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Monday, September 8, 2008

Enchanting Windows Party 9/8/2008

Cielo is hosting an Enchanting Windows Party. We are supposed to post a picture of our favorite window. Well, sweet chicks, I have 2 favorite windows and it was difficult to decide so I'm showing you both of them and I'll explain my reasoning.

This is my bedroom window. I absolutely love my bedroom. It isn't the room we stay in much because it's our bedroom .....bed-room......for sleeping and.......well, you understand. It's not for kids; although, they are grown. It's OUR bedroom. No one else's. Our private room in the house. I have lace on every single window in this house except for the bathrooms and those might get the lace treatment when I have enough time to put something on there.

At night the light emits a soft glow, which I absolutely LOVE! Also the view outside is the east side of our home and the trash can and a/c unit are out there. So I especially liked the lace curtains to soften that view, but it's still lovely with a peach tree growing out there.

My other window that is a favorite is my family room window - mainly because it looks out into our back yard and I see green grass. I love grass! Being that this house is a recently built one and not at all plush or posh the windows are nothing to be excited about. But how we "treat" them is significant in setting a mood.

Yep, I experimented again with the camera and got this interesting picture. I kinda like it, gals. I also try and "lift" the curtains up with some handmade ribbon roses I've been making for years. I just gather up the lace and pin it with a safety pin. No one ever sees it because it's hidden but it makes a significant statement to all who see it. Besides, I love it and hubs loves it and that's all that matters to me.

Now, my little chickadees, let me finish with this.

Cielo sent me an invitation to join and I took several days to accept it because I get so many invitations to join things and just cannot physically do it. Just not enough time, dear sweets! So I acquiesced to my vanity and relented at the last minute sunday night and emailed her back to include me. That was in no way fair to that sweet lady, but I wasn't going to do it. I decided at the very last minute to accept and she was gracious enough to let me. I sincerely apologize to her for the last minute RSVP!!

Do you have any idea how many pictures I took this evening - sunday - to post this in time for Cielo's party???? Thirty five shots......yes, that's 35 to get the picture I wanted. Thank goodness for digital cameras or I would have spent a small fortune on film and developing these photos!! So see what I'm talking about. Take lots of shots for your postings. It definitely is worth it.

When we were in Ireland, Love Bunny was too cheap to pay the man at Blarney Castle to take our picture. We bought a new camera for the trip and he wanted me to capture the "Kissing of the Blarney Stone" on film for him. When we had gotten back to the hotel and looked we realized that hubs had put the film in wrong and it didn't "wind" properly! Hence, his kissing of the blarney stone was gone forever to never be caught on film again. To this day he regrets his decision! ;-) Remember this the next time you're too cheap to have it done by a pro!! And take lots of photos for just one picture. I'm telling you that you will NOT be sorry you did, but you'll always regret that you didn't. That's my motto for every single yard sale I go to also!!! LOL

And now a treat for you gals! A long time sweet friend of mine has come up with such an original idea for tea that I told her I'd tell y'all about it. Katie has put up these "tea bags" for sale. Go to her blog APetalApart to see them and you just might decide you can't live without them. They really are unique. Actual tea bags inside handmade paper roses. A feast for the eyes also!!


  1. Lovely windows Connie, as always visiting you is a breath of fresh air:) Rachaelxo

  2. Love to visit you post , you are very amusing chik. Your windows are very romantic, love romance.
    Very Pretty.
    Blessings, Virginia

  3. Your bedroom looks so romantic, I can see why you love that room. You always make me smile. Karen

  4. Connie, I love that sweet little lamp.I am crazy about lamps!
    Have a blessed day Connie!

  5. LOVE your motto and your pretty lamps! :)

  6. Hi Connie, great windows! I love the lace and the lamps with the shades you dolled up are beautiful. You know I have lace on all of my bedroom windows. Deb

  7. Morning, Connieness! Oh what beautiful windows! and I just love all your froo froos ~ you're just so good at it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh, so romantic! Lovely window! I will be back to visit again! Blessings, Nancy

  9. Hi Connie, your pics are just gorgeous and I love lace too. The lamps are beautiful. Your bedroom is an enchanting and romantic place. You are forever witty and the cutest ever!! Love ya a bunch!
    la rea rose
    My window post is on too, stop by when you have a moment!

  10. Love your windows, you've got some beautiful lace there. You can never have too much lace, right? The lamps are beautiful too. Like what you did with your "experimental" photo too, very nice touch.

