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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Bit More Formal Country

Oooops, sorry, Vickie, it was Salado, Texas. I knew it ended in an "O"!!!
My friend, Vickie, just opened her website and has lots of lovely things to sell. She also has a little shop in Plano, Texas, if you're ever in that area. You'll have to go and ask her where it is though. I'm not familiar with that area.

Yes, this is definitely country. It reminds me of an english country home - while country, just a tad more formality to it. I truly love this style of decorating. My preference is for my living room to be a little more formal while still romantic with lots of roses around it. I love the "old world" charm of this style. And I've always loved the rich reds in living rooms.

The bedrooms are gorgeous; however, I prefer them light, airy and more romantic, but these are definitely stunning.

Sofas should always be comfortable before anything else. My back cushions are downy-like in their cushiness also. My back screams at anything else! I've had them restuffed to achieve that elegant luxuriousness. Love them. The one below looks very tempting.

We will always have lovers of blue. I love this color. I don't think I would want it in my living room to this extent though. However, yes, this is one gorgeous room with the antique looking chest and tables. Country in its finest form.

Last night at about 9:30 or 9:45 pm the doorbell rang. Now, hubs is still in Orlando so I didn't answer the door because it was so late AND I had forgotten to turn on the porch light. It rang twice but I just sat there kinda frozen. Know what I mean??? So anyway I told him about it this morning when we talked on the phone and he said I could have looked out the peephole. I said nuuuuuuuu, it was dark! He said you could probably have seen out there anyway and now I wouldn't know who it was. WHO IT WAS??!?!?! I wouldn't have opened it to anybody anyway that late! No self-respecting person would ring my doorbell that late at night with good intentions and since my aged body/legs prevents me from running faster than a "crook" I passed on that one. ;-)

So this afternoon I called our next door neighbor and asked if it was him. They're a young couple with 2 toddlers. He said it wasn't him but it was the police. I asked why the police would come so late. (
About a week ago this young couple had all the windows broken out of a car they keep in the driveway instead of putting it in the garage. It is NOW put into the garage at night.) Anyway, the plainclothes officers came around late to ask questions. Kinda weird to me, neighbor too because he was bathing the 2 toddlers to put to bed. But it is what it is. Apparently this happened to about 40 cars that night but only his in our neighborhood. Sad that kids (probably) have to resort to this sort of vandalism to get their kicks. Just makes me sad that I can't even feel safe in my own home or neighborhood anymore. And I live in one of the least crime ridden states and in a nice neighborhood.

So hubs gets home tomorrow and said that the Sunshine State lost its reputation this week. He didn't see the sun once while in Florida and it rained every single day. Next year the convention will be in Phoenix. Okay, Arizona, get ready for rain!!!!!! :-)


  1. oooh i wouldnt have answered the door either! I know that frozen kinda feeling you get, its horrible isnt it. I think we all do it.

    Oh we have had 5 houses in our street broken into in the last week (well they broke into the garages) and its freaking me out big time ! Our street is so nice...but it just goes to show it can happen anywhere.
    But now im freaking out at every noise i hear through the night.

    Glad your hubs will be home soon chickie :)

    Pop on over and see me, i have somethin' special for ya!

    Luv Ya

  2. I wouldn't answer the door either. Its such a shame when something like that happens in your neighbourhood. Rachaelxo

  3. There is no PAUSE in MENOPAUSE! Especially when you want to sleep at 1am!
    So I gave in,got up and thought... "I'll catch up with Connie". Well, as I sat in this dark living room reading your post..every noise made me suspicious,but I had to read on to see how it ended. Of course at the scariest part of your post my refrigerator decides to make it's nightly deposit of ice it scared me something fierce!LOL
    I probably should have started with the *green bag* post first.;0

  4. I love the rooms you show! The rich colors and the fluffy beds look so inviting! Weird about the police coming to the house that late. I HATE answering the door when I'm home alone and that late at night my heart would have been going a mile a minute! I would think that if it was anyone you know they would call you from the front porch and tell you to answer the door:>)

  5. That must have been frightening for you. I'm surprised the police call that late without warning.

  6. Forty cars around the area... sheesh, I'm feeling lucky mine were okay then. Need to clean out the garage and store the boat for the winter, then I can park inside again.

    I love the formal country though with the Farmers about, its not going to happen. Decor is supposed to de-stress our lives and not cause it. Scratch, broken and otherwise ruined furniture/items would not make for a happy, relaxed mom. lol


  7. Connie, good for you! I wouldn't have open my door that time of night either and I don't. We had kids going around in our neighborhood about 3 years ago bashing mailboxes. My husband would put it back up and they would know it back down. The police were no help. They suggested we get a security camera put up to catch them ourselves. We now have a brick mailbox (this story is sort of like the "The Little Pigs") and so I believe were covered now. Hope your haveing a great day and I'm glad you won't be alone anymore. Deb

  8. Hi Connie...I wouldn't have opened the door either. No reason they have to come around that late at night.

    Stop by my blog and pick up something I have for you!


  9. Hi Connie.... just hopping by to say hello! Hop hop hop!!!

    Have a nice weekend!


  10. I wouldn't answer the door either! I bet you will be glad to see hubby.

    Have a great weekend!


  11. Yike! Scary...I wouldn't have answered the door either. What were the police thinking of coming around so late...I bet you'll be so happy when your hubby gets home.

    I know exactly where Plano is. We have family in Paris, Tex. which is not to far from Plano.

    Have a great weekend....hugs, Linda

    p.s. I'm in the Sacramento valley....

  12. I would not have answered the door either, and if it were a police men he should have said so after he knocked to let you know. I am glad you didn't, you should get a big base ball bat and keep it by the door, I say come out swinging....

    have a great weekend.


  13. Wow, how scary, we have had similar incidents in our neighborhood too. Thanks for the
    "plug" re my website and shop, (the
    shop is in Salado, TX.) Much appreciated Miss Connie!


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