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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roses of Summer and Weeding

One saturday recently I decided to go out and tend my rose garden. I had bought some more hostas to plant under my office window because I love them so much. I think of them as elegance for my small garden.

Porch garden will be getting an update soon with weed fabric and some stones instead of bark. The desert wind blows them all over and when it rains they wash out. So we have a lawn care company coming soon to refurbish a few areas in front and some out back.

Under my office/computer room window. I planted the one in front that day and the green upright at the top of photo is a gift from a neighbor so it will remain. It's a very fragrant lily. The green shrubs will go.

I deadheaded today. I had 2 five gallon buckets of roses—all very beautiful and fragrant. I smelled every single bush I cut!

I think they make a beautiful photo. This garden is a mound in the middle of yard and will be refurbished also.

Another shot of my roses. Sob.......... I hate to cut them to throw away.

Front of office with the little window seat above the rock. Another hydrangea is peeking through the left top of the right hand shrub. And if you got that you're savvy! LOL

Okay, have I bored you to tears yet with this post of shrubs and flowers? I'm keeping that tall bush on the corner of the house because of its heights and lushness. It's not especially pretty but I need something there and it IS there.

I'm so proud of this photo I could just spit. I wanted a very close up picture of this rose. My camera is loved by me even more each time I use it and strive for "perfection"!

Same rose, farther shot.

More roses. The garden is certainly looking trashy now but you just wait. :-)

Pink petal path.

Other side of that small garden. I wish I knew someone getting married today; I'd donate the roses and petals to them to strew about the yard.

I may cry at the waste of all those gorgeous roses.

Yes, they are as gorgeous as they look and smell divine, chicks!

A perfect white rose in the garden.

Pink beauty sighing its last gasp. Pretty, even with the spots acknowledging its demise.

Another rose of a very soft pink and yellow saying its farewell in a couple of days.

This is my all-time favorite rose in the garden. Pink, of course.
Oooooh, if anyone wants to use these photos you certainly may use them for anything you might need, but I would appreciate a link back to my blog for it. It's fun and nice to share and I do this when I can also. I love finding new bloggers and appreciate each and everyone who visits me. Thank you.

Until next time. Au revoir.

Random Thought:

When trimming the roses this day hubby told me I wasn't doing it properly and should just cut the buds. He took over from there and will probably not allow me to do it again. Am I smart or what?!?! Hmmmm??? Truly? I didn't even think about it while I was doing it, but it worked out well for me, huh? :-)


  1. These are gorgeous! I love beautiful, full roses.

  2. oh WOW!!!! Connie.. huneybun I am coming to your home!!!! hehehehe.. look at your roses! I am falling in love with your roses.. sooooo beautiful!

    wishing you a great day!

  3. Good morning girl, when I trimmed my rose I took all the heads and floated them in a punch bowl with water. That kept them a few days longer. I love blogs about gardens.
    Blessings to you today.

  4. Oh, they're so pretty. Sad that you have to take them all off, or as you've skillfully delegated that particular chore! lol Should I dead-head my little red rose now that it's fully bloosomed?

    Great rose pic! So soft and delicate that I can almost smell them from here.


  5. You have a very nice yard, no,no,no NOT boring at all. Your roses are gorgeous!!! I had a rose bush but it never looked that good so we ended up giving it to a neighbor and boy did it look beautiful then. I can't wait to see when you have finished the changes. have a nice day! hugs, Jennifer

  6. Hey Connie!

    Beautiful roses! You took some great pictures of them!!!

    You did good girl!!! That is why I don't have to cut the grass!!! hehehe My husband doesn't like it that it takes me longer plus I like to make circles with it in our yard! hehehe He will only let me cut the yard once a year if that. He actually parked our mower so I couldn't get it out because I cut the grass one time when he wasn't home and he just thinks that is a mans job!!! Yippee!!


  7. They are beautiful...please come and work in my yard....

    Have a great weekend...

  8. you could strew them out on your bed, light some candles...need I say more..;)

  9. Hey there Connie; Oh what lovely roses, even the ones that are at the end of their life. The photos you took are so amazing, how perfect is a Rose, and with the dew on them ahhhhh sigh..... just lovely... Your garden and yard is so pretty, I want to see more................


  10. Your pictures of the roses are stunning! I am laughing about your husband. I've had similar experiences and wondered if I could intentionally duplicate them to get him to do more! laurie

  11. OH my goodness! Such loveliness!
    Wish I had some roses! I did buy three small red carpet rose plants. The soil is so hard here I can't even dig a hole to plant them in! Talk about frustration!
    It's raining here tonight, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get a shovel in?!
    Love that close-up photo! You go girl!!

  12. Connie what gorgeous roses! I just got 8 David Austin roses in the mail yesterday and hope to get them planted tomorrow!!



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