    I'll check out the tea bags in a little while your friend's creating (after visiting some windows). The "tea roses" do look lovely.

    Glad you decided to participate (even if it was last minute ;) That Cielo is a sweetheart!

    Happy day!

  11. Hello Connie,
    Your windows are very pretty and femenine. I love all of the lace on both windows. How classy and romantic they look!
    Wishing you a sun filled day!

  12. Hi Connie and thanks for visiting me and leaving a swwet comment to! It´s so nice to find beautiful new blogs like your! No I am not living "over there" :) but in the south of Sweden in an old big countryhouse. Mostly of my visitors writes in Swedish so it can of course be difficult to understand (as my not so good English ;)
    Your windows and lamps are so beautiful and I love all the roses´s sooo romantic!

    Love Annie

  13. Hi Connie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I couldn't wait to come over here to see you as you sounded so full of fun!
    Your windows are truly enchanting.

  14. Such pretty windows, Connie. And I too make TONS of pics just to get one that I really love.

    Katie's rose teabags are adorable!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  15. Your windows are beautiful, Connie. Love your lamp shades, too! I have to pop over and get some of those tea bags. Such a sweet idea!


  16. I LOVE your windows! just beautiful!
    I would you can visit my windows in Argentina!



  17. Your windows are just beautiful! I especially like the lamp shades!
    Come and visit my blog sometime!

  18. Hey, Connie!! I love the lace, too! Just beautiful :) I can't wait to say that I love my bedroom... someday we'll get that makeover done! Great idea with the tea bags!!!...Donna

  19. Dear Connie, I really love that photograph you sent to our party.... that is such a romantic and cozy window.. I just love it...and Thank YOU for participating in our Enchanting Window Party…. I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ~William Shakespeare



  20. Connie...I love your windows...your lace....and your blog! I will stop by often!! Enjoy every second of enchantment!!


  21. Hi Connie,
    Your bedroom window is very pretty. I love the look of sheers and lace!

    thanks for stopping by to see me today. I'll be back soon to see what you're up to!

  22. Connie, thanks for sharing windows in your home that make you happy. I agree we need to surround ourselves with things we love.

  23. I am so glad you decided to show your windows as they are beautiful, more than beautiful. I also am a lover of lace. I take a lot of shots for my pictures, also. Sometimes it takes hours, so I decided to read the manual - very helpful !!! I visited the ladies site with the roses for tea bags, a lovely place. Thanks for viewing my windows. Have a wonderful week.

  24. Your windows are just lovely.....I love the lace on your lamps....I'm such a lace person I have it everywhere.....Thank you for your visit and sweet comment...
    Mo :-)

  25. So pretty! I love lace window treatments. And that lamp is just way too pretty!

  26. Your windows and lamp look so romantic. I like what you did with the handmade roses.

    Your silver set is lovely too and reminds me that I need to take mine out too. Lovely.

    Thank you for sharing your romantically wonderful windows!

    Hope your day has been a great one.

  27. Lovely lace dear Conniekins.
    Pretty windows...and oh so romantic!
    You never fail to make me smile.


  28. Thank you for your nice visit and thank you for sharing your beautiful, lovely windows.
    I am under the big immpression!

    Best wishes
    Maria from Poland

  29. Shoot! I missed the window party. I'd have really liked that!

    Your's are great as is everything in your lovely home.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  30. Your lace curtains, and the lamps dripping with lace are so pretty:>)
    I really love how you swagged the curtains with the roses. Very nice idea and it isnt something I've ever seen before. I love new ideas like that!

  31. Connie, I love your talent for beautiful photos and now I know your secret. Read the instruction booklet. Who woulda thought. I have a great camera, Photoshop and I need to read.

    Your window is romantic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  32. Sweet and romantic = beautiful! Your windows look so pretty! Thank you for joining the party, and sharing.

  33. Oh my goodness! Your windows are sooooo beautiful. And those tea bags are the cutest! Thanks you so much for the honor of your visit to my romantic porch. xo rachel

  34. I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful pictures!

    My windows are posted too, but she didn't put them on :-(

    Please come visit!


  35. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I've enjoyed visiting your sweet blog. I love the look of the lace curtain being pinned up with the roses, yummy. Sounds like you've been practising your photography quite a bit, sure glad we have digital cameras these days.

  36. Very romantic just love it all. What a fun post.


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