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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Great Little Appliance You MUST Have

Sometimes I think it's a good idea to share something that can really serve you well. I'm not ALL fluff, ya know, chicks! I do get serious sometimes. But this is my blog and I do it to "help, inspire, uplift and inform" y'all.

My desktop is in the shop and I've been on my laptop most of the past week. My whole life is on my desktop and the guys at the Mac store are listening to me whine, wheedle and cajole them into getting it back to me posthaste. Just about all my photos are on that one so I'm at a loss when it comes to posting on the blog lately. Plus I can't balance my checkbook or enter anything into my Quicken. *Sigh*....... I had several scheduled out but it's getting down to zip, nada, zilch now and I'm gonna have to resort to something else or going out and doing more photos. Oh well, a chick's gotta do what a chick's gotta do. I am cleaning house a bit more and reading a lot but I miss blogging too much to stay away.

I stayed home from church yesterday because I was just feeling a bit blue and didn't want to subject the people there to my "mood." I'll get over it. Just pull up my big girl panties and go through life with my usual zest! I needed yesterday to stay home and regroup! Yep, I sure did........

I went grocery shopping recently and Albertsons was having a sale on angus and blue ribbon meat - buy one, get one free. I got 4 steaks and 8 large roasts that I cut into 2 each giving me 16 regular size roasts which we'll get at least 2 meals from each roast. So that's 36 meals at least. I paid just a fraction more than I saved. I made a good deal. BUT the best part is this handy dandy little machine: a vacuum sealer. That will keep the roasts for YEARS, chicks, and I mean YEARS! No freezer burn at all on any of my meat since my son bought this for us about 10 - 11 years ago. It simply vacuum seals it and voilĂ  into the freezer with no worries. I absolutely LOVE it and will not ever be without one again in my lifetime. It is absolutely fantastic. Read on...........

These 2 pork chops are from December 2000. They are 8 years old. I buy in bulk for food storage - it's a Mormon thing! - and here it is unfrozen and made into pork barbeque in October 2008 and it was yummy! Didn't lose any flavor, not freezer burned. It has paid for itself many times over in saving my food. It was a gift but they sell for about $100.00 I think. You have GOT to get one.

Yes, I can assure this is the exact true picture and date! Notice how fresh that meat looks after 8 years in the freezer. Incredible!


  1. girl I had one about 25 years ago it was called Seal a Meal and I got it from Sears..I just loved mine but then could't find the bags for it I wonder what I did with it...look luck with your desktop..I would be lost without mine..I have my laptop in kitchen,,,but all my picutes our on my desktop...Have a great day...Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Connie,Goodmorning!Its a winter wonderland here.Lots of snow.
    We have one of thoses vacs too.They are great!We bought it when we went down the shore for our big fishing trip.Very handy all our fish were cut and packed and ready to go all the way back to wv with out worrying about them.
    We also use it still now alot during hunting season.We butcher and pack our own meat.We have the grinder and slicer.
    That was a great deal you got on all that meat though.I am so sorry about your computer.I have the big Sony desk top and I love it.My eyes hurt when I use Moms laptop.It does take some time to get used to them.
    Hope you are feeling happier today.Hugs,Jen

  3. Wow Connie... It stinks not having your main computer... Hope you get it back soon... Now to the very important topic... The meat sealer... I have one and LOVE it... you are right it keeps meat fresh forever... Love mine and couldn't live without too... Have a great day girlfriend...


  4. That's too funny! Funny in that I just bought 60lbs of Albies boneless, skinless chicken breast and sealed it all up in the freezer with my new food saver thingy. It was last Thursday!

    Glad to see you breathing. Sometimes that first breath is the hardest.


  5. Hi Connie, We have a vacuum sealer also and I love it. A local super market has a meat sale twice a year. You can have your meat cut to order. It's so nice to have a supply of meat on hand - not to mention the money you save. I hope that your computer is up and running soon. I work between three computers. I still have my work laptop since I'm working one day/week. We have a PC with a large monitor and I splurged last January and bought a Laptop that my friend calls the "Cadillac of Computers." I really need to get busy and save my photos on a jump drive. I understand what you mean about not wanting to subject people to your mood. I hope that you are feeling perkier (is that a word?) now.

