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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm a "Flitterer"...........

This is as far as I've gotten in the last 2 days. Actually, I've taken a load of stuff out of there. Changed some things with hubs. He took the bigger printer stand for his home office and I took the smaller one for in here. Took paints out of the revolving paint caddy and put them on the wall. The spot you can see behind the door is me practicing paint colors on the wall. That is a pink glaze. I'm going to have it PINKKKKK!

I found an antique school desk on craigslist this morning and hubs is picking it up and bringing it home tonight. We can use it no matter what but I'm going to paint it and put decals on it.

BUT during this process I've flitted about and fixed a lamp shade for a more girly effect. I do this frequently - flit from one project to another when tired and want a rest. ;-) But it all gets done in the end.

I have a vision for this room but just cannot seem to get it to come together in the time frame I want. I may have to draw it out to get the desired room I want. I am soooooooo NOT good at this!!

I told you I even keep my nails and screws in pretty containers. Here it the talk then walk the walk, chicks!!

Where in the world am I going to put these little houses that were on the shelf that now contains the paint bottles??? Oooooooh, does this mean I need to shoopppPPP?!?!?! Say it ain't so, sweet chicks!!!! LOL

The refurbished lamp shade. Thanks for Lori for the paper roses! They are truly gorgeous. Whatta ya think, sweets???? Nuuuuuu, think it needs something else........Hmmmmm......... gonna go "flit" and read a book, eat pretzels and drink some pepsi...........


  1. You do have such pretty things Connie.

  2. Did we meet at a self-help group for chronic flitters? I think we did, I'm pretty sure we did. I'm the gal that started a zillion projects and have yet to complete one, though I'm working on it - all!

    Your office will get there. With every new "challenge" of finding a new home for this and that, remember, I'm totally jealous! *sniff, me in my armoire."


  3. Hi Connie!! Thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes!! Can't wait to see how your office turns out!

  4. Hi Connie!! Thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes!! I can't wait to see how the room looks when you are finished!

  5. I like it already....I see the pink paint on the wall.

    I can't wait to see the school desk too :)

  6. I'm sure your office will be fabulous when you are done! Love the lamp shade.

  7. Hey Connie! You have been working hard in here girl! I can't wait to see everything when you're done...Have a great evening and don't you work too hard.

  8. Connie ~ I love what you did with the roses ~ they look so sweet !

  9. Hey! love the shade.

  10. Oh Connie!!! I know if its going to be a PINK room it will be beautamusssss!!!! LOL You sound like me...flit here...flit there....hubs calls me flitfly!!
    But I am sure it will look great sweets!!!
    Have a great week!!!

  11. Hi Connie, I had to stop in and find out what a Flitterer was. Then I found out that I'm one too! LOL!!!! Your paint shelf is so nice and neat, and the lamp shade is beautiful. You walk the walk and talk the talk because you do have those nails in beautiful containers. Well I'll be waiting around for the finish, no matter how long it takes. So take your time. Deb

  12. Can't wait to see how it turns out, your lampshade is very pretty : )

  13. Wow, it is so clean and tidy. :) I cant wait to see the finished painted room. :) The lampshade is adorable. :)

  14. Hi Connie
    The lamp shade is so pretty. I love it. I also am a PINK girl.
    My studio is hot pink with a white ceiling. It invigorates me. Now I have so much stuff in there it is hard to see much of the wall!
    I am anxious to see it all done

  15. Coming right along Connie! Your new desk is very nice already-I can't imagine how gorgeous it will be after painting.

  16. That lampshade is too cute! The paper roses look so real, and all the trims make it pretty. How could anyone give up that desk you found? What a deal!

  17. Im a flitterer too.....
    maybe we should join a flitterers anonomoyous (need spell check for that word :P
    love the lamp shade!!
    beautiful job.


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