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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being Home #6

As I've said before I love puttering sometimes. Just relaxes me and there is no set thing to do. I simply go around the house and pick "something" that will just be a mindless activity. Recently I just wanted to make some pretty covers for some chair seats I bought this past summer for some wooden folding chairs.

These are the result of that day's activity

I decided to organize my sewing supplies. First, I'll take a magnet to the carpet to seek all the ones I've dropped and haven't found yet by stepping on them. Trust me, this absolutely happens. I don't know how my feet haven't found them after lying around and since I wear only socks around the house, it's a miracle I haven't stepped on more than I actually have. Here you see my old pin cushion that I've had for 30 years or so. I have one even older than this one but I can't use it much because it's tearing apart and I've taped it to hold everything in it! Sentimental value....... I keep everything I need handy on the right of little blue desk.

Then I'll take all the needles on this newer pin cushion and thread them all so I can just pick up another needle and not have to stop to thread one. I know, I know, I'm OCD about this but it's the only way I can function properly. It just works for me. I have 2 little cardboard box drawers that I've had for probably 25 years and they're still holding up well. They sit right next to the sewing table to hold other miscellaneous sewing items.

Yes, I've tried newer sewing baskets but I keep getting rid of them and using this one I bought over 40 years ago. I just can't find anything I like better than this old plastic one. Is that pathetic or what?!

I go through the sewing box every once in a while and rethread all the bobbins, dust it out a bit and get them all ready so I don't have to stop and do it in the midst of sewing something. I hate interruptions!

There is so much talk these days about bad customer service that I thought I'd share this story with all of you. It gives you hope!

Recently I started having a bit of a problem with my computer. In august it just wasn't working properly and as all women know, we may not know what is wrong with it, we just know it isn't functioning properly—i.e. the family car.

I put it in the shop and they couldn't find anything wrong with it at that time but the beginning of november it did the same thing. I took it back to the computer store on november 14th after backing up with my external hard drive. I also told them to back it up there before working on it. It kept having to be restarted several times during the day and I suspected "kernel panics" and sure enough it was. Now, this computer is 4 years old and had never ever really caused me any stress. So after much talking with the tech and calling the manufacturer I'm getting a new $2800.00 computer from them!! I'm so excited I could cry. Yes, that machine had been out of warranty for 3 years and they are paying for all the repair work being done on the old one and sending me the absolutely latest model with much more speed and memory and just the top of the line computer. Now THAT'S customer service, chicks! I've been a loyal customer of theirs for years and will never go anywhere else. I've never been kept waiting for long periods of time and they are the most courteous and knowledgeable people with which I've ever had the pleasure of discussing the issue. Just extraordinary customer service.

My new keyboard of only 2 months sits lonely waiting for the new computer. I'll now have 2 keyboards as the new one comes with a keyboard. I've missed it greatly but I have 5 computers and 3 laptops, which I've been on for almost 3 weeks and it's driving me crazy to not have my huge monitor but I'll be fine by the end of next week. I love my computers, chicks!! I'd rather read a computer book than just about anything other than a mystery. ;-)


  1. The cushions are just perfect!!! I love that fabric.

    How fun and blessed you are to get a new computer and now I know who to come over and bug when I have a computer problem!!! I hate reading those books - they never make sense to me-


  2. That is great news, I am so happy for you. You are absolutly right about the customer service but did I miss something...I didn't see who you were praising.

    Good to see you again as always

  3. just beautiful!
    I hope you in my giveaway!



  4. great cushions! i love my old tomato too!! lucky girl! happy pink saturday!!

  5. I can't even tell you how many computers I've been through over the years. Isn't just frustrating?! Right now I have two hard drives to accomodate all the graphics, etc for the magazine and for FFM. I better do a back up!! Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings... Polly

  6. Hi Connie, You know you are so talented... I recieved my beautiful camera bag yesterday.. THANKS so much again... I will do a post about it when I get back home... I am watching the twins for the next few days... Have a wonderful Saturday...


  7. The cushion came beautiful and I love the tomato.

  8. Connie, I love your idea of threading the needles and then putting them in the pin cushion. I have a pin cushion that our daughter, Jennifer, made me in Kindergarten. She's 37 now. I will be doing some sewing this afternoon. Congratulations on your new computer. I bought a new "Cadillac" of computers in February and I LOVE it. We still have the other PC that we permit our grandchildren to use and I have my office laptop. I am the only one that uses my "new" computer. Pleawe stop over for a visit. I have something for you.

  9. It looks like an Apple keyboard, and if so, I am not surprised at the good service. Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. I love all your things..your cushions are just so pretty. Happy Pinks..have a lovely week-end.

  11. Connie:
    I loved your tour of the sewing room. the little case for your bobbins is really great. I also thread multiple needles when I quilt. How wonderful about the computer.
    Roberta Anne

  12. Connie, I wish my sewing supplies were as organized as yours. I did start sorting my lace and putting it in clear page protectors so I could see what I have.
    My hubby is organized like you. Maybe I could get him to sort it all out?! LOL

  13. So glad you got a new computer! :0)
    My Mom used to have a yellow plastic sewing box just like yours! I remember as I love to play in it!

  14. Happy Pink Saturday, Connie. I apologize for being late getting around.

    Your cushions turned out so pretty. You just can't beat pink roses.


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