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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stained Glass Window and Some Happenings

For those of you who have emailed me and asked about the tissue paper flower pom poms, the tissue paper was 20" x 30" long and about 12 sheets per flower. I accordion pleated them, tied them with yarn in the middle and then just carefully—VERY CAREFULLY—pulled the sheets of tissue paper apart. You can cut scallops, points or just leave them plain because they'll be beautiful even plain. Here are all seven I made yesterday. In that middle one I put in one sheet of the darker pink with the lighter pink.

Yesterday was quite a day. My son, my son-in-law and grandson-in-law all had surgery the same day. What a day!

Son had surgery on his knee that has been operated on about 5 times already on his meniscus. It was supposed to be arthroscopy but got in there and decided me needed more extensive work on his knee.

My son-in-law is on dialysis and had to have his right shoulder replaced. The surgeon said he gets the award for "Most uncomplaining patient ever" because his shoulder was shot and they can't believe he never complained. Nothing was there and one tiny bump would have destroyed it. So that has been replaced and he's at this minute tonight taking morphine every 6 minutes. They will replace his fistula on his left arm this year sometime with a cow vein. (I asked daughter if this means he'll be able to "MOOOOO" then. She said no.) LOL Anyway, then when that heals on his left arm they will replace that shoulder also. Here's his picture from last Thanksgiving.

Then while all this was happening my granddaughter's hubby had some bad pressure in his tummy area last night so this morning when the pain got real bad they rushed him to hospital and did an emergency appendectomy! Then when granddaughter went home to get his cell phone and laptop and came out of the house in Washington state it was snowing a "whiteout"! She narrowly avoided crashing into 2 cars coming down the hill from their house. She then turned right around and went home, gunning her car all the way up the hill to get it GOING up the hill, called her hubby and said I'm staying home. Being from California she is not used to driving in snow.

It's been an extremely busy day around this household trying to get information from all 3 people in 3 different places: northern Calif., southern Calif., and Washington state. We do things in a big way in this family!! *Wink*......... We are truly blessed in this family because everyone is well today! I told you we're an optimistic family and I wasn't kidding. No big deal tonight on any of this. Everyone has been truly blessed to come through this day fine.

I was blessed to have been given this window by a sweet lady. I don't know what I did to deserve this leaded glass window but it must have been something good. Could it be my sunny personality??? Hmmmmm?!?!?! Anyway, if one of you chicks lived nearby you could have it. But it is monstrously heavy! So I'm not shipping it anywhere. I simply do not have room for it anymore so I'll probably put it on Craigs List and sell it for a few dollars. Breaks my heart.


  1. Hi Connie... My Goodness, your family is keeping the hospitals busy... I am so very thankful to our Lord for the good outcome for everyone and will keep y'all in my prayers... Isn't God wonderful to us?!

    Such a beautiful window, and such a shame that you're not able to keep it... hopefully it will go to a nice home...

    Just Love those tissue flowers you've made... if my fingers worked correctly, I'd be making some of them myself, but I will settle for enjoying looking at the beauty of yours! Thanks for sharing!

    I hope that you have a wonderful week...
    God bless...

    ~hugs 'n prayers~


  2. connieee huneybun.. you got so many things in one big plate happening at the same time.. praying that all your love ones are doing good.. btw what you gonna do with the pom poms? hehehehe just wondering.. hehehehehe

    have a great day huneybun!

  3. sure did have a busy day.....and yes-sir-ee....we sure did have snow yesterday in Washington.....YUCK--would much rather have WET than white...oh IF I lived closer I would love that stained glass...are ya coming to Washington soon?
    Thanks for the pom pom info----your are the queen of helfulness.

  4. My goodness, Connie! I can't believe all of the surgeries in one day!!! I'm glad everyone is doing well. Your poor son-in-law. Sounds like he is in the most pain. My heart goes out to him - as if dialysis isn't enough!

    12 sheets of tissue paper per flower!! No wonder they are so beautiful. Nice job. I'm going to have to try one of those. I really like the look.

    I just (for the first time) read your "About Me" page on ebay. You are so sweet. If I didn't already know it, I would think you are the sweetest person around!! I loved all the photo's there. I don't know that I ever saw the front of your house. It's very pretty and it looks spacious. It was fun to read. You are very creative and that is such a wonderful quality!

  5. pretty...the pompoms, the stained glass window...well, everything.

    I'm glad all 3 guys are doing OK today!! What a day yesterday must have been!

    Praying for speedy recoveries for all 3.


  6. Hi Connie! Great pom poms and window! Wow three people in the family having surgery the same day! Talk about timing! My prayer is that each and everyone of them get the results they were seeking and is feeling fine today!Deb

  7. So glad everyone made it through surgery. This must be some kind of family record.

    Roberta Anne

  8. why don't you hang it outside on your patio as sort of a light blocker only it will reflect some beautiful light and would look great out there...:)

  9. Oh dear Connie...what a week. It's good to hear that all is well.
    What a lovely window, just pop it over to France would you!!

  10. Poor poor Connieness! I'm so sorry to hear of all the happenings going on in your family! Poor guys! I'll keep you and your family in my prayers! I'm sure it's hard too, not getting to be with them.
    Is that all you do to make those gorgeous flowers? Wow, I may could do this. They look really complicated.
    The stained glass is beautiful! Wish I could come and pick it up!
    Be a sweetie and take care,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Holy Cow, Chick. That's a lot of stuff going on in your family. Hope everyone is feeling better in no time.

    *Light bulb moment* So that's how you make them! That's for cluing me in.

    Still painting Miss Is' room. I might be done by the time she moves out, but that could be pushing it.

    Lovely window! You're such a lucky lady.


  12. Well, I'm glad to hear everyone is ok today, lots of prayers said!
    The window is beautiful Connie, can't you hang it outside somewhere in your back yard? I've got two hanging outside. The pom poms are pretty!

  13. Hi Connie,
    You have been busy. Your pompoms do look like real flowers. Sorry to hear to much is going on, health wise with your family and glad that they are recovering.
    The window is beaautiful and someone will be so very happy to have it:)

  14. Connie, So sorry for all the surgerys your family members are having.Hope everything goes well.Sounds horrible.Your window is beautiful.Hugs,Jen

  15. Wow! I am so glad everyone is okay now..what a whirlwind of events! I am sure glad your granddaughter went back home..that was wise! We get white outs here a lot and they are scary for sure! I love your tissue flowers and I am going to dig out some paper and try to make a few of my own. Hoping your stained glass finds a happy home to hang in!

  16. Sorry to hear about all of the surgeries! Hope everyone is doing well.

  17. I hope they all recover well...that is nooo fun at all. Love the window. cherry


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