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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Red Barn Purchases

I've been slow to add all the pix because of the downloading to laptop, editing and uploading to the blog. I'm sorry it is taking so long but here are my purchases and some other things. Read on, my sweet cherubs.........

My son and hubby deciding whether to buy an old USMC saber. They decided it was a replica and not an original. So it didn't get bought. Both were in the Marines.

Isn't this chair cute? It was a toss up between this and another one. The other one won out!

I actually loved this booth above most of the others. She was more my style but the others were lovely also.

The little chair with the wreath and chicken wire seat is the one I bought. It included the wreath and cost was only .....squeeeeeeallllll.....$26.00!!!! Yes, her stuff was so nicely priced.

More of her stuff. I could have filled my car with her treasures!

I also bought the cute little vintage pix on the left. I loved it also.

The 2 men in my life besides daughter's hubby. Aren't they handsome?!?!? Well, I think so!

More of her little treasures. That little wicker desk was adorable but it just wouldn't fit in the car. She had a pink polka dot fabric under the glass top. It was only $125.00, too.

The rest are some other booths in the store. I asked them if I could take photos and they looked at me kind of strange. I told them I blog and would put them on my blog, mention the store's name and they'd get some good publicity! They graciously agreed. I took many pix but just too many to post, my sweet chicks. So just enjoy.


  1. Well it sure looks like you are having some great fun. Where is this Red Barn?

    I have not been by for a few days because I thought you may not be blogging while on vacation. I see I was wrong.

    I'm off to read what else you have been up to!


  2. Hey chickadee!!
    What a great little place to pick up sweet delights!! Hmmm Im going to come over there one day and hang out with all you sweet gals!!

  3. Connie what fun! I love that sort of store but we dont have many here in Brittany.

  4. I absolutely love your blog...and your my...I wouldn't have been able to choose with all those wonderful things.


  5. Oh I love that little chair.. chicken wire??!!! Who woulda thunk it?? lOL!!!
    Such sweet eye candy!!!! I love that store.
    Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful trip goodies with us!!!
    I cannot wait to see how you display it all in your home!!!

  6. Ooh, what a fun way to soend the day. And with two handsome men too! You must have been in Heaven sweetie!!


  7. Connie, you're a shopping Diva! Love all your little pretties and yes, those guys are looking pretty snazzy there!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Hi Chickadee,
    It looks like you had a great time and found some really good treasures. Love looking at other booths. Have a great time.

  9. Hi Connie,
    With all your treasures, you will need to rent a trailer to bring them all home. Lots of great finds, again:) I need a vacation like yours:) Looking forward to seeing what else you find! Warmly, Deb

  10. Connie! I also want to know where the Big Red Barn is located. Is that the one on HWY 101? You should have stopped in Clovis. We have some awesome antique stores.

  11. Hi Connie, I loved tagging along with you and seeing all the neat booths. That sweet metal blue step stool I found had just come in the antique mall I was visiting. The girl's husband wheeled her stuffed up in a shopping cart to fill her booth and I was just taking stuff right out of the cart. I loved all her stuff and her prices were good too. :) I love days like that.

  12. WHOA!! You got the MEN to go shopping with you?

    You must really be somethin' after all, Miss Thang! :-))


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