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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Other Side of Our Family

We have other family visiting from Asia this week while we're here also. My daughter-in-law is Alice and her mom lives here with her, my son and their boys. Her sister, Mirna and Mirna's daughter, Leslie and Leslie's hubby, Benedict are visiting for a couple of weeks.

Here is Etienne with her Dad, Benedict, who is thinking of moving over here to U.S. We're certainly glad they decided to move over.
This is absolutely not a quick process by any means but it gives you some idea of the intensity of people wanting a better life for their children. Leslie is an obstetrician so she'll be giving up a lot just to move here. To continue to be a doctor here would mean she'd have to go back to school and start ALL OVER to be a doctor in the U.S. - start from scratch, the very bottom! They want to come here because all of Leslie's siblings and grandmother are here. Her mom, my DIL's sister is already wanting to move here. It's a hard decision but they want to be with all the family. So when I hear people decry the U.S., I then always ask why do so many people want to come here?

Leslie and I were talking this morning about this for about an hour in the kitchen and her eyes got HUGE, lit up and a huge smile came on her face when I asked her the question. She said it is everyone's dream to live here plus she wants to be near her siblings and her mom will move here too. But this is why America is here - for people to thrive and bless this nation and have a better way of life for their children. I'll post pix of Leslie when she and her mom return from "shopping"!! LOL But look at that sweet little gorgeous face!! Wouldn't it be wonderful to her to be an American too?!??!! All of our family from Asia have become U.S. citizens.


  1. It's a great place to live! Best wishes to them.

  2. Continue the fun! Kiss the baby for me. We miss you.

  3. oh goodnes.. I wanna come & join them too!.. hehehehe.. who doesn't like to live in US.. I've been to the States before when I was very small.. Dad at that time, further his studies at UCLA.. it was a short stint.. but totally awesome!.. I still have some relatives in the States.. oh by the way.. you didn't shop today? hehehehehe just asking.. coz didn't see any pictures!.. hehehehe take care sweet Connie.. & have fun! smoochiesssssssss xoxoxo

  4. What a sweet picture!!!! I wish them all the best & much happiness....the USA is a wonderful place to live:)
    I am loving your finds girly!!!
    So pretty & such great prices!!!
    LOL Now you need a U-Haul!
    Cant wait for more.....

  5. Hey the US. is the best. Shopping huh and you did not go. Connie what happened, I can't believe you stayed home. ha ha ha :] What a sweet little angle. Have a great time.
    Sweet Connie.


  6. She is so precious! America is one of the best places to live~~but if I were to live anywhere it would be Austria~~it is Gorgeous~~the people are gorgeous and so are the animals~~very peaceful there~~very unique~~what a blessing the family will live in the US!!

  7. Hi Connie... I'm a lil bit behind in my visits... but I just finished reading your posts and looking at your photos... Wonderful! Your daughter's roses are stunning and I was so impressed with the variety and the colors! So nice to see happy family members and to know that you've found some pretty goodies, too! Thank you for visiting me and for the precious comments about my Alex... very kind of you! Take care, please... God bless...


  8. Just popping in and I loved your about me comment. I have been so blessed to stay at home. I am about to go back to work and teach school. A little anxious about it.

    So glad that you love staying at home, it was inspiring to read that... Kayce

  9. What a wonderful post. What an adorable child!!

    All of your posts from the trip are so fun to look at. I may need to come steal that little chicken wire chair!!!

    Is your son wearing a PINK shirt?!?! He & Jack are indeed very handsome.

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  10. Hi Connie ~ I haven't been blog reading in a while so I'm trying to catch up today on my lunch break. I agree... the US RULES!! I can't imagine living anywhere else. I can't help it if that sounds a little arrogant. Good luck to them!

  11. Hi Connie :)

    She is one beautiful baby! Her name is Etienne? That was a family first name that a lot of my German ancestors had :)


  12. What a wonderful post. It's so nice to hear someone say how WONDERFUL is this great country, rather than bashing it!


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