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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lamps Redone

Okay, so now apparently I'm scaring the family dogs with the cackling coming from some of ya chicks hearing my voice?!?!?! LOL.... BUT don't I sound s*xy?!?! I sooooo don't sound like a grandma almost 70 years old, do I?!?!? Answer that correctly or I'll come pinch yer nose off, sweetpeas.... I'm sitting here cracking up!!! You gals are just toooooo funny............ohmygosh......

Okay, if you are terribly interested in what I sound like, click on the icon to the right------------------------->
This will take you to a page that will download an audio file for you. It is completely safe as I wouldn't have it any other way(!) and you can put it in a file folder to click and hear what I sound like. I absolutely love hearing what other people sound like. It's such a treat to put a voice to the face OR a face to the voice sometimes. :-) Enjoy.....

Okay, okay, I admit it: this little lamp has had more flower "plastic surgeries" than Joan Rivers! But what can I say when these adorable parchment roses are so lovely and cheap?! I love them and decided to put them around the house on several different things. But here are just a few of the things I've done.

Another lamp shade close up.

Okay, okay, so these are silk I still had to show them sitting next to my original wedding cake topper. :-)

Uuuuuhhhh, while dusting today I couldn't figure out what to do with this extra lamp shade sitting on top of my dresser for weeks now just waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Soooo, I stuck some silk ferns in it and there they stay indefinitely or until I decide what to do with the lamp shade, whichever comes first! ;-)

Extra roses awaiting their fate!


  1. Love that lampshade...the white with the roses. Where did you get those parchment roses? They are just yummie. Stop on over and pick up your award from me to you!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  2. Connie,

    One more thing, how do you change the background to an image? I want to do that for my blog too!

    Thanks, Lynne Laura

  3. You are so creative! This is highly skilled "plastic surgery"! I especially love your attention to delicate harmony! Simply gorgeous!

  4. I LOVE the parchment roses...I think they're lovely!!!


  5. I love how the roses look in the bell jars! have a great Sunday.

  6. LOL Oh my Word Connie!!!! First let me say I am about to pee my pants laughing! I Just heard you speaking on the computer and It totally blew me away!! lol lol I am amazed at comuter stuff....but sound beautiful but just the thought of hearing you for the first time....oh my word...I busted out laughing so loud it scared the dog and she's deaf!!! lol lol Oh lordy help me!!!! Ok..ok..I'm about the post...I love what you did with the are so creative girl and I love glass cloches with anything under them!!!! Hope you have a great Sunday just made mine great! lol

  7. Connie Girl you crack me up! I'm so glad I found you!! Thanks for visiting my blog in it's infancy. I don't know how your lil boutique escaped my shopping eyes the first trip through your blog. I did get over to take a peek. I had a question about the(sold) pink rose quilt. I want one! I didn't have the right combination to get through your email. Is there another contact address for questions?
    Wow, this comment sure is long. You'd think I thought I was sitting in your living room sipping ice tea chattin' the afternoon away....
    Have a *SWEET*Day...what I haven't taken up anyway ;)

    I love those parchment roses and like *lynne laura* I want to know where to buy them. If any one is interested in the mini parchment roses I'll be posting where to get them on my blog.I better hurry cause the shop owner is closing out her inventory!!

  8. Well! What will they come up with next? Connie! I heard you! That little girlish voice is nothing like I imagined, you're sounding all sweet, makes me wonder "Where's The Beef?" LOL!!!!

    I love the lamp shades, all of them even the fern. Hope you're having a great day. Deb

  9. That lampshade is beyond description. Sheesh, just gorgeous. This was my introduction to parchment roses, I need to get out more.


  10. Connie everything looks very pretty.I love the lamp shade too.Glad you were able to get a key made for your new trailer.Jack will be thrilled.Did ya get to tell him yet?Those roses are very pretty where did you find them?Its so hard to find pale pink roses for arangements

    Enjoy your day!LOve ya,Jen

  11. Hi Connie,
    You DO NOT LOOK like a woman who will be 70...Way younger :) Just love seeing all your projects and such. Thanks for sharing.!!
    Warmly, Deb

  12. Connie, you don't sound like a Grandma thats almost 70. That just can't be !!! I love the lampshade and the pretty pink roses. You can always win me over with PINK.

  13. Cute lampshade. YOu always find a way to foof things up cute:>)

  14. Well, you are doing a super job! The parchment roses are gorgeous. I love what you did with the fern,
    temporarily. lol

  15. OHMYGOSh do you know how awesome that was for this lil aussie girl to hear your voice????
    HI Little Chicks !!! LOVE IT! I am soo gonna have to do one now, after i get rid of my cold...dont want to scare you all off with my 'Darth Vader' voice i have right now..LOL.

    Well now that ive finished freaking out at your voice i can say i love your foofy la la lamp, its gorgeous.
    Oh pink, won me over chickie babe :)

    Luv Ya
    Shann xx

  16. WOW!!! VERY PRETTY!!!! Love all the pretty eye candy.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us Connie, Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)



  18. Hi Connie....I absolutely love all your decorating with roses. Where did you find the parchment roses?


  19. Oh girl....I just love your creativity! Everything you do is beautiful. I always like using parchment roses too... they really do look like real dried flowers and they are so cheap. LOl! Is that tea cup Royal Albert, country roses pattern....whatever it is it's gorgeous. I sooo enjoyed seeing all of your pretties... I can't believe you are close to seventy. You act so young..... I want to always be young at heart... like you....


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