  6. Those vacuum sealers are a great thing. With a family the size of ours, we MUST buy in a bulk. They are also good for resealing cheeses as well :0).
    I can't say any of my meat lasts as long as yours does though, lol. The longest I've had something is about a year.

  7. It looks like a cool thing to have at home.... I've seen something like that on TV and always think that's a very handy appliance to have...

    Have a great day, Connie.


  8. Sometimes I get so caught up in reading your posts - I forget to leave you a commment! But I wanted you to know I stopped by your blog today and gleaned lots of info...I LOVE freezing things (got that from my mom). I'm going to have to check out that little machine...we're just using ziplock freezer bags for now. Hope all is well with you! Miss ya!!!

    PS...I just made miss Pink a fluffy pink tutu...It's so adorable and she sends her loves and kisses your way!

  9. Hi, Connie!
    I mentioned you and included a link to your site in my most recent post at I hope you don't mind -- and thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Connie, I agree with you, this machine is wonderful. Did you also get the attachments where you can marinade meat, seal jars, etc? I even used it for camping trips to seal other things I wanted to be sure didn't get wet like papers, meds, etc. Perfect for stuff like dried fruits and nuts that you don't use everyday to keep them fresh longer. Now, to find a way to keep my family from eating everything in the freezer in as long as you keep yours I'd be a happy chick!

    Death of my desktop would be certain death, could not live without it let alone work.
    Thanks for coming to visit me, I am in Reno by the way!

  11. Hey Sweet Connie,
    Are you telling me that you guys have Meat Sales over there, come on you gotta be *pulling my leg*, no well I never! I have seen those sealy things before, even thought about getting one & then thought *nah will just end up at the back of the cupboard with all the other appliances I never use* * years is pretty darn good! Wow you's actually have Meat Sales!!!

    Hope you get your Desktop back soon Sweet.

    Lyn xoxoxo

  12. What a good testimonial...I alway wondered if those worked, now I know. Thanks,

  13. Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my blog! I am starting to feel like there is some sun coming out of the clouds is a good feeling. I love those commercials with the vacuum sealers..I hope to get one of those in the near future. I buy alot of meat in bulk and it would be nice to have one!


  14. Hi Connie
    Well you sure are stocked up with your beef and thats so great. you'll be able to whip up so many different dinners...and you don't even have to worry about finishing them off quickly because you have the vacuum sealer.
    Isn't that something. I've never had one. It looks like it is really worth it because sometimes no matter how you try you end up with that freezer burn.
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Great idea.
    Have a lovely day.

  15. hi connie! i can't get my boys to eat anything but pasta. maybe one day they will grow into meat eaters. hope you have your computer back soon. i know what a drag that can be!

  16. We have one of these and they are wonderful! Great for keeping things fresh and perfect for freezing things.

  17. This sounds like a great idea. Ziplock bags just don't hack it!
    The pork looks yummy too!

  18. WOW! That is great. I work at a grocery store so I always buy things when they mark them down, the meat department always lets the employes know when they mark meat down. I have been wanting one of those things for a long time.
    Thanks for sharing,

  19. Hello Connie, cute post! We don't have one of those but have been thinking about getting one. I had no idea you could keep meats that long. I always try and use our up before 6 months at the most. Thanks for sharing!
    Love you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  20. Hi Connie dear,just checking up on you. Hadn't visited you for awhile. That is incredible that the chops look so fresh !

  21. Hi Pumpkin,

    Will you come over and cook for me today. Most of my meals are usually peanut butter and crackers or some other tidbit I can eat without cooking!

    I need a good cook, want a job?

    xo Cath

  22. Hi sweet chick. I came by to Thank you for your sweet comment on my Blog, I did rethink my decision about closing up, so yep I'm still here. Like you I realized that I would miss it to much to stay away after all ; )

    Hugs, Jannet

  23. Well, I always wondered if those really worked! Now I know. Thanks for the info!!


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