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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lessons I've Learned in Life

Do you remember when you were young and your mom or dad told you that you couldn't have another piece of watermelon? And you had to eat it right down to the white part! Do those lessons not stick with you to this very day? Mine did until a few years ago. Then I got to thinkin' about that—which is pretty dangerous if you ask hubs or any friend from my ebay group. But I did—think that is. Why did they say those things? My mom also told me I could only have one candy bar. Why? We went to the dentist regularly so there wasn't much chance of all my teeth falling out from rotting.

So now that I'm in my 7th decade of life I've been thinking on it. (Actually, I've thought about it all those years but just the last 10 or 15 I've seriously wondered what was the matter with having 2 candy bars if I wanted them. Or to just cut a watermelon into quarters and have at it, just eating the heart out of it.

Well, I've been set free, chicks!!! Yeeeesssss, I cut it into quarters and ate a one quarter of the melon but I did eat right down to the white part because I wanted ALL of it. I am also wondering why in the world this was labeled a "seedless" watermelon.

Excuse me while I find 2 candy bars..........


  1. too funny..I was told if I ate the seeds that watermelons would grow out my ears..pass me a candy bar..:)

  2. Oh, that looks so refreshing, Connie!

  3. I just love you !!!LOL!! your post had me laughing my HEART out!!! that last part about the seeds,I too wonder why they call it a seedless watermelon???? I eat two candy bars sometimes and I go to the dentist on a regular basis too but I do know why mom always told me to eat just's those darn love handles that follow behind me!!!! Have a great day and thank you for such sweet comments you left me too!! Hugs, Jennifer

  4. Well I couldn't agree more! A girl deserves 2 candy bars now and then ;) Okay....I ate two dark chocolate bars last night right before bed. I feel SO much better about that now ;)


  5. Hi Connie~ I always get a chuckle out of your posts! You funny girl. Hope you are doing well!! I am trying to get caught up on my blog reading....there just aren't enough hours in a day for me lately. :)

  6. Too Funny!!! I was told the seeds would start growing in my tummy if I swallowed them - of course I had several pregnant aunts that father would point to when he said this. It sure scared me! I would much rather have the melon with seeds, at least I can spit those out - can't do a thing with those white seeds.

  7. Hey there Connie, this is too funny. Let me know if you find those candy bars. That sounds really good.
    Stacey Smek

  8. This had me chuckling. My dad used to tell me that if I swallowed the seeds that I would grow watermelons inside of me. I didn't eat too much watermelon growing up....I wonder if that's why.

    BTW, I never would have thought you were in your 7th decade. You seem much younger. One of my best friends just turned 70 in July.

  9. I think many of the rules come from trying to save money and use everything up. If you ate only the heart of the melon and left alot on there....if you didnt grow it yourself and paid for it, money is wasted. So I think thats why we all went thru those kind of rules. And I think in this day and age with the economy hurting we will be hearing more of it for sure. But honestly now and then having exactly what you want, cant hurt. Everything in moderation.....including gluttony lol :)

  10. Hi, Connie,
    I don't remember if my mom said I could only have one piece, but I do remember I ate my piece right down to the rind, too. Like you, now when I buy a watermelon, I eat as much as I want and yes, right down to the rind, can't miss one little bite of that delicious melon. Now, my mom was a chocaholic
    just like me. So. . .when we bought candy bars, we usually ate at least 2 a piece and maybe 3. Come visit me at Bunny Cottage. Sending happy wishes your way. Vicki

  11. This made me realize that I haven't had watermelon at all this summer!

  12. Lots of food for thought around here. (giggle)

    Around my childhood home we could never have two pieces of meat, according to my mother, or risk bad dreams at night. Hmmmm . . . recently she told us that she was told this by her mom (they were REALLY poor when she was growing up) and she believed it up until a few years ago. YIKES! I never believed it . . . I knew we were just too poor for more than one piece of meat per meal.

    My kids eat chocolate every day (dark and delicious kind of course) and can eat as much watermelon as they like (even the white -- though the chickens really like that part). I did tell them that donuts make your heart explode . . . they didn't believe me for a second (they saw the smirk) but since they never had a donut at home they never developed taste buds for them.

    Now I'M off to find two dark-delicious-loaded-with-anti-oxidants candy bars. I'm just trying to stay healthy! ; D

  13. Hey Connie; Your Mom sounded just like my Mom.. When Halloween came around she went threw our bags and took out all the gum, we never were able to have gum... live is to short to not give in sometimes,, so I am with you Chickie... now I will go and buy me a water melon and some candy bars..... lol have a great Fri. thank you for the sweet comment....


  14. I love watermelon and I eat until I'm full. (maybe to full).

  15. Fun entry today Connie! 2 Candy bars especially if they are dark Chocolate! Though I do love Heath bars...then there is Snickers- and Zero bars- heard of them I love those bars! Gosh maybe it will have to be 4 instead of just 2!!!


  16. Hi my sweet funny sis!! That watermelon sure looks yummy on that pink plate! Mom sends her love!!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  17. Hi Connie, Bobby G is so into watermelon. He loves the stuff and just stands over the sink eating it like crazy. And yep, there's seeds in them there seedless watermelons. :) xo Lynn

  18. You go girl!!!!
    It's nice to find out that there aren't any REAL "food police" hiding in our cupboards, after all....LOL

  19. Nothing is better than a perfectly ripe watermelon!!

    I think it's funny that these little melons are called "personal watermelons" in my local grocery store.

    LOL! Remember when watermelons were huge?

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  20. Yes dear Connie, you are free! Two candy bars are better then one!

  21. mine told me that because I was one of 8 kids -- and we had to make sure there was enough for everybody...and we couldn't afford two bars for all of us.

    Now I wish that I'd kept up eating less. I don't like being overweight.

    Can't even blame my mom. She told me don't take seconds.

  22. What a great post, Connie! I love it!!


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