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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Practice Photos #2

A tiny fragment of the corner of a frame makes a delightful practice item. Give it a try sometime, my little chicks. Set your camera to "close", which on most cameras is a flower icon. You'll have to read the instruction manual. Ooooooooh noooooooooooo, you're saying??? Yep, that's right. Put your camera down, step away from it, pick up the "i n s t r u c t i o n" manual (bad word, huh?!) and start reading at least where the "far, near and infinity" settings are on the camera. Sheeeeeesh, do I have to tell you everything?!?! Now, it's not hard, just DO it. Continuing right along...........

I did use PhotoShop Elements on this little picture. It is called "feathering" and I do it around the edges. In fact, I do it on most of my photos to give them that soft look. If you have PhotoShop I imagine it's the same thing. For those of you who don't have anything to play around with for your photos, PhotoShop Elements is about 1/10th the price of the full version and it does a fantastic job for what we regular gals want to do. If you going to go seriously into photography then go right ahead and buy the full version one for about $500 - $600.00. Your decision. If you are on a regular PC you might have Paint on your computer. I'm not familiar with it at all. Paint Shop Pro is another one that is good. I just prefer saving money for " just playing around with my hobby" but, hey, if you have the money, go right ahead. PSE is a fantastic program though. One tenth the price of full version, remember!

An up close shot of a clock. Look at the texture of it. Don't see that in a full shot.

Same clock.

Roses on a painted sign I bought a couple of years ago. I can't even remember who painted it, but it was NOT me. :-)

Just a simple little candy dish. I didn't have my camera adjusted quite right for this close up but I doubt many people could tell. I still feathered the edge and it blends in quite well with the "messed up" shot I took. Fooled ya, huh?!?! ;-)

An extreme close up of a toile roses fabric I have. If you enlarge this photo you can see the weave of the fabric. Believe it or not, these kind of photos have helped me make the decision on buying fabric on ebay. If the seller gets it this close I can tell how "heavy" the fabric is. It has helped me immensely when making a selection.

This is on a vintage tin tile I bought about 3 or 4 years ago on ebay. I really like this woman's roses and she says she can whip out a canvas in about a half hour!!! Makes me wanna cry....... But it is simple yet lovely when viewed up close like this.

Another view of that ceiling tile. See what a difference "eye candy" can make "up close and personal"? You can see each brush stroke, each color variation and each color she uses. I love it!

I love the juxtaposition of something old and rusted with something new and elegant. Just a different kind of "eye candy" for me. Truly "shabby and/or chic"!


  1. Your pictures are great. They get better with every post. Good job!

  2. So interesting. I need to take better photos, so am trying to work on that...slow down a little and take my time (yes, that means reading instructions). Aren't those roses amazing?

  3. Your photos give us a new way of looking at things...wonderful...

  4. Hi Connie,

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting. I appreciate it girlfriend. I need to play with my camera. You are getting very good. Beautiful items you have photographed.


  5. Very nice, Connie! I just need a new camera. When I set mine to close up it gives me a darker background for some reason. Deb

  6. It seems like everyone out there knows how to use photoshop elements except me. Note to self: learn photoshop after all the wedding festivities are over! Thanks for the tip :)

  7. Hey Connie, I'm here again to let you know your lesson on close ups is awesome. I should study my head off as I am recovering from this knee replacement. Sorry I haven't been around too much these past two weeks. Things are looking up now.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Have I created a fluffy, pink, lace-covered monster? Nah... If you would like a simple to understand book for digital photography, there's one at the library that's really good. It's called 40 Basic Elements to D.Photography or something like that. The best one they have available. It applies to Point & Shoots as well as DSLR's.

    Meal Schedule... I'll bring it right over! My bad.


  9. Lovely pictures & great tutorial for all us dummies, as usual!

    The feathering is called blur on photobucket!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  10. love your feathering technique~

    kari & kijsa

  11. Hi Connie,
    Looks like you are getting really good at photography. My daughter is a photographer...I am lucky to get my pictures on my blog....LOL!


  12. Rockin' the ole camera and the PS too. I need a bunch more time w/ both. I love my RebelXT. We need date nights or something. And smoochies to understanding chicas. You're the bestest. Wanna go camping?!


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