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Friday, March 20, 2009

Corner of Office

Now, isn't this better with the lamp on the books for elevation, the little crown and the table cover to help "camouflage" the cable modem and wireless router in the corner of my office?! I think so. Heeeeey, maybe I should paint the modem and router pink. Nah, it'd never fly with the cable people.

I check with hubs from time to time on how he's doing spiritually and otherwise. The other day I asked him how he was doing in certain areas of "our" life. I asked if I helped him keep in line spiritually (it's my job, ya know!) and he said absolutely. I asked him about being "chuckle-y" since he isn't a particularly "chuckle-y" guy and he thought about it and said not particularly. I then asked if I kept him in suspense. He said no, not particularly. I then looked at him and asked him "how do I keep you?" and his reply was "in debt"! That's not true, of course, because we're debt free except for a mortgage. But he thought he was being "chuckle-y" and I forgave him. Just see if he gets a "night of wild abandon" any time soon.

I listen to Dr. Laura from time to time and have read some of her books—some out of curiosity and one that hubs bought me to read. The one he bought me was The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. I had no problem with him buying it but it took me a long time to get the time to read it as I'm not particularly fond of self-help books any more. He wanted me to read it as he is a fan of hers and then said we'd talk about it. I knew I was in trouble somehow. *Sigh*...............

But that book hit me over the head! It is so right on with how men and women think it's a miracle. Yessssssssss, it is and don't you dare email me asking how I could think such a thing. Look, I've been married to this man for 48 years this coming June. I know this man. BUT that book helped me realize that men and women actually DO think differently. Yes, we do. It solved a lot of the mystery of US as a couple. That woman knows what she is talking about. Since I plan on having a lot more years with "th' man" I thought I'd recommend it to any and all who read or listen to me. It's truly incredible! If you want to please your hubby or boyfriend it gives you insight. And my aim in life is to please my man. We need to truly shut up and "listen" to our mates.

I started out our marriage and for many, many years thought I could change the "undesirable" traits about him. It has taken me over 40 years to realize that my way isn't always the best way. I've got to respect that he does things his own way and that will never change. Just accept them for what they do for us. And truly??? That man treats me like a queen. I've stopped—for the most part—nagging about inconsequential things and let him take care of them. Nuuuuu, I'm not perfect at it, but I'm dramatically better than even a year ago, let along 48 years ago.

Oh, I did tell hubs that he should definitely be careful what he says because it can be used on a blog. Let me rephrase that—it will definitely make it on my blog when it's worthy of note!

I realized something the other day: that kink in my shoulder/neck area is my lesson on why not to try pulling up my socks while driving and trying to do it at a stoplight. You definitely lose some agility after 50!

Why is it when our throats (mine!) hurt when eating chocolate we still continue to stuff it down our throats? Hmmm??

Sometimes a "good day" can just simply be finding my car in the WM parking lot.

How often do we hear people making blanket declarations such as they would rather die than end up in a nursing home or that they don't want to be a burden on their children and would prefer to die before that happens? Not me!!!!! I'm going kicking and screaming. Plus I want to be the biggest burden to my kids that I can be! I want to live just as long as I can and get retribution for all those dirty diapers I changed and the sleepless nights I spent worrying about them. Serves those little buckaroos right if they have to change my Depends! I have an electric personality and am always "charged" and ready to go, chicks.


  1. Good Morning Connie!

    As always, I love your posts...always something to pick up from them!!

    Have a blessed weekend!


  2. What a delightful potpourri post. I too think that we need to listen to our hubby's and that a good marriage requires daily tending. I have learned that it is best...never say never. You just don't know what life may hand you and what you may or may not be able to do.

    Have A Fantastic Friday
    from A Raggedy Roberta Anne

  3. You will never be a burden to your kids! You are too witty to let that happen. Love bunny is a lucky man.

  4. Hi Connie,

    I just love your posts. This one is no exception especially when you talk about not wanting to be a burden on your children. I never thought of it your way? I may end up trying that...kicking and screaming...letting them change my depends....and last but not least turning my nose up at the food they serve me. HA


  5. you go are too funny..have a great weekend..:)

  6. Hi Connie,
    I have actually read Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands and agree with you, she knows what she is talking about. I have been a fan of Dr. Laura's for years. I don't always agree with her but she is spot on most of the time.

    The book club I belong to read that book a couple of years ago and I was surprised by the response most of the women had. There are 10 of us in the club and we happen to all be members of the church. I don't know if they didn't want to admit that their marriages were not perfect but they seemed to dismiss alot of what she had to say. (Maybe I am too sensitive but even after more than 30 years of marriage I learned alot from Dr. Laura's book).

    Anyhoo, I enjoyed your post today.
    (Sorry about the lonnnnnnnnng comment)
    Have a good week-end.

  7. Hi Connie! Loved your post! You really gave me a good "before bedtime" read. Thanks!
    The Polka Dot Rose


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