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Friday, August 7, 2009

New Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important to me. I am rarely without them. If I go to the mailbox I have my sunglasses on. Photosensitivity affects more green-eyed people than other colors—and I have green eyes—, brown being the least sensitive and blue being medium, depending on the person, of course. But I can hardly open my eyes in sunlight, so they are constantly with me.

Recently one of the ear pieces broke and I rushed to the optometrist and they repaired it but it freaked me out a little bit thinking I could have been without glasses for a period of time so I purchased another pair recently. I don't buy the prescription ones anymore because my vision has improved and don't particularly need them to drive so I just purchase a decent pair. I like the ones that are big, not because of the fashion trends because I've worn BIG glasses since the 70s. I like them big to cover as much of my line of vision as possible. When you live in the desert and travel back to California a couple of times a year and drive through the Oregon, Nevada, California and Idaho deserts you NEED strong sunglasses.

This is the old pair of the very dark glasses I used for sailing. T
he ear pieces are so stretched out that they will hardly stay on, but they are very dark for sailing—which I don't do anymore since we're not on the California coast, but they'll do in a pinch. The very dark ones are very hard to find anymore also.

This is the pair I bought a couple of months ago.

This is the new extra pair I bought at Costco, which I believe are better than the expensive top designer ones at Macy's and cost far less.

When I went to pay for them he brought out this "designer" case and the pink cloth for cleaning them. I knew right then I had the right pair, chicks!! LOL

And read the "fairy tale" on the cleaning cloth. Darling! It says "Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Pacoima there were two nice girls who liked stuff. Juicy Couture swept the land and they lived happily ever after". Pacoima is in southern California.

I feel like Marilyn Monroe now. :-) <-----------Me, smiling at ya.


  1. I love pink! I have three pair of pink sunglasses -- essentials, as you noted, here in sunny California (I'm in the Northern part).

    As a newbie to this site I must speak up and say:
    I TOTALLY AGREE with you that stay-at-home wife/mother/writer/artist/chef/gardener/renaissance women are the happiest in the world. (I am an unbiased stay-at-home chick who found delight after a mere handful of years working after college. It failed to delight me . . . so I quit! Ha!)

    ; D

  2. I've got green eyes too and I know the sun can really play a number on me. I was at my boys' swimming lessons yesterday, forgot my sunglasses and could barely open my eyes due to the glare and brightness. Ugh!
    Loving that pink case!
    Hope all is well with you and yours. I'm out and about still trying to catch up. I've missed a whole lot I see. Time to check out your laundry room :0)

  3. I need to buy more sunglasses. I only have one pair and they aren't very cool!

  4. AAAHHH I love LOVE the case and the cleaning cloth. OH the glasses are cute too loo. But the case ♥♥

  5. Connie... with that pink case it was meant to be. I like the shape of them too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  6. I'm with you, girl. I have green eyes and never knew why I was so sensitive to sunlight. I have so many pairs of sunglasses because I can't open my eyes when I go outside. I even bought the new "reader" sunglasses. Mine are ugly, they wrap around the sides of the face but they work the best.

  7. Love the pink glasses case connie.I have to wear glasses all the time so I have my sun glasses in with my eye glasses they go real dark in the sun.

    The lemonade looks realy good too.


  8. you are so funny..but you hit the nail on the head with the pink case..they seen you comin the glasses too..:)

  9. Hi Connie! I just went through all the posts that I hadn't seen of yours....Wow! you have been one busy bee! I love the message board, that would go nice in my laundry room with a little wall decor movement...I love the pink star with the rose on it, that came out so beautiful and I like where you hung it too...I also saw the lemons and your right meyer lemons are the best, I use them in lemonade and for a lemon filling too... I like your sunglasses with the pink case but today I wouldn't be able to borrow them because a storm is headed our way...Darn ; ) I better go and get more stuff done or I'm never going to have time to do anything fun...Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Jennifer

  10. Connie...YOU CRACK ME UP! I was on the floor over your comment on my post and then I came here and continued to laugh hysterically.

    (BTWay...I get stuff, let it hang around a bit, and then say...
    Oh that old thing! I had it forever." Works most all the time!


  11. That was a neat post. I love the Costco, or what ever, ones. I can't believe that cute little case. Never saw one that cute either. Maybe they just know you are the Pink Queen.

  12. Glad you liked my MWO entry, and I inspired you! Can't wait to see what YOU do with a cigar box!!
    Love the sun-glasses and laughed out loud with the little "Pacoima" story. Years ago we lived in Panorama City, near's not a very pleasant place to live.
    But I guess Dreams Come True even in Pacoima!! LOL!
    Blessings and hugs,

  13. A Juicy Couture sunglass case?!!! And it's pink?!!!! You are one lucky gal!!! Rachel would LOVE something like that. She loves Juicy! You got the deal of the century Connie!!! Enjoy!

  14. Hey, Connie,
    I was just thinking as I saw the last pair of sunglasses that they would look like a pair Marilyn would wear. The pink case and cloth just finished it all off. Have fun on your trip to Seattle. Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit. Vicki

  15. Now dont you feel so snazzie??

    My sun glasses are my favorite accessory... however the most often lost.

    Heck one time i went to buy a pair and the clerk asked me if i was getting ones i liked before -- she pointed to the top of my head, where sat perched MY SUNGLASSES i thought i had lost. *sigh*

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  16. Hi Connie,
    I never wear sun glasses, but know that I should. My eye doc is always after me to wear them. I'm more light sensitive in snow than in just sunshine in summer. I didn't know that about green eyes. I love learning new things!

  17. Adorable, chickie!! These are so cute I just can't stand it!!! Now have Love Bunny buy you a pink convertible!!!!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  18. Lovely! My eyes are very sensitive and one of them waters easily, (I had cancer under one and had to have pastic surgery to reconstruct the area under my eye). Never without sunglasses! Love your eyeglass case!


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