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Monday, November 3, 2008

Redoing the Sewing/Craft Room

Since Love Bunny is out of town I decided to pack away and try to sell some of the extra fabric to get rid of it........uuuhhh, this was sorta suggested by LB so I thought it'd be a good idea. *Wink* So I did 2 boxes to go into the garage attic, 1 box to throw away and 2 big piles I've put on ebay. I cleared one entire shelving unit and at least 2 shelves on another one. When I'm down to only 2 shelving units then I'll call the painter guy to come back and paint this room pink also. Anyone interested in some vintage linen scraps or a huge pile of fabric go to my ebay here. I can't wait to see this room done up shabby chic romantic for sewing and crafting. I took down one of the tables and it'll go on the wall in the 4th picture down. So here is the before and the after will be in a couple of weeks probably.

What a mess!

That folded table and chair were right in front of the closet doors and I had to move it each time I wanted to get in there. It's free now. Table will go on wall to the left I think. I have a habit of changing my mind though. ;-)

I could barely move around in this room. Getting better though.

That pile on the bottom left is old tablecloths I've collected. I'm going to keep a few and put the others on sale either on ebay or the selling blog. But it'll take me several days to get that done. I'm feelin' so "liberated" now!! :-) I'm on another roll, chickees!!


  1. Hi Connie,
    I am very late visiting pink posts, I hope your weekend was a great one.

  2. Wow....that is a huge stash of fabrics!! It is liberating when you have a big clean up and reorganize. Good luck with it all Connie.

  3. I'm gone for a few days and come back to find you on another roll!!! Cleaning and de-stashing...and selling all kinds of goodies!!!

    I can't believe I didn't even touch the computer for 2 1/2 days! I'll have some posts about what kept me away...beginning later today!


  4. Holy Moly..girl you do some sewing...Now me I have been making new curtains for 2 months ..Hey I got the pattern pieces all cut don't hurry me too much the only time I move fast any more is if I have Diarrhea !!lol..Well you silly thing hope you get it all done..what do you make do tell..have a great Monday...hugs and smiles Gloria

  5. You go chickee! I'm tired just looking at all the things you do. New office, new desk, soon to be new crafting/sewing room! You'll have to give yourself a vacation and just craft when everything is done. *build the cabana, build the cabana


  6. Go here for some really fantastic ideas on organizing. She just had people show their craft rooms awhile ago and I got some fantastic ideas!! Thought this might help. Someday when I'm brave I'll post my sewing corner! Cindy

  7. Connie, is your fabric cotton? On Ebay it says which we English mean a soft slightly wooly cotton. It looks lovely and I'd be interesrted in having osme fo my patchwork if it is pure cotton.

  8. Hi Connie! You are one busy lady for sure! I can't get over the things you do. That craft room! My goodness! When will you ever use ALL of that fabric?! That's good that you are "purging". Looks like some very pretty fabrics. Keep up the good work! You are such an inspiration! LB will be so proud of you, as usual!!

  9. Wow Connie is that a stash or what, I thought I had heaps & heaps of fabric but you have really out done me Lady. I really need to clean out my sewing/computer room, way toooo much stuff in here.

    Enjoy your day Sweet Lady

    Lyn xoxoxo

  10. Hi Conniness! OOOH! I see lots of fabric I could use! It does feel good though to clear things out doesn't it? I have a hard time getting rid of my fabrics!! Oh, well. Thanks for popping in to see me today.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Hey Connie; Now that is a huge stash of fabric, I thought my Mother in law was the only one who had such a stash. lol It looks like it is going to be a great looking craft room. I have some catching up to do been a while since I have been for a visit. I have been reading your past posts, love all your rose pitchers.

    Have a great week.


  12. Hi Connie, so nice to see you and thanks for stopping by. Love hearing about your new project. Yes, it will free you up. I did a redo of my stash store room over the weekend. Didn't even talk about that on the post. But oh was it great to do. You have a library of great fabric. I will go take a peek on ebay. Have fun!! Can't wait to see the room pink.
    Hugs, Celestina
    la rea rose

  13. Great project connie - you shame me with your energy!!!

    I hope to be inspired by your project!

  14. Check this site out and let me know what you think. I'm going to incorporate some of this into my sewing room!! If you look to the left you can click on thumbnail pictures that will enlarge for you and read her comments at the top of each picture on what it is. Otherwise you can view it in a slide show. I thought this might give you some more fun ideas while you're redoing your room! Cindy

  15. Hi there, Connie!

    Gee, I've been seeing you around many of the blogs I visit so I thought it was time for me to come by and say hi and properly introduce myself! Hi, I'm Holly! :> I enjoy your sweet and upbeat personality. I'm going to go check out your shop!

    ~ Waves ~


  16. Oh Connie girl, what a job! I am so proud of you! Do you find it hard to make the decision on what is going and what you will keep? I go into a situation like that and say "I'm getting rid of a ton" and then I talk myself into keeping so much of it! I am really proud of you!

    Hugs, Sharon


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