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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pink and Pretty High Heel Shoes

Just some more eye candy while we're vacationing back in California. I plan on adapting some of the "toes" of these shoes into clip-ons for some of my shoes.

Now, who in the world would have pink skulls on their feet??! Pretty shoes, but SKULLS?!?! *Sigh*.............

Lime and salmon? Pretty though.

I'll make some clips out of fabric to imitate these shoes here. If I had access to pink leather I'd do it out of leather but where in the world would I find it?

I think these are my favorite pair. I hope I can make the clips out of nylon tulle and paper flowers. I have a lot of paper flowers!

Looooove the color of these shoes.

Yessssss, I would wear these if the heel wasn't so high. Beautiful I think.

Sassy, aren't they?! *Wink*

I also like the color of these magenta shoes.

I've already made a ribbon clip-on like this but it's ribbon and not leather.

One of my favorite color combinations is fuchsia pink and red together. I have a bright red dress and a purple jacket I wear together and it stops traffic, let me tell you! Not ME, the colors!! LOL

I thought these were pretty and very unique. What say you, chicks????!!!!!


  1. Good morning dear Connie!
    Beautiful ...all.
    My favorite is the pair with paper flowers. I like this kind of heel, thin heel is beautiful.

    Greetings and blessings to you!

  2. My Grand-daughter shops at Hot Topic and she buys clothing with little skulls in pink with ribbons. I hope it is her Girly Pirate Stage!

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday
    from Roberta Anne--The Raggedy Girl

  3. Quite gorgeous! You're giving Imelda Marcos a run for her money!!

  4. Where are you finding these cute shoes?
    Hugs, Susan

  5. OMG!! I love LOVE them all!! I have seen the cutest pair of shoes just today, they were NOT in pink,lol. But still very pretty and very comfy too. They were high heeled ofcourse, duh! I just MIGHT........:)

    I am a shoe-a-holic, having worked in a shoestore for 14 years!!

  6. Sigh, I love those shoes, except the pink skulls. It bugs me when little kids have skull clothing on. Just can't get into it! Thinking about your son so much lately. I really hope he is doing better. Poor guy.

  7. I love them all and wish I could wear them, but not for me anymore!! Thanks for sharing the pretty eyecandy.

  8. Mornin' Connie,

    Hope your vacation is going great and your son is on the mend. Nothing like having "mom" around.

    Love, love, love the shoes. You could be a shoe saleswomen...and delight the women by showing them these "sweet" shoes. I bet you could sell every pair the store had.


  9. Connie! AHHHH!! Man do I love the pale pink with the bow and rhinestones!!!! I love pink shoes and bags tons!! Now if I had pink shoes instead of 10 pairs of pink sandels, well maybe more, I'd be thriled!! Lori

  10. Feeding my fetish, shame on you! lol I'd take the pink skull shoes, they just might fit an outfit with a little zing!


  11. Hey Connie;; I love shoes, and I love all of those shoes, not too sure about the skulls though..... lol


  12. Hey Sis! Skulls, ugh! But I would SOOO wear those salmon/lime ones & the flirty light pink blingy ones! And oh yes, the gorgeous red/pink ones!! Those are my fav! Even tho they are all pretty high heels, I think I could suffer thru at least a couple of hours at church with any of them!!!

    Hope you are having a fun time & behaving yourself!!! LOL

    Angelic Accents


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