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Friday, June 12, 2009

Vintage Wedding Gowns, Wallpaper and Hats

Two vintage wedding gowns were displayed in the master bedroom along with parts of the trousseau. These women must have been tiny and short because these gowns are very petite. I felt like an Amazon beside them and I'm 5' 4 3/4". Those shoes looked like children's shoes.

Original roses wallpaper adorns the walls in there. It would be absolutely something we would lust for today. Gorgeous.

Part of the bridal wear.

Lace curtains original to the home. Exquisite!

More original wallpaper. I just had to get pix of it because I know how hard it is to get vintage wallpaper today and a lot of crafters pay dear for it.

Looks like craftsman-type on this piece.

Just like toile we would use today.

Yes, this is a hat original to that era belonging to one of the women in the home.

Red velvet sofa holding bridal items and a antimacassar.


  1. I really love that second dress!

  2. Loved your blog today. After 50 years I don't have my wedding dress, but I have my white negligee and gown I had planned to wear on my wedding night. er I never put it on. It is about 6 inches wide and has turned a little beige. I am looking for a mannequin to display it in my bedroom. I love the wallpaper also. Thanks for all the pretties.

  3. Wow those dresses were stunning... Loved this post today.. Thanks for showing us such lovliness...


  4. The first wallpaper is gorgeous!!!


  5. Where was this again. I need to mark it on the 'places I want to visit' list.

    It's absolutely beautiful. Love the vintage wallpapers, the curtains, and the lace hat.


  6. Popped in from Bobbi Jo's to say hi! I've seen you around a lot and never visited!

  7. Hi Connie, What great pictures.....The wedding dresses are beautiful and I like the sofa too. Very neat, have a nice weekend. Hugs, Jennifer

  8. Oh.....sigh.......

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  9. Those dresses are amazing - the 2nd one is so classic, you could wear it today! Love the wallpapers: toile de jouy never changes, it's amazing really.


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