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Friday, October 3, 2008

Pretty Doors and Peace and Calm

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Now for some tranquility in lieu of the past week and all the worldly problems confronting you. Peace, my sweet friends.......

These doors look European or South American to me. They came from a calendar of this year. I only buy beautiful calendars to hang on my fridge so Love Bunny can keep me informed of his activities. One month at a time is placed on the fridge with beautiful magnets to hold them. I walk the walk when I talk the talk, chicks.

Hubs and I have been to Mexico and England and Ireland and simply loved visiting those countries, but we'll never go again. (I ain't flying, chicks!! Never ever again.) But the beauty of the flowers and the doors is astounding. The doors and windows in Ireland impressed me the most. So today I thought I'd just share with you these vintage looking entrances with the roses and foliage around them. Aren't they gorgeous? I also love the cobblestones pathways or streets you see in some of them.

Imagine climbing these stone steps worn with a smoothness and age from years of the pattering of feet running up and down them after a day of shopping or coming home from work. Beautiful in their simplicity. Window boxes abundant with flowers vining down the wall and shutters to keep the hot sun at bay during the day.

This one reminds me of a "secret" little street off the beaten path. Shrubs and flowers in pots and cascading down the balcony and over the window boxes again. Tile roofs to add to the mystique and ambiance. Notice also the vivid sun-drenched colors of the walls. Magnifiquè! Vintage lanterns lining the street and dripping with the patina of centuries gone past.

A secret entrance perhaps? Hmmmmm. More lush foliage to secret the owners from passersby. Hubs and I have rented a condo in Puerto Vallarta that reminds us of this patio. It was gorgeous.

Look at those magnificent doors! Very regal. And the stone step worn away from centuries of use. Can you imagine living here? The scent of geraniums wafting through the window spilling their spicy scent up to you. What a treat that would be.....:-)

This one reminds me of where Jesus the Christ might have lived. I can't explain why but it is just reminiscent of the cave where the stone was rolled away and He was set free for eternity. Even the light on the wall reminds me of His light to the world. Stone steps luxuriant in so many flowers one can barely find purchase for the feet. I weep.
May you have His peace and comfort in the days to come. Times will be hard but with Him you will at least have comfort.

Dieu soit avec vous. Au revoir jusqu'à la fois prochaine, mes amis doux.


  1. Hey there Connie,
    Yes Ireland is a most beautiful place,...probably the prettiest by far...we loved our visit there, scotland was second..only saw the city of England..not the countryside..would have loved it I am sure...Italy had beautiful parts..the amalfi coast...Germany was beautiful as was austria too...great photos too.:)

  2. I love this post. Those doors and the foliage around them are beautiful. Kathi

  3. Well, at least my mums by the door are somewhat pretty. They're not looking so hot at the moment, maybe they need Miracle Grow in both forms. Liquid and prayer.

    Love the doors, especially the one with the worn front stone, very beautiful.

    Je n'parle pas francais, mon ami. Five years, fifteen years ago without so much as a blurb. Let's hope I never get airdropped into a French speaking country to fend for myself!


  4. Connie,

    This was an amazing post. It brought me back to my visits to England, Germany, Switzerland, and Scotland.

    I love each and every country I've visited but have been partial to the gardens in England where I have been several times.

    I too am hating to fly the older I get. I am sad to think I will probably never see these places again. But one thing I have learned, at least for me, "Never say Never". Although I do prefer to fly within the US and leave it at that.

    Thank you for inspiring me today and bringing a smile to my face. You are a great friend.

    xo Cath

  5. I have always loved the little alley ways.We lived in Germany when I was a teen. I miss all the quaintness.

  6. Hi Connie, they all a beautiful. I agree that the last one does look as it Jesus would have lived there. Very Very nice! Deb

  7. YOU are just the greatest---your reference to the gas station "price sign"(on my post, just now) as you thought you were seeing a vintage sign just made me laugh like a crazy person (well, I am!)! The Stone Rabbit says to tell you that he's gonna have to try a little harder to conceal himself!

    Love the door photos you shared and the wonderful text you put with them. I hate to fly and I have NEVER been outside of the good old USA---I'm certain I never will (unless it's Canada).
    Love it that you keep Love Bunny's activities in plan view on a beautiful calendar on your fridge! He certainly must love you, because he fetched that wonderful old school desk for you!!! What a great guy!

  8. Oh Connie why aren't you flying again???? I'm planning on flying the sky again this spring, and I'm looking forward to see many beautiful doors and beautiful balconies filled with flower pots, like those you are showing us today.... so lovely....

    "Let us get our instruments tightly strung and our melodies sweetly sung. Let us not die with our music still in us." (Spencer W. Kimbell)

    Wishing you sunshine and bird songs...


  9. Beautiful pictures Connie! Thanks for the visit!!

  10. Beautiful!!

    Thank-you for your kind words on my blog. You are a sweetie!

  11. Connie---I love the doors...this was a beautful post with wonderful pictures and words !!

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  12. Hi Connie, Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog. Your post today is very lovely, my mom lived in Ireland for a while and is totally in love with the Country.
    Yes, I am Danish...but I take your question as a HUGE compliment thank you!
    Lotsa Hugs & Love to you my new found friend. Jannet

  13. What beautiful doors and walkways! It took me back to Ireland for awhile...and then in my mind, I went back to France too!

    Have a wonderful evening and thank you for that beautiful respite.


  14. Beautiful pics sweets!!!! I love looking at those kind of pics..wishing I lived there! LOL for a while anyhow:) Relaxes me just looking....Thanks Hon!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  15. Oh Connie, How pretty those pictures are...sweet of you to share with us. Too bad you aren't flying again...though you have wonderful memories of all those lovely places you have been.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  16. oooh sweetie what beautiful piccies ! I really really wanna go to Ireland! BUT like you I AINT FLYING BABY! you know what? It's not a fear of planes but, its my fear of water that stops me. If we were flying over land the whole time..NO PROBLEM...but over water for THAT LONG....Noooo sireeee not this lil duck!

    Happy Weekend my sweets!

    xx Shann

  17. Chick, why won't you fly anymore? You've seen wonderous things.

  18. Hey Connie!
    This post is beautiful! I love all of the pretty pictures and your sweet words of inspiration too. You are so blessed to have visited all of those places... girl,you crack me up when you say that you won't be flying anymore. I don't care to fly either! LOL! Hope you have a great day!

  19. This is gorgeous it reminds me of Germany.


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