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Friday, July 25, 2008

White Roses to Pink Roses

Funny, not funny HaHa, but funny strange, but I wasn't going to post today. Got up and hit the deck running! BUT I couldn't keep myself outta here, you blogging chickadees!!

I cannot even begin to tell ya chicks how busy I've been. It's not just getting back from California and all that entails when returning from a trip - washing clothes, buying food, cleaning, etc., but I've got soooooo many projects I want to do. I think at this count I'll have to live to be 562 years old to catch up and complete everything on the list!! Each new day or each new trip to the thrift shops brings new projects. I'm sure none of you understand this! ;-) Riiiiiight!!!!

Anyway, I haven't stopped since we've been back. Up at 6 am and to bed - reluctantly - at 10:30 or 11:00 pm. Wednesday night at about 7 pm I decided to finish the living room drapes.
I had quickly made a couple of side panels, but I didn't think they were full enough. I didn't have enough of the fabric to make them anything but a narrow side panel. I ordered some more fabric from New York before I left and my neighbor was kind enough to receive the parcel from UPS while we were away. So at 7 pm I set about making them and hanging them before I went to bed that night. I've posted other pix of this room just after I made the first panels but here they are now and I think it looks much better fuller - lush and not so "stingy"! This is a very difficult room to photograph also. Not much light with that huge porch overhang. However, here it is now.

Those of you who visit my blog regularly may remember this little cutie I picked up in California. Anyway, I started painting those white roses pink before I had a picture for today showing them to new visitors as the roses were 2 weeks ago. So I quickly snapped a pix for you just after I painted one rose pink. You can now see the "before" and "after" photos. I like them pink and poppin' out at ya!


These are the little faux pastries and candies I've been trying to make for 10 days now! I'm almost finished with the hardest part. Someone suggested a new "material" with which to make them. I don't like it but I'm not wasting it, sweet cherubs, so these will be the giveaway! Of course, they'll be much better when decorated and I hope to get to that today. So stay tuned for the giveaway. I've been so blessed to win 2 things this past week that I simply must share my bounty.

Just thought I'd throw in some "eye candy" for you sweet virtual chicks!! This is my only granddaughter. She's now 28 and counting and still no great grandchicks! Where did her mother and I go wrong?!?!?!

This is a post I put on my ebay group yesterday - thursday - and yep, Love Bunny has a new toy:

This morning I showered and "coifed" my hair, went to KMart, then to Goodwill, then bank again(!), then to visit teach with my partner at their pool (Well, not theirs, but they have one in their classy development.) The 2 moms let the kids swim and we sat under the canopy (I don't do sun!) and chatted and gave a spiritual lesson. I left and then went to Costco to buy some fruit and veggies. I ended up getting Jack a Magellan RoadMate because he got us "I'm not lost I just missed the turn" during our trip to Calif. He's done this 2 or 3 times and admits it. There just isn't a sign that says "here's the 210" so exit here. That's his excuse. He's really pretty dang good about finding his way but I did get lost in Calif. this last time trying to get to the convention center when they're always fixing the exits and close them so I had to take another route. Sheeesh, I hated that. But, anyway, it's a new toy for him. ;) Hah.


  1. Connie, the drapes look fab, and your grandaughter is beautiful! I love the white roses pink, I look forward to a close-up of the pastries. Deb

  2. Yes, the curtains are just right! Can't wait til your can count me in. Faux pastries, real pastries, they're ALL GOOD!


  3. Your drapes are just beautiful, your a talented lady. Good luck on all your projects. I do know the feeling plus working 40 hours a week I need to retire.
    Take care,
    OH the vine I think it could be invasive buy the way its going crazy.

  4. Connie...I love the roses better pink too...they really stand out! And your curtains turns out wonderful - I love them!

    Your granddaughter is gorgeous...please pass that on to her!!!


  5. Hi Connie,
    Everytime I read your blog I think, what the heck have I done today??? Blog. I really need to get going on my projects. I'm tired for you. Can't wait to see the give away and love the roses and the curtains look lovely. Bye friend. Warmly, Deb

  6. I want to move right in to your pretty living room. Mine is filled with guitars and music equipment right now. My hubby says I'll miss my sons when they move out and the living room is bare. I dunno..... LOL

  7. Love it Connie. And thought you'd be interested in father earned a Purple Heart in Pearl Harbor. He was a Marine.
    Hugs to you, Pam <><

  8. Ok Ok Ok Honey where have I been the past few days? There is no way that you can have a grandaughter that is 28 and still have all the energy to do the things that you do each day!! Ok so go ahead and tell me she is a step-grandaughter right?? LOL

    Either way she is beaaaaautful!! Loooove the pink roses and the drapes too!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    Hugs from and old wore out grandma,

  9. If anyone can live to be 562 years old, it would certainly be you, my Ageless Amazon!

    Your drapes are FANTASTIC! And your granddaughter is gorgeous. As to no children at the tender age of 28? Oh, these modern women, what are we gonna do with them? :-)))


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