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Friday, December 12, 2008

Being Home #5

Being home also allows me to redo a laundry room a little bit when I want to. I decided to put up some of my "original art." I did the embroidery of the geraniums behind the washer and I painted that little board behind the dryer and just hung them there. Some of you might have noticed the embroidery in the entrance to my sewing and craft room but I took those pictures down and decided to put one of them in the laundry room. Ever-changing, chicks!! If I wasn't home so much I doubt very seriously if I'd bother to take the time or initiative to do this. Maybe, maybe not. But I keep telling ya I plan on making every single room in this house a refuge from the stresses of the world—even the laundry room. Why do a menial boring chore in a place that isn't pretty? Get my drift. Now, let's see some of your laundry rooms and what you've done or plan on doing! Come on, don't be shy. Get to it. Not much money to hang a few pictures, seed packets or pieces of vintage linens even. I know because I had scads of them with which to do other rooms soon.

Little packets of laundry soap can make darling compositions when emptied. Just "fun-tac" them up and change them when you so desire.

I decided to hang another little laundry bag I made on this little short wall. It usually has my ironing hanging there so it isn't always visible with Love Bunny's shirts and pants hanging but when it's vacant it makes a tiny "statement" and gives me joy. Notice the border of shabby roses is still up there. Roses in a laundry? Yessssss, got a problem with that? Talk to your shrink, sweet chicks! :-)
Okay, gotta run and get some more things done. I'm never ever idle. Not too bad for an old chick, huh?!


  1. Connie I really love your utility room! Wish I had one. I have a pantry slash laundry room. Very tiny.You did a great job!!!

  2. Connie huney.. now you make me envy with your pink rooms! I want pink laundry room too!.. hehehehehe.. have a great day! can't wait to see the full make over..

  3. Good Morning Connie.... Love what your doing with your home and love your laundry room... Have a great day...


  4. I wish I had a utility room to make as cute as yours!

  5. Very cute Chickie! We have the same motto.....if you can make it pretty, then do so! My laundry room is an entry way into the house from the garage and also there is a the back door to the deck in the back yard, as well as a pocket door that leads right into my kitchen, so I made it a continuation of our kitchen. I have fun cute things in there that brighten my world. I will share pictures later.

    Have a happy day!


  6. Okay, I was just informed the other night that I was a type "A" personality, whatever that meant. I told the gal that I could think of a few, not-so-nice words that start with "A". Apparently, it's the goal-achieving, detailed go-getter that's always busy in a fun and bubbly way.

    You're an "A" dear. It takes one to know one! I have no problem with roses in the laundry or pink walls, ceilings included. Fluff is fancy and fine. Just don't kill yourself off with all these projects! Have a finger sandwich every now and then or enjoy an eclair!


  7. Wow! I especially love your embroidered pieces. You really have some unique ideas that have turned your home in to a beautiful place. I really enjoy your "Being Home" posts. Keep them coming!

  8. I love your laundry room. It is so pretty just like the rest of the rooms you have shown. Mine is bright yellow and not much flare right now waiting for daughter and Son in love and babe to move out before big projects get started. Love the room though. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  9. I'm a FLOOZY? huh. Takes one to know one. :-D

    I love your laundry room! I have a pretty one, too, with a 2LIVE4 vintage enamelware double sink that still has it's original covers. When the basement was remodeled, it was incorporated into the laundry room design with real plumbing and is just so charming.

    Doesn't mean I like going down there, though. Laundry is still HIS chore. I only go down there if I have something to felt.

  10. You made beautiful job and you inspired me!
    Thank you Connie!

  11. Hi Connie ~ Man, you have been on a busy streak! It has been awhile since I have visited and had to catch up. You go girl!!!! Love your laundry room and the geranium piece you stitched is so cute!!!! Love the colors and it really is cheerful.

    Keep up the great job!


  12. Hey Connie; Your laundry room is so cute. I really like how you decorated it. My laundry room is behind bi fold doors in my kitchen but it is a large spot, some day I will be able to redo it when I can redo my kitchen.

    have a great weekend.


  13. I love your pinkness in the laundry shrink for the border...and all the special Connie touches...
    you are the Rose Queen of Pink...Connie..

  14. I love the laundry room, it looks so cheery.
    Roberta Anne

  15. You have been a busy gal and it all looks wonderful I might add.
    Thank you Connie for your kind comments on my Uncle's passing.
    My poor Aunt has alsheimer's and so it will be very hard on her.
    It is my understanding that when he had his stroke she snapped out of it and took care of him but then she slipped back with his passing. It is sad. He took such good care of her. A sweet love story.

  16. hi!
    i just discovered your
    adorable blog!
    i love being home
    i enjoyed your *being home* post!
    can't wait to see more!
    happy holidays!

  17. Such a pretty laundry Connie! Rachaelxo

  18. Connie, the things on your laundry room looks exactly like my shelf. You have inspired me. I think I will fix up my small laundry area so it is much more fun to use. :)

    I love your spongeware bowl too. I have a nesting set that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas one year. I wouldn't trade those for anything.

  19. With a laundry room like that, I might want to do laundry... LOL


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