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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Restaurant "Attire"..........

I don't know about the rest of civilization but when I dine out I invariably drop something on my "chest." It doesn't even make it to my lap; it just drops on the "chest"! This has enriched the dry cleaners in my town, even if they only charge $2.00 for a jacket, so I lamented to Love Bunny and he suggested that I needed to make a bib. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "I'm tired of getting food blobs on my jackets and shirts when dining out. I'm tired of olive oil from the salad dripping on my chest." (I do have to admit here that I take extra caution in eating because I have a very small mouth and restaurants invariably DO NOT cut the salad greens small.)

LB: "Maybe you could make a nice bib."

Me: "Sounds like a good idea."

LB: "Why don't you make one out of some white fabric."

Me, giving him a look of incredulity: "Huh?!?! White?!?!"

LB: "Oh, or you could do it in pink." (Has the man not been married to me for 48 years and has he been in a stupor for 48 years?!?! DUH!!!)

Okay, so I'm in the middle of making a very, very special "something" right now and it's taking me a lot of time and thought (this last part is not easy, ya know) and I drop everything and cut out a little rectangle of a quilted roses fabric and sew on some scrap of lace around the neck and then 2 ribbon ties. VoilĂ , my new restaurant BIB! You can now call me "The shabby chic diner"! Olive Garden, here I come........

Random Thought

I was reading a mystery book the other day and the relatives and friends of the "person of interest" kept saying that he couldn't have done it because he was an artist, a gentle soul and just couldn't have done something bad. Why do we always think an artist or gentle soul can't do something bad? I know manly men who are gentle souls and have never done anything "bad." Anyone and I mean anyone under certain circumstances can absolutely do something evil or bad. And, by the way, he was guilty.


  1. LOL I have the same problem! My boyfriend just rolls his eyes and says of course you spilled something else on you! It usually happens to me when I am on my lunch break from work. Since I'm interacting with patients all day I can't leave the stain blaring out, but I usually don't have time to run home and change. So I go buy a new shirt! When I'm eating I'm too self conscious to put a napkin tucked in the top of my shirt or anything though. But it really happens every single time I eat! Ugh :( I really need a bib too LOL.

    All the best,

  2. Oh, your bib is soooo cute! My food always ends up in my lap, because I have nothing about there to catch it! My problem would be remembering to take the bib to the restaurant with me. I'm cold nature and always intend to take a sweater when I go out to eat, but I usually forget it. laurie

  3. You need to make more and sell them in your shop. This is a wonderful idea. One time at a Chinese restaurant it looked like I had filtered my food through my blouse. I would buy a bib and proudly wear it.
    Great idea.

    From Roberta Anne- The Raggedy Girl

  4. The bib is a great's pretty too! Hugs, Jennifer

  5. Oh Connie! Love your new bib! I need to make myself one! lol I use a dish cloth when I eat at home. lol The majority of my shirts have some kind of a pattern and different colors on them to help me hide all of my stains. When you have little ones pattern shirts are a must! But the funny thing is that now the stains are my fault! hehehe
    My husband worked with a man who would tuck his napkin into his dress shirt to keep his tie clean. The first time I ate with him I thought he was just joking around, but he wasn't. haha

  6. Oh, how I wish that something... anything...would land on my "chest" instead of my lap!


  7. You silly goose you. I have the very same problem! try as I might, even when I use the napkin all pulled up ON me, I will get something doen the front of my shirt/blouse/dress/T-shirt.
    That bib is adorable! I wish bibs would become mandatory in all restaurants!

    Sue, who is still keeping all of you in prayer

  8. Hi, just came across your blog and had to laugh at this familiar problem. I solve it by wearing scarves. After lunch I take it off and tie it around my purse strap for the rest of the day.


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