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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do Ya Wanna See My Pink Pompoms

I'm sure I just alerted the p***erts on the web with my title to this. Sigh..........

But anyway, remember when we were young and took kleenex tissues and made roses out of them by folding them like an accordion and using our bobby-pins to hook them in our hair?? Well, look what I made today from pink tissue paper. These are really large and I'm going to hang them in my office—from the ceiling. I sure hope Love Bunny doesn't crash into them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you can see the scotch tape and yeah, I did tear them a bit but the tape will be lost in the flower. It looks like a dahlia. Truly it does. I'm making several of these. They are so easy!

I asked hubs to take a picture of my "pompoms" and he agreed. See how big they are!

I aimed the camera at the very top looking down so you can see how it really does look like a flower.

Only gotta make 4 more. :-)


  1. Those flowers are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  2. awesome flowers!! Happy Pink saturday!


  3. oooooooooooooooooohhhhh...ahhhhhh!! So pretty, Connie!!! I love 'em!!


  4. Connie -they are great!! How many pieces of tissue paper did you use for each one? I love them!!! Please share a picture of where you put them. I'm anxious to see how they look in their designated home.

  5. But...where is the tutorial???

  6. Connie, your tissue paper flowers are magnificent. Yes, I rememeber these and made them as a kid. Later I learned to make them from white plastic garbage bags, tied on a stryofoam ring for a gorgeous door wreath. It could tolerate all weather. Add embellishments like silk roses and wow what a wreath.
    I haven't made one in years.

    Hope you will show us the display from the ceiling when complete.
    Love the colors too.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  7. Connie,

    Those are awesome!!

    xo Cath

  8. Hi Connie :)

    Those are so cute! Thank your hubby for taking pictures of them for us ;)


  9. Those are just beautiful, and yes I do remember making Kleenex flowers (we called all tissue "Kleenex"). Do they still call them "Bobby Pins"?

    Happy day after Pink Saturday.

  10. So pretty Connie!!
    I love them!!
    thanks for being such a sweet friend,
    im blogging again,

  11. Connie:

    They really look like flowers and I am sure they will look beautiful in your "play" room.

    Have a wonderful Sunday
    from Roberta Anne

  12. I remember making those paper flowers..not as big and pretty as yours of course but hundreds of smaller one's for a float that we
    were in for a festival in our hometown!

  13. They look lovely Connie!!! I am sure you are probably are getting a lot of hits right now!! lol

  14. Look at you, Connieness! You're the most creative one! I love these flowers. That one looks like a hydrangea! You'll have to give us a tutorial on how to make them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. made over 200 for our age is showing.
    happy pink, Heidi

  16. Hey Connie; Wow I love your tissue flowers. They are so pretty, you did a great job on them.


  17. Those are OUTSTANDING!!! I love them! I echo an earlier comment -- WHERE's THE TUTORIAL!?

  18. Love the pink pompoms :-)They look so dainty and soft. Should be handled with care, yes? :-)

  19. Cool. What are they for? I'm guessing since you need four more, you have something in mind already.

    Lorene is making a bunch of those for the Cinco de Mayo party. I never would have thought of it!

    I'm sure Love Bunny had a good time taking pictures of your pom-poms. lol


  20. Hi Connie, Oh Gosh I love your
    and the colors, they look great!! Well, I stopped by to tell you
    I'm back in Blogland ; ) and I have an award for you, please stop
    to pick it up, when you're done with the
    So good to be back!
    Big hugs, Jannet

  21. oh those are so pretty...I too would hang them up...good job Connie girl.

  22. What a fabulous idea! I love them..they kinda remind me of some carnations we used to make out of tissue paper. So feminine!

  23. These flowers are FABULOUS and so much fun!


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