of items that we can repurpose, if we just take the time to look around, (and think!).


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