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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finishing Up With Creating My Office Space

Okay, I usually only post every 2 days and I'm prescheduled until the middle of March but I couldn't keep all of you in suspense with what I did today.

I dragged the old wooden slatted bench from the front porch into this office. It is bright red flaking paint but I have extra covers to throw over it. I'm so glad I bought this Rachel Ashwell duvet a couple of years ago since she is closing her stores now. I took this duvet apart to have 2 large pieces of fabric. That's a LOT of fabric but I use each side for throws over furniture or tables I want to change from time to time. I like the way the bench looks now here in my office. And I still have another side of the duvet to use also.

Of course, I always have a plethora of fabric lying around so I took this thrice used fabric, which was at one time a curtain, and tore it in half to make a cover for the front of my desk. The little shelf on the right is now behind my desk chair and I plan on covering it with fabric and starch soon, but I need to do other things and my daughter and granddaughter are coming wednesday.

I then sewed the 2 pieces together to make it wider and then ruffled it in my ruffler. I then sewed on a piece of embroidered ribbon on the front and used my pinking shears to the top of the fabric to stop it from fraying. Then I took some sticky velcro and cut little pieces about 1/2" in length and glued the "fluffy" side to the desk and the other "plain" side to the fabric. VoilĂ , the cover up for the cords. I am soooooo into easy ways of doing things and this was easy! I haven't hemmed it but just folded it under a bit but I may use tiny straight pins or even tiny safety pins to secure it. I do this because so many things in my home have been repurposed for other uses rather than the original intended use. I've given you 2 views to see it. It only goes across the front area.

It is "serving its purpose" here very well, don't you think?


  1. Oh clever, clever lady! Everything looks lovely! I love the mixing and matching of PINKY fabrics!


  2. Good Morning Connie... Loved the fabrics and what a wizard you are with them... Looks beautiful


  3. Awesome Idea! Never would have thought of covering the front of the desk.

    News from my "future office", Miss Is wants to keep her room and let me have the bigger one because "it's just too big and I feel more comfortable in this one."
    Haven't decided if I'll let her stay; it really is a small room.


  4. Wow Connie, You're on a roll. Everything looks great. I just love the fabrics you used, they are so pretty. (I love the pinks).

  5. I love the bench and the ruffled cover. You are so clever and the room is just lovely. Good work!

    Have a Terrific Tuesday
    from Roberta Anne

  6. Rushes off to find fabric and sewing machine............
    Brilliant idea Connie. My desk needs just such a makeover, can you come over?

  7. Oh, yes looks VERY nice, Connie. You are so smart...everything looks just great!
    xo bj

  8. the desk looks great Connie! Good job, love it.

  9. You crazy girl! Such TALENT you have! I'm totally inspied to clean up MY MESS!

    ACK! I can't even SHOW a picture of my space right'd all faint!


  10. Great and creative use of your fabric stash! Nice prints, too.

  11. Connie, I love that fabric that you used for your desk! It is beautiful.

  12. I am loving your new digs..I am falling more and more with florals..and the cottage look...I have dreams that my old farmhouse is dripping with country cottage...:)

  13. Connie, Love the desk skirt. The fabric is wonderful.
    hugs, Celestina Marie

  14. I love it Connie...oh I just want to come and spend some time in that is a welcoming place that is for sure.

  15. Dear Connie,
    You have been such an encouragement and support to me regarding my SIL. I can't thank you enough for your prayers and kind words. It just keeps you going when you feel like you can't.
    Thank you again and again.
    PS...your room looks wonderful!

  16. It looks awesome, now tell me what kind of fabric that is! Looks very pretty! I think I want to come over to your house! xoxo

  17. It looks great! I love the table skirt!

  18. Creating keeps your soul alive. It looks like you must be a very creative soul.

  19. fabrics are always useful in that sense, yes.. it brings out the warmth, the also covers when we need to.


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  21. I love it Connie!! The fabric looks great on the front of your desk. I hate the ugly cords. You are one resourceful lady. Great job!!!

  22. Connie, you truly amaze me with your talent and creative ways. I would have never thought of doing something so pretty---I can't wait for my new craft room, but for now, it's a total disaster, but I still can find things, if only I would just start working. Hugs, Pat

  23. Oooh, that looks fantastic, Connie!!! And such pretty fabrics! You're so lucky to have a big room like that to create in. I can barely fit a chair in my studio/office, never mind a bench!!! Love it!...Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  24. connie.. can you sew me the same table curtain as yours??!! hehehehe just kidding.. I've been wanting to do the same like yours.. but somehow it got stuck.. reason being.. I don't have a sewing machine.. hehehehe.. so my biggest ultimate dream would be sewing machine for myself!.. hehehe.. and your room is lovely! love all the mix & match pattern. have a nice day! take care! smoochies huneybun!


  25. I LOVE IT!!! I would love to turn my desk around so it faces out but I have so many cords..that it just looks aweful. Now I think I am gonna look around for something that I could do this with..I have quite a few old curtain panels that might work!!! Woohoo...great idea!


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