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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Under My Sink - a Horror Story!

First of all, read down for the giveaway to be drawn saturday morning!!!!

Look what came in the mail today! A little roses vanity tray. Isn't it beautiful? I think I'll put my hand creams and lotions on it. I have a plethora of lotions and creams!

My sweet chicks, I'm shameless! Yesssssss, shameless to show you the condition I've let this abode decline to in the past year! I'm showing you photos of it today but tomorrow - or maybe tonight - I'm delving in and cleaning under those bathroom sinks. I can't find a thing under there. I don't see how I can frou-frou them up but I can at least straighten them up.'s a wonder hubby is still with me. This is a man who "spit shines" the bathroom fixtures for me. Yes, "spit shines"! That is a holdover from his Marine Corps days. I can't paint under there but I'll think of something to frou-frou it up..........I hope!

Anyway, I'll definitely get right on it. I have already put the clothes seen on the floor in the last photo in a box for Deseret Industries thrift shop. The sandals I've had for 25 years and are falling apart are now in the trash bin also. When I can't find my makeup it's time to "clean"!

Oh, and what does that first picture of lettuce have to do with anything??? Absolutely nothing. I just found it so green and gorgeous when I was washing it to have for dinner tonight that I had to share. Is there anything prettier than red leaf lettuce?


  1. Beautiful tray Connie!

    Your so funny! Your sink doesnt look that bad at all! You should see mine! Now that is a mess! But their is no way I am showing it, lol!


  2. Hi Connie Thanks for stopping by my por chparty Good luck on the sorting and tidying. It's a dirty job but someone's go to do it!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. Lovely tray!~ Your very brave to show under the sink... Mine is so bad, I could never bring myself to do that!!!

    You deserve a bravery award!!!!!!~

  4. Love, Love love that tray !!! Oh My Gosh it is PRETTY !!! I must clean under my sinks too. lol But I have been cleaning out the kitchen cupboards this week. Does that count ?? lol

  5. I think we all get messy under our sinks.

  6. Boy do I recognize a fellow Virgo when I see your closets. There is something about what you had in your closet's and under the sink that told me your were, even before I looked at your profile.

    Thanks for stopping by today. Thank you for your compliment on my son. He has since cut his hair.


  7. Yours sinks are not too bad Connie, I love that tray and the lettace is picture perfect! Were growing some in the garden and I can't wait! Seems like we never have enough storage space!
    Love Ya, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  8. You are too hard on your self! If that is "messy" then I am 36-24-36!!!!NOT! :)
    LOVE the tray!

    M ^..^

  9. Hey Lady,
    Come to my house when you finish and I will let you clean a real mess, I don't have nerve enough to show them.

  10. Oh dear! Now I feel like I should go clean under my sinks. I better run and have a piece of candy to calm my nerves.

    Love your little tray. Great idea for the hand creams.



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