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Friday, August 22, 2008

Coming Soon!!

Coming soon to a blog near you!! Ask Rhea what this is all about, chickees.... ;-)


  1. Saw the pic. on Rheas side bar. What a great idea.

  2. Neat! I emailed Rhea to find out more about it.

    Thanks, Connie!


  3. Hi Connie , that sounds like a good ideal. I like her blog too .

  4. Thank You. :) Hey, you are gonna want to slap me, But I LOVE the arch wall before you put the shutters up. I love all the greenery and the way that bottom picture looks. BAD friend I am, huh !! lol It is only spackle right ?? lol !! No Really, I love the shutters on there, it looks great. :) Just teasing you. :)

  5. Well, I will have to go check that out!

    Loved the lampshade redo a few posts back :-)

  6. tell me all about it! come by and enter my giveaway! xoxo Andrea

  7. Connie, I start at the top of the list, and as I have time, go down. Then stop when I run out of time. Then I visit those who took the time to visit and post at my blog. I recently decided to do it that way. And of course, still visit my favorites for inspiration. ;-)

    I love 'recycling' & decorating my jars (pickle jars, etc) for knic knaks etc. When I started collecting them at church for VBS crafts, folks thought I was crazy! Kids loved it! But you know what, it was really hard coming up with over 600 usable jars!